Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Mason

Recent pic from the zoo

10 years ago in this very day I had my LAST son,  Mason. By all accounts Mason is a sweetheart. He is adorable and talented, kindhearted and sensitive. He is so much like his dad. That fact often causes rifts between Mason and I but I love him endlessly. Mason can sing. Mason can dance. Mason makes friends easily and has a way with the ladies. Mason is regretfully the child that I am least close to, so in addition to whatever birthday surprises I conjure up for him his true present will be that this year I secretly vow to be more patient and understanding and loving towards Mason. For he is an awesome kid and my life would not be the same without him.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthing In Raquel's World

In preparation for my youngest son's birthday post coming on the 25th. I decided to share the story of his birth. 

I'm at home. Just finished up a heated session if you know what I mean. I stand to go wash up and pee. I pee but continue to pee then I get that my water has broken. Yahoo! "Time to go" I say. See I'm a pro at this. I have done it two times prior and one of those times was a complete disaster so this could only be a piece of cake. I tell David "baby's on the way" and hop into the shower. I shower up quickly grab my bags and call my hospital to let them know I'm on the way. We drive 25 minutes to the hospital. I have no pain but I do have contractions?  Smiling I think no pain, I got this in the bag baby!
When we arrive at triage they check me in and do an initial exam. Still contracting, still no pain. Still smiling. I have an exam and here is some excerpts from the conversation that followed
Nurse 1
Nurse 2
 Umm you're not gonna push are you?
Hadn't planned on it. Still smiling.
Oh because you are dilated and ready to go.
"Good" I say, ready to get on with things
No not good. There is no one to deliver your baby
Umm silly nurse calm down we are in a hospital
It's my first week and we have had tons of women go into labor early! There are no doctors! They are all delivering!
A lil put off, but not worried yet. That's cool you can deliver my lil pumpkin
No I really cannot. She starts to panic.I hear her go into the hallway and discuss with another nurse that OMG this lady is in labor and there is no one to deliver
Where is Dr. Sanders?
Delivering in room 204 and 2081!!!
Dr Angles? 
C section!
Dr Martin?
Emergency C section!!!
How about the assisting Dr Socket?
Well a lady went into labor in the elevator, he's helping her
You will just have to do it then
No I can't
We'll help. Let me check the patient
Nurse #2 comes in, introduces herself and smiles nicely as if I had heard nothing. She lifts the cloth and takes a peep at my nether regions.
OMG she's ready! Get her in a room.
There are no rooms!
No rooms?
They are all full!
What about the overflow rooms?
Well we'll do it here then
I'm still not hurting, but no longer smiling.
Actually crying now "umm can I get an epidural?"
No your too far along
How about some Demerol?
No nothing it's time to push
Time to push? WTF? I just got here! Don't I need an IV, a bed, some ice chips, some pain? Something!!?
No time. She's putting me up in the stirrups
I'm frantically crying now. Yelling at David They have no clue what they are doing!
Where's the cart with all the medical supplies? The big light to shine on my vagina?
We don't have time for all that. Now Push!
I did and and did, did and did and it hurt like hell. But he came out bright-eyed and bushy tailed and healthy. 
It was fast and furious.
Scary and painful.
In spite of their less than desirable delivery tactics we made it. 
His name is Mason. He will be 10 on Friday.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh The Innocence

So Marlon whom I have written about before here and here. is not very responsible. Therefore he does not get anything of much value. When he has, he has lost it within days. Days! Anyhoo, I got him a basic cellphone when he entered middle school and he lost it within days. I replaced it, days later it was gone again. So he remained without a phone for the remainder of the year until this happened. Then I got him a piece of crap cell phone at Christmas and told him if he still had it by his birthday (April 16th) We would upgrade. 
Yesterday he was with dad and stepmom when I received a call from him asking if I would go in with them and buy him a new phone. It would be for his Bday. After obtaining all the necessary info I agreed. His last two phones had no internet and no texting. This one had the works, slider, touch screen, unlimited web, unlimited text and a very reasonable calling plan. So although it is Mason's Bday week.... what was easier than handing dad my share of the cost and not having to worry about Marlon's upcoming Bday? Keep in mind my sweet pea is turning 13 next month. So he is so excited to be able to text. Here are direct texts from him to me. 

