Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Warning Parents

Well....I guess the true meaning of Christmas will finally prevail. Like many parents over the years I have overindulged my children (I have 6) at Christmas. When you have that many kids you are always worried about making sure each feels important and no one has much more than the others, etc. Therefore you tend to create a ridiculous amount of gifts that generally go unappreciatted two days later anyway. Well like a lot of people, this year Christmas just ain't happening. (in the usual sense anyways) My kids are aged 13 through 2 and my family is quite blended. What I mean by that is 2 kids from his previous marriage, two from mine and then two together. Although we are fortunate enough to both still be employed we have both taken huge paycuts leaving us scrambling to pay bills let alone celebrate Christmas in the usual way. (commercially) So it is now that I realize my past mistake and want to warn others. Careful of the standards you provide because one day you may not be able to reach them through no fault of your own. Then Christmas, instead of being a time of cheer, celebration, and love becomes a disgruntled D day looming ahead. Please learn from me set a tradition early on that does not revolve around so much gift giving. You never know it may save you later.

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