Monday, May 24, 2010

Beware of Facebook

A couple years back I was all into self improvement, and I decided to take a parenting class. I researched local classes in my community and found one that seemed perfect. It offered only a $25 fee and you got that money back if you successfully completed the class. The best part was in this class you brought your kids with you. Perfect for me. So I enrolled and was super excited to work on my weaknesses as a parent. My only concern was that there would be a lot of psycho parents there. You know the ones who give their kids choices on everything, and think everything they do or say is something to be cherished. I am not one of those. So I worried how I would fit in with this group.
When I showed up I was amazed to see several dads and more more interested in the fact that no one really looked like what I would call the psycho parents. The attitudes of many of the attendees was not very positive either which I thought was odd. I mean why would anyone pay and dedicate the time if they really wasn't feeling it? Well after a few classes I figured out that everyone there except me was court ordered to be there. Yikes!
Anyhoo...There was a crazy lady there that had way too many kids and way too much drama in their life. Today I got a friend request from her on facebook and she lives right around the corner from me apparently. NOOOOOOOO! I quickly recalled that during class she found out we were in the same town and wanted to get together with our kids. Let's just say I'd rather not. Eventually she gave up and went away but now she found me! I don't wanna be rude but I don't wanna be friends either. What should I do?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

mothers day debate

I have 4 kids sometimes 6...long story. Anyhoo since I work with kids and have what sometimes feels like a zillion kids, every year I have this debate and wondered which side people would be on. My feeling is Mothers Day should be spent without the kids. For the love of god we have them 364 days a year so why is it special if we have them on the 365th day? Isn't it more special to not have them? I love my kids but a break from them I love too. If you really wanna thank me take the kids for the day. I find when you celebrate with them you are basically fulfilling your duties to them. Disciplining them, cooking for them etc. Even when the dad/husband says "its your day don't do anything" I find that doesn't mean that they will do it it just means: Relax, gather your strength.. let it all pile up until tomorrow then you can live a post-mothers day hell while you play catch up. My friends all think its wrong to wanna ditch the kids for mothers day but not me. However this year I found the perfect solution. Had breakfast and church with all the kids then they went with dad and I enjoyed the rest of my day alone......Cleaning,
So what do you think- is mothers day best celebrated with them or without them?


I am not one of those women who get my haircut every other month or obsess about the color/cut. I color at home and get a cut about twice a year, sometimes less. Well it was my kids decision to send me for a cut for mothers day. Sweet huh? Once I had the kids secured with an adult I decided to go on in. I had been having a particularly bad day as usual and really was excited to get some me time. I drove by a couple of our local salons and they were all packed. So I decided on my least favorite one, it too was packed but had several stylist and the shortest wait. As I sat in the lobby waiting for my turn I noticed that everyone checking in was requesting the same lady. I then noticed the lady who cut my hair last year, she was very sweet but did a terrible job. I wasn't too worried, I mean after all what was the odds of me getting her again?

After 20 minutes or so the manager and that lady(names Maria) stepped up to the checkin counter to discuss who was next and I heard Maria ask if she could go home. The assumed manager said "no, its way too busy." Mary politely explained that it was her day off and she had come in and had been there all day, she was tired and quite frankly just did not want to cut anther head.

I felt for Maria however I thought that conversation was completely inappropriate since we the customers were two feet away and heard the entire thing! The manager told Maria "just give me one last cut and then you can go." Maria smiled and said "ok but give me an easy one."

You guessed it....she got me! Damn!! I was immediately disappointed not only does Maria suck but she made it clear she did not want to cut anymore hair. I tried to think of a way to get out of it but could not think fast enough. Again let me say Maria is so nice. I reasoned that if she sucked that bad surely others would have complained and she would not still be here a year later.