Immediately after activating his phone
"Mom, I just got my new phone we are on the way home"
"Here is my new number 434-00**"- Apparently he doesn't know that the number shows up when he calls/texts me. Oh the innocence. Lol
"30 minutes away"
"you owe dad $58 for your part of my phone"
"20 minutes away"
"5 minutes away"
"here is a pic of my sister" He had snapped and sent me a photo of them in the van 
Two hours later he is in bed "I love you mom, goodnight"
"thanks again for the phone"
"good night"

Here is our exchange this morning My responses are in blue.
"good morning Mom are you having a nice day yet"
I actually am, my car sounds good. You be good at school and put your phone away so  it doesn't get taken away
"No can do mom, SIKE, Just kidding" (does anyone remember SIKE?) 
"I can't, it's too cool" 
Put your phone away now
"that is cruel"
I will make  you leave it home tomorrow

About 11am. 
"you having a good day mom?" 
" I hope you are"
I am. Now put that phone away!
"Okay, dang you are so harsh"
I love you and do not want you to get in trouble
"Can I hang out after school at the park with my friends, I'll clean your whole house really neat and good
 Fine. Answer my calls and be where you say you'll be
"Ok Mom I love you"  
love you too
 "I really do"  
put your phone away!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bullied Kid, My New Hero

So I have a new hero this morning. Bullying is an annoyance to me just as much as other parent. I am fed up and not long ago supported a parent that handled his biz when his special needs daughter was bullied. You can view that video in this post. So When I saw this video I cheered loudly. My only wish is that Casey continued to slam the people that were standing around laughing while he was getting punched in the face. My favorite part is when after Casey slams that lil bastard another bigger kid steps up to Casey like he's gonna do something but he does nadda! That's right.He learned from the first boy not to mess with Casey.
Casey Hines it has appeared has been bullied for his weight issues most of his life. And in this video it is crystal clear that he was being bullied. The size of the bully does not matter because I think you should never write a check with your mouth that your ass cannot cash. And that lil jerk that was bullying Casey got exactly what he should have gotten. I LOVE CASEY! You can feel that he is a nonviolent boy as the video shows him being taunted and hit in the face. He just stands there with his back against the wall literally and takes it. Until finally enough is enough. I am so proud of him for standing up for himself. And even after he slams the bully he just walks off and leaves the situation. Before you get all anti-violence on me let me just say I am anti-violence, well, kinda. However how many times do you put up with that kinda abuse before you fight back? I'm sure Casey has talked to someone about this before and as the video shows no one helped him. So you go Casey! You freaking Rock!

Down side to this victory is that Casey got suspended too. I understand that schools often do not know who or how the fight started so often the most neutral thing they can do is suspend both people involved in a fight. However, this video clearly shows that he was just defending himself. That school better be glad I'm not his parent..... cause boy I would fight that suspension. If you (the school) are not going to protect my child, and it is illegal for me to do so, then you damn well better not punish him for protecting himself!
So view the video, share your thoughts and most importantly do you think Casey should have been suspended?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

15 Things I Must Clear Up With My Children

1 Marlon- If every teacher hates you, then uh buddy, the problem is you; not all 20 teachers you have had.

2 Michael and Marlon- When you tell me "you'll do it later" I know that means you have no plans to do it at all. In the amount of time you spend negotiating doing it later you could have had it done already!

3 Michael- Nothing. And I mean Nothing is yours. Nothing. You have no job and the last time I checked you were not receiving any financial aid so ummm if you have it, chances are I bought it. Even if I did not buy it is still mine because you are a child, I am a parent, and that's just the way it is. And umm this goes double for "your" bedroom. I do not need to knock to come in. I pay for that bedroom, furnish it and even help clean it. Actually you should have to knock to come out.

4 MalloryJane- Where did you get this silly idea that "if it's mine then it's yours too?" My lipstick, my gum, my pillow etc. Just because we are the only girls around there does not mean that we share everything. I mean seriously when is the last time I borrowed your plastic purple heels?

5 Mason- It can't be someone else's fault every time. It just can't. Not every time. No way. Impossible. What are the odds that you are perfect and the rest of us suck? Slim. So ,man up and take responsibility

6 Mason- If you take less than 5 minutes to do homework,,,hello I am gonna check it for accuracy because I know that means you just wrote some ish down.

7 Marlon- Dinner is dinner and that is it. I consider many things when preparing and planning meals. Costs, nutritional value, time allowances, What Marlon likes is not one of them. So seriously if you approach my table one more time and say "mom you know I hate ham" like that is even relevant you won't eat for days.

8 MalloryJane- Your daddy has other children. Despite your fairytale world you live in you are not his only child. Therefore he can talk to Mason or David or Violet  and you can just clam down about it and not take it so personally.

9 Mason- just because every other 9 year old has a cell phone does not make me a bad mom for not getting you one. It makes me smart.

10 Michael- Can you just find some friends your own damn age? Stop playing football with 3rd graders and getting pissed because they get injured . Duh?

11 MalloryJane- Your dad is actually my man. He is not your husband or boyfriend. I should not have to sit on the other couch because "you and daddy are on this one". And if you suggest I "go sleep in the princess bed" so you and daddy can have my bed one more time well...

12 Marlon- There are other beverages besides Kool Aid you should try some.

13 Michael- Just because you were the first one to play any given song out loud in the home does not make it your song. So stop telling Mason to stop singing your song. You did not write it homeboy.

14 Michael- Just because you are getting an A in a class does not mean that you really don't need to be on time to it, nor does it mean you should jump to honors. 

15 Mason- Just because you can put deodorant on it doesn't mean you can skip washing it. I'm just saying.

Feel free to clear up something with your child here. I'm sure they don't follow my blog.
Well, except you Sue

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Top Ten PIss-Me- Off-ers

Since I'm low on material this week, I thought I'd share my top ten Piss Me Off-ers! Two of them I have written about before so click the links if you'd like. Enjoy!

1- The moms who look like a million bucks at preschool but yet haven't found time to bathe their kid all week.

2-People that do not say thank you when you hold open the door for them.

3- Parents who dose their sick and fevered kid up with Tylenol then drop them off at the play center or school so they can go to brunch. Yeah, because brunch is way more important than your baby!

4- Parents that push organic and healthy options but then microwave the food. Hello?

5- People that tell me how broke they are that they can't pay their light bill then ask me to hold on while the Ruby Tuesday waitress takes their order.

6- People who let their trash blow onto your lawn and then act like they don't notice the gigantic taco box on my grass.

7- People who slaughter their own dinner just for sport

8- People who are always bitching about money but take time off every week.

9- When someone thinks that limiting the use of driving their Hummer due to the cost of gas, compares with the daily struggle of affording food for your family. They had to drive the Escalade instead. Boo. Hoo

10- And last but definitely the most annoying to me is people that post Biblical scriptures on facebook and if you scroll down their photo album is full of scantly clad pics of them getting smashed. Or you know them to to be huge sinners.

What's your number one Piss You Off-er?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Slaughterhouse Next Door