Because I was stressed and irritated I paid extra for a hair wash. When you pay for a hair wash it is supposed to involve a head massage and a really good washing. Well Maria slapped some shampoo on my head and rinsed it right out. It took her about 1 min or less. My mood worsened as we headed over to the cutting chair. She asked what I wanted and lucky for me the girl cutting hair beside Maria had exactly what I wanted. Just cut off the dead ends and add lots of layers. I pointed out that the girl next to me had exactly what I wanted and since my hair was longer then hers she had lots to work with.

As I watched Maria switch scissors many times and really concentrate on cutting randomly throughout my head I felt that maybe she wasn't giving me what I wanted. I reminded myself that she was the stylist not me and maybe she was getting to the end result in her own way. 30 minutes later Maria shouted "beautiful! you're gonna love these layers!"

I looked in the mirror and did not see what she was referring to. She handed me a mirror and spinned me around to see the back as she went on and on about how fabulous it was, quite proud of herself. When she asked me if I liked the back I lied and said yes. I didn't see anything that even closely resembled what I had asked for but I gave Maria the benefit of the doubt. I thought maybe b/c it was wet I could not see it and once it dried I'd be as delighted as Maria was.

Well Im not. I hate it. I do not know what in the hell Maria did. I have some crazy style. The back of my head has one huge layer that flips out!!! WTF!! The front is angled and straight and the whole thing looks like some jester from the kings court a century ago. The worse part is its too short for me to go back and have someone fix it. AGGGHH

Maybe I'll post some pics of it so you all can have a good laugh.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


When I started blogging I thought it best to give myself a fake name and identity so that I could be free to say what I wanted. Had to be careful b/c I work with kids and have several of my own so I am always concerned of the image I bring forth. Then I noticed very few people do not have their photo up so I added mine and thought as long as the name didn't match the face no-one would know it was me. But I did not become the latest blogger sensation that I thought I would be so it was really quite irrelevant. Then I got on facebook and twitter and inadvertently added my info from there to here and guess what came with that? My real name! So Fuck it! If Evil Twins Wife can trash her neighbor and the neighbors kid and even post photos of them (
without repercussions then I'm safe. I'm gonna stay me and get rid of that ridiculous name Rhonda the Real. Welcome to Raquel's World!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You never know where you'll meet your next best friend

So yesterday I had to have a pelvic ultrasound. I didn't drink enough apparently so the traditional one would not work. We had to go with a different method....ok guys close your ears....the insertion method.(I am sure this is not the technical name) For all those who do not what I mean it is basically when a penis shaped apparatus is inserted with a camera. Yeah fun right?

So anywho it's always a little awkward when someone you met 5 seconds ago is going there. However I had the best lady. I had my ex-fiance to go with me and once we entered the room the first thing she said is "well, whatever is wrong with you , I am sure it is his fault" I knew then we would be best friends for life. As she went about her work of scanning my inner parts we made small talk. Somehow we managed to share our life stories and current situations during this process. Her conversation was so pleasant I totally forgot what was going on under the sheet. For the 30 minutes or so it took to do the scan we really got to know one another. So much so that we were sharing pics of our kids via blackberries during the process. It was more like lunch with no food than a doctors visit. While the ex was sitting in the chair wishing he hadn't come I got all my gripes about him out. It was like therapy, I felt so much better after.

At the end of the visit we switched numbers and emails and I will be attending a party at her house next weekend. You never know where you will meet your next best friend.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Little something you can be thankful for

It's F***ing Hot in Here!

That was the all too common complaint at my home this weekend. Our AC went out and just my luck on the hottest day of the year thus far. What sucks even more Sunday is my laundry day (9-11 loads) And the day I cook a big meal. We improvised on the meal, had salad and ice cream instead but the laundry could not wait. And since my young-ins don't quite get why I don't just fix it they were crabby with me all weekend. My inside temp was 85. It was a small glimpse into what hell will be like. I am hoping the repair people come today,,please please, please. So if you're having a bad day or had a bad weekend...just be glad you had AC.