I have spoken of my Mexican neighbors before. Last time someone got all offended so this time I may say some ish that is offensive. But I'm mad as hell and I do not care. If that was you anonymous offender just x outta here now. I'll wait. Okay coast clear? Let's go dammit.
This weekend my Mexican neighbors had a siesta, fiesta what-the-fuck-ever they had. It started at 9am Saturday and lasted until 10pm Sunday. There were dozens of cars parked all around, that lovely carnival music, and 112 kids. Luckily we missed out in the main party that took place on Saturday because we were at the zoo. However when we returned Saturday night around 930p they did solicit David to come join in the fun. All the men were outside getting TRASHED and the women folk were indoors. David politely declined, probably just because he was exhausted because man that boy loves a party. The Neighbor, lets call him Fernandez told David they were celebrating the baby sons b-day. He is 5. So I'm sure he enjoyed the alcohol, smokes, and stumbling drunks. Anyways, no harm, no foul. I was too exhausted to be bothered by the noise. 
The next morning it started all again. The weather was beautiful so my kids were out hanging with all the visiting kids next door. It was nice for them to have some friends to hang with. David was out doing yard work and I was in the kitchen with the windows open so we had a good grasp on what was going on. I realized I needed an ingredient for the meal I was preparing so I ran out to the Food lion to pick that up. Meanwhile the kids continued playing and David continued working. I did however bring in the 3 year old and had my oldest son watch her indoors while I was away. Just felt more comfortable that way. Turns out that was a super wise choice. 

 Upon my return my son informed me that something terrible had happened while I was away. He told me that the neighbors had arrived home with a pig on the back of their truck. Oh a pig how sweet I thought. If you can recall a while ago they had chickens running wild on the lawn. But the raccoons and cats killed them all so now they got a pig? My thoughts immediately went  to the story Charlotte's Web and my heart warmed. Then My son told me this: 
"so they got the pig off the truck and tied it to a tree. Everyone gathered around the pig and the pig was freaking out and squealing. Then one dude took out a hammer and hit the pig in the head. (gasp, WTH) then the pig started screaming and mom it sounded awful. The pig ran around and around the tree while the guys chased it laughing. (what kinda sick bastards are living next door) Then the dude pulled out a machade and sliced the pigs throat. (Omg I hope this is not true) the pig was crying and blood poured out everywhere. One lady that was holding a baby got blood on her feet. Then they repeated stabbed the pig until it died." I looked up how pigs are generally slaughtered and you can read it here. While it is not pretty, It still seems fucked up to me to do in the front yard! 
I was trembling with rage, and pain for the pig. Yes, I eat pork but something was so wrong about this. He told me he saw all this through the kitchen window. I immediately called my other two boys in and they confirmed the story. I was horrified, pissed and  upset. I immediately thought of the 112 kids running around out there and asked my boys about that and they said the parents had all the kids go inside when they did it. I asked my boys did they go inside? They said no we watched. That really infuriated me! I asked my kids how they felt about seeing that and told them how I felt about it. I was gonna head on over and show my ass but I thought about all the kids outside and the fact that there were 20 or so adults over there and apparently they have weapons that they are not shy about using. Not to mention they had been drinking so maybe this was not the time. 
 Let me say I know that animals are killed everyday for food. And I eat them. I have never been a fan of hunted prey and cannot imagine slaughtering a live pig in the front yard of a city street. Who the hell does that? Why would you do that? Cheaper? Come on there is 20+ adults over there can't everyone just chip in and buy already prepared food? I am angry, hurt, concerned. I mean Spring hasn't even started. Is this what the neighbors cookouts will entail? Hell no I am not putting up with that! How heartless must one be to do that? And we are not in some damned third world country where we must kill our own food! I am so angry about this and the fact that they did not even tell my kids to go home before they did it makes it 100 times worse! I had no clue that this would have gone on. I am planning action to see it doesn't happen again. But I cannot get the thought of that pig outta my mind. Or the impending feud I'm getting ready to have with these people. I am not letting it go. What's next a fucking cow? A turkey shoot? I am not gonna spend my days listening to animals be slaughtered next door for cookouts!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Napping Time At The Zoo?

So this past weekend the family set out for the NC Zoo. Well, minus one kid who had other plans. We arrived at the zoo and all was well. Everyone was excited and the weather was just cold enough that we wouldn't get hot walking. For the first hour everyone, including me, was running from exhibit to exhibit marveling in every creature. 
About an hour in, the excitement faded but we we still doing well. Three hours in. We had hiked 2.5 miles and we were hungry and thirsty. We stopped at a drink machine and water was $3! Oh hell naw! We got one to share and headed back to our car to fetch the cooler and have some lunch. Looong way back to the car. By the time we got there and set up our picnic we were famished. As I begun to set out the food I realized that I had forgotten the main course, the sandwiches. WTF? I tried to encourage the kids to enjoy the lovely snacks but they were pissed. It didn't help that the table next to us had Domino's delivered and had about 10 pizzas. We ate whatever snacks we could and then headed into the zoo caffe where we spent $30 on PB & J sandwiches and hot pretzels. 
Part two of the zoo expedition was a bit more difficult. We were now tired and for some reason we had somehow picked to travel the zoo on the paths that all went uphill. This was very difficult for us all because we had been walking for hours already. In this particular section of the zoo each exhibit is about an 8 minute walk between animals. So here's how the next 3 hours played out. Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk....almost to the lion...walk, walk. At the lion...oh he's asleep. Damn. Next up the rhinos. walk, walk, walk, walk walk...almost there, walk walk,, rhinos are asleep. Damn. Onto the bears....walk, walk, walk,walk,,walk, walk,,almost to the bears, walk, walk, walk complain, bitch , moan, walk, complain... bears are asleep. This repeated for all the major animals that we really wanted to see, polar bears, penguins etc. Now the birds were all awake, and so were the turtles, and the frogs. But all the big guns were napping. So we walked miles to view large animals asleep in a cave. Here's a few pics of the awake animals:

 Good times.  At the last exhibit, the Sonora Desert an animal shitted in my hair. This building was so packed you could barely move so how did that animal get me so perfectly? Dunno. 
I felt something land on my head and thought it was water dripping from the pants. I reached up to feel it and pulled my hand down covered in shit. I began to laugh, hysterically, until I broke down and cried, yes cried, in front of about 60 people. My kids were asking "what's wrong?" "what's wrong" but I couldn't stop laughing/crying long enough to explain. I'm a bit unstable apparently.
An hour prior to closing we lined up to catch a tram back to our car. Apparently so did the entire zoo so the promised 5 minute wait between trams turned into a 35 minute wait. 35 minutes full of people in line complaining. What a perfect way to end the day.
 Anyway we made it back safe and exhausted. But I doubt we will be doing that anytime soon.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Roc Reflections-Tsunami

Tsunami has hit Japan and now Hawaii. Please keep these people in your prayers. The videos are scary and the loss is going to be tremendous. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meet David's New "Friends".........The Mormons

Lately our neighborhood has been inundated with religious groups trying to convert all us sinners. We have had visits from the Jehovah's, Pentecostals, and Baptists. Although I find it annoying to have these people come to my house several times a week to try to sell me their religion I always try to be polite because I think they are trying to do a good thing and they should be treated with respect. I always let them give their spiel, take their materials, and be polite as possible. However there is one group that comes by that is obsessed with converting us. The MORMONS! 
Oh heavens these guys are aggressive. There is no dodging them. They do not accept no for an answer. And I just can't be rude to them they are here on the behalf of god right?
Back in the day there were these commercials for the Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. I loved those commercials and thought that was something I could get behind. I saw the "followers" in a parking lot one day and told them I love the meaning behind the commercials. Big mistake. They wore my ass out for months after. I had them over initially to hear them out. But then they gave me reading assignments and pressured me into commitments and after I told them I had decided now was not the right time for me to become a Mormon they dropped by several times over the next few months to see if now was the time. Uggh. It was so annoying. I moved. Not because of them but that was an effective way to get rid of them. Now they have found me, well David rather. They come by ALL the time. And I have done a great job of dodging them but apparently they caught David one day and David, who wants to be friends with everyone, told them yes he was interested but not that day. In an attempt to get out of it that day (because he knew full well he was not interested) he told them to come back another day. Well they have everyday!
Problem is he is never there so it is I who has to deal with these guys. I have tried to be nice and tell them "no thanks". I have tried telling them "I am busy". Then I got really desperate and wouldn't even open my door I would just shout at them through a closed door that "David wasn't home". "I wasn't interested", and "I am busy with four children" and "now is not a good time". So they got creative and switched their times up on me. They began coming by at 8:30 at night. I get pissed if anyone comes by unannounced period, but 830p!! Whoa that super pisses me off. 
One night a few nights ago at 8:45p they came by David was installing ceiling fans in my kids room. They knocked, I asked who it was, they answered "Your friends from the such and such church." I told them "I have no friends at that church" they then asked for David and told me they were friends of his. All this took place through the door. I had yet to open it. I smiled when they said they were friends of Davids. See I knew David had been drinking beer and had no idea they were at the door. So I said "oh David's friends. Okay I'll be right back." 
I entered my sons room and said to David "you have company." David loves company so he was all excited thinking one of his homies had stopped by. He headed down the hall, He asked me who it was as he approached the front door. I smiled evilly as I said "oh its your friends from the such and such church" He immediately started backing up and whispering tell them I'm not here. So I shouted where they could hear me. "Tell them you're not here! Why?! David why would I wanna do that?!" He started motioning for me to shut up and he headed back to the boys room. I went to the window and shouted out "one minute please he is coming!" I went in the room and said to David "Oh no mister! You invited them back and I have been dealing with their interruptions for weeks! You go tell them you are not interested in joining their church! He begged me "No please! You tell them I'm busy. I don't believe in anything they preach. If you make me go out there I'm gonna be rude."  "Nope" I said "if you do not come out I will let them in and then I will leave you here." He was begging me to stop and I was cracking up. I grabbed him by the collar and begun to drag him to the door to see his friends. When I got  close enough I opened the door with one hand, I had David by the collar with the other and I said here he is and pushed him out. HAHAHAHAHAHA!
I laughed behind the door as David attempted to explain the delay in coming to the door. I laughed some more when 15 minutes had passed and they were still preaching to him. He was standing in the doorway so I came up behind him and said "oh honey it's cold and my heat is on" so I pushed him through the threshold and shut the door leaving him locked out with his new friends. The children and I peeked through the window cracking up at David's misery. Thirty minutes later he came in with a booklet and some kinda look in his eyes. 
I said "so did you tell them that you are not interested?" "No" he said."They gave me this booklet to read and then they are coming back to discuss it." he said "I invited them to come back for a 30 minute session". I died laughing." I thought you did not agree with their philosophies?" "I don't" he said "but I'll give anyone a chance to convince me otherwise". Later that night I saw him redaing their booklet. He attempted to invoke me into a debate about the contents. I told him "save it for your meeting". I simply cannot wait, future post material for sure.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Meet The Next Craigslist Killer

I think I know who the next Craigslist killer is.
Let me explain.
Quick back story, four kids, lost good job, working for 1/4 of what I used to make, broke as hell. Ok, no that that's out the way.
My kids like any other red-blooded teenage boys are all about some video games and electronics. Since my paycheck barely covers food and shelter I do not partake in the purchases of said items, I find them ridiculously overpriced and a huge waste of time. So in having said that my boys know of they want XBOX stuff or what have you, they must find a way to pay for it. I will put a $20 or a bit more towards the price but unless its your bday (and even then you gotta have 2/3 of the costs covered) you are on your own. 
No problem because I have lil worker-bee-boys and they will work for what they want. So In the past four months we have had 2 PlayStation3's go out on us and an X Box. My kids are gameless and miserable. In particular Michael whose birthday just passed. He has been working his booty off to raise the money for a new game system since his died on him four months ago. Since the rate of pay in my home is slave-like-rates, it takes awhile to gather the funds for things they want. My son had been laying tile in our hallway, washed my van, cleaned my house, cut the lawn etc to earn enough to but an XBOX360. All the while he has been browsing craigslist for a deal to get one. Earlier this week he was stunned to see one being sold for $80. He was super excited and approached me about it. I read the ad, called the dude up myself and asked all the questions any concerned mom would. Like why are you selling it? Does it work? If so how come you don't want it?  Are you an adult? etc.
He passed the initial interrogation and we planned to meet at a mutual spot at 445p the next day. This spot was 45 minutes from my home but hey my kid deserved this. 
So we arrive 15 minutes early, called the dude to ensure he was coming and waited and waited and waited. Gas is $3.60a gallon here so we killed the engine while we were waiting to conserve gas. 
Picture this: me, four kids all sitting in a parking lot, quite chilly since we were trying not to turn the car on. The kids were whining "how much longer?" 'I gotta pee" "I'm hungry" etc. But we waited. It all felt illegal and scary. But since the whole craigslist killer thing I am not going into anyones home to buy anything and sure as hell not inviting a stranger into my home. So a public parking lot was the only solution. Problem is there is no power source in a parking lot so we would have to take  his word that the game system worked. A few calls exchanged between us and the dude. He was delayed at work and then traffic. After an hour and 15 minutes I was annoyed and started to pull off.
A glimpse in my rearview mirror showed me that my son had tears in his eyes. He begged me "come on mom, 10 more minutes, he's coming I know he is."
I relented and we stayed put. Finally the dude shows up. I get out and approach him. I bring Michael with me leaving the other kids in the van. I had a blade in my pocket just in case. Okay, I know that sounds bad but seriously I wanted to be able to fight if need be. This could have been someone tryna rob me. Anything. And I had my kids with me. I introduce the dude to my son and explain to him that he was a really good kid that had worked his butt off to earn the money. I also pointed out my other children and explained that we were good people struggling so if he had any doubt that the game system was flawed please do not sell it to my son. He assured me he would never do something like that and handed over the game. I handed over the $80. When I did the dude gave me a weird smile and said "Enjoy" Something in that "enjoy" mad me feel like we had just been had. Got home plugged up the game and guess what? We had been had! Our money was long gone and the dude sold us a game with the red ring of death. Gamers will know this means the game will never work again. 
My son who is generally a tough guy begged me to call the dude all the while fighting back tears. My son thought there was a mistake. I told him no mistake, we had been had. I called for his sake but of course we were blocked. I tried a different phone and he did not answer. My son was completely heart broken. Not only did he not have a game but he worked for months to save up for it and now he had no money either. As I watched my child fight back tears and I saw the look of hurt in his eyes I tried to comfort him. I had no words that would help. So I hugged him and he broke down and cried like a baby. My heart was destroyed. How could that bastard do that to us/! I felt so violated, like we had been robbed. The worst part is other than the usual "some people are just bad" and "I'm sorry" there was not much I could say to comfort him. But I'll tell you this... if I ever see that guy I will whop his ass some kinda good. I am now obsessed with finding him. I want him to pay. I want my son's money returned! I am so angry. I think I could be the next craigslist killer.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


 I am one of those people that don't have  a lot of friends. Sure my Facebook page says I have 80something of them but most of those are people I am related to or went to school with, friend's kids, my kids etc. I prefer things that way. I do not make friends easily, I never have.
People seem to like me but I do not seem to like many people. I get annoyed with people easily and just frankly do not like having so many friends that I have to keep up. All the birthdays, anniversaries, their kids birthdays all their drama etc. Way too much work for me. I find it exhausting. I know that I am not a good friend so I try not to engage friendships. I take friendships very seriously. It's not that I am a recluse by any means, just that I find maintaining friendships hard work and I have enough work with all my kids so I disengage.
For some reason people are drawn to me. They meet me. They love me???? Even when I am rude?? I do have a small circle of friends that are dear to me. Friends I can count on one hand. I have a true best friend that's old enough to be my dad but he is an amazing man and I love him dearly. He and I see a lot of things eye to eye. He gives me my space. We talk daily and see each other every month or so for lunch. I adore this man and even named my last son after him. He is older and wiser and has bailed me out of troubles before. I know that he truly cares for me. I can call him up each day (and I do) and rant and rave about my drama. He listens and does not judge. This friendship has spanned 13 years. Although it took maybe 5 years for me to really consider him a friend.
My next friend is a gal I grew up with, lost contact with for a few years and then found on facebook. She is the funniest chick I know. She is someone I look up to and admire. She is the mother I aspire to be. We are similar in so many ways and so different in many others. She is fun, funny, smart, bitchy and very together and if I need someone to kick someones ass, she would be the one to do it. She is also very frank with me and I love her for it! This friendship has spanned 25 years. It took even longer for me to consider her my friend.
Then I have one more friend. She is opposite of me. Conservative, Christian, quiet, everything I am not. She is anti-Internet, hates that I blog and facebook (she thinks I am too old for all that). She is not the girl I would take to a party or share a drink with but lord knows if I called her in the middle of the night she would come. I trust her completely. We also work together wherever we go. One goes (usually me) and then I come get her. This friendship has spanned 12 years. Again about 5 years to become friends.
These three could not be more different. The differences in their ages are vast. Their religious beliefs range from a Jehovah, a Christian , to I don't know what Wendy is. Their life stories are very different. Their interests are very different, their personalities extremely different. Therefore they have never met.
Now I have lots of "friends" but these three are the people that I call or see almost daily and I truly love and truly trust. There is a whole other circle of "friends" that I care for and spend time with but it is more sporadic. If any of these three moved far away I would be lost. They each know my deepest secrets and I am totally comfortable with that.
I'm laying that foundation to say this:
I recently have felt such connections with people online. It's so much easier to have these type of friendships. Since blogging I have encountered one gal in particular that I just simply adore. I love that she complains, I admire her compassion for others, her honesty and something about her just feels warm to me. Weird huh?
The girl that doesn't want anymore friends. You have to really work hard at cracking my tough exterior in real life to be my friend but online a few concerned, caring emails and you're in. Funny how that happens. It feels like this  person is one that should be added to the elite three. Like I've known her forever. We have already shared some personal things and even have a mutual online secret. Then comes the talk of meeting one day. I wonder is this just online etiquette or does this truly happen? Has anyone ever met someone in person that they met on online? Someone who doesn't live close by? How did it turn out ? Were  they all you dreamed them to be or was it awkward? When you met in person did you realize things weren't as cozy as online or was it the start of something new? Please share your online friend experiences with me.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In Honor of Dr. Suess

In honor of Dr. Suess's Bday please enjoy the following:

I sit and I stew
Oh my what to do
I could ship your ass off to Kalamazoo
But your lil kids would all cry "Boo Hoo"

I prepared your meal
But your attitude was stank
So I tossed it in the trash
I bet next time you'll says "Thanks"
I'm tired of you leaving dirty socks on the floor
I'm tired of your coats hanging on the hallway door 
I mean come on dude, I've told you this before

Your late night baths that leave the tub all dirty
You should see me now, I'm shooting you the birdie
Your personal products that litter my vanity
Dealing with you is such insanity
I think I'd rather deal with Mr. Shawn Hannity

You're many complaints about your toothaches and back
I think it's all BS and you are just being slack
For example my hallway that you started to paint
What's still not painted? My hallway. It ain't!

And now you decide you wanna be a singer
You are 40! Again, I'm shooting you the finger
You have 6 kids and plenty to do
You do not have time to record an album too

You act like investing in this child's play is smart
Music, you tell me, well, its in your heart
How about the lawn, the trash, the things needing fixing?
Should I get another man to do them while you're busy mixing?

If you have free time how bout finishing all the things you did start
At the very least take your kids to the damn park!
Or here's an idea, why not a second job you can get
That way you can begin to pay off all this debt

Spending all your time with guys half your age
Is not helping out, it's filling me with rage
And that could be dangerous and scary for you
I'd get my ish together, that's what I'd do

Its time to grow up and be a big man
Becoming an artist at 40, well thats a dumb plan
If you don't get it together I'ma put you out
And then you will really have something to sing about!