Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hitting Pay Dirt While Snooping

As I have mentioned before I am one of those parents who do not believe children need or deserve privacy or space. Hell No! They can get all that when they get a place of their very own. In saying that since I am raising two teens and a preteen I conduct random searches. What am I searching for? Well anything. Drugs, alcohol, love notes, letters from teachers that never made it to me etc. My kids have never done drugs or alcohol as far as I know but if they ever start I wanna be all over it as early as possible. So Sunday while the boys were outdoors I did my semi-quarterly search. In that search I found my son Marlon's Journal. He is turning 13 next month. He is also the pumpkin who shot his teeth out with a stapler, you can read about that here.
I began reading his journal. In there he wrote about Valentines day. Here's what I read:
"This year on Valentines day it is my mom who is my Valentine. I don't care what people say about that. I know it's weird but my mom deserves to be my valentine and here's why,
My mom sets a good example for me and my siblings. She always puts her kids first and herself last. She is nice and kind. People say she is pretty and lots of people like her. My mom does all the things a mom should do. She is very helpful and works hard. I am really glad that she is my mom. Some moms do not care, but my mom does. She is mostly nice but can get really tough when she has to. I know one day a girl will be my valentine but she will have to beat my mom for space in my heart. My mom is my Valentine."
I know right? Sweetest thing ever. I also read in that same journal that his best memory of the past year was the Superbowl party I threw for him and his brothers. I thought it was a bit of a flop because I envisioned a few of their friends coming but they both said they just wanted to spend time with family? Weird huh? And apparently it made a huge positive impact on him so I guess the $100+ dollars I spent on snacks and decor weren't a waste. He also wrote about the stapler incident. Here's an excerpt from that:
"I did something dumb. I wanted to see if a staple would go into my teeth so I stapled them but they broke. When my mom came home she was pissed off big time but I didn't care because it hurt so bad. I hate staplers and do not even wanna staple paper ever again!"
So this time when I snooped it was great! I think I may even skip the next inspection just because they make me so proud! There are few moments when you're kids are teens that are priceless in a positive way. So I will cherish this forever.


  1. Racquel,
    I read in horror that you read his journal and I thought to myself OH NO. But how beautiful that he thinks these things.

    I would say you're doing somethin' right my dear....or A LOT right. That had to be a great euphoric feeling. I am so damn glad for you.

  2. What great things to find! Better than dirty socks!!!

  3. What he wrote was very sweet. And, in general I agree about kids not really having a right to privacy. I mean, your number one job as a parent is to protect them and all that.

    But, if my mother every posted something I wrote in a journal online? Well, lets just say she wouldn't be very happy with what I wrote next. LOL ;-)

  4. he's also the SMARTEST 13 year old ever for hiding his REAL journal and replacing it with the FAKE one for you to find when snooping!


  5. I was thinking what Slyde said.

  6. That is absolutely precious. What an amazing thing for a mom to read from her son!!!

  7. AW, it will make it all the much better as you put his food into the blender so that he can eat it ;o)

  8. Peg- I figured when I was writing this that SOMEONE would have issues with me snooping through my kids stuff. I automatically thought of you lol. But too bad, because that's what I believe parents should do. :) Thanks for saying the sweet things in the end. I luv ya Peg!

    Linda- Exactly what I was thinking

    Jay- I know, I thought about that but Marlon's not really into the whole internet thing yet and I doubt that any of his middle school friends are on Blogger. Worst Case, I'll tell him that it is punishment for stapling his teeth, he'll buy it. My punishments are usually creative like that.

    Slyde- Ahhh, good point. I think I'll go take another look around then.

    Mike- See Slyde's comment

    Mamma4Real- PAYDIRT!!

    Mamma- No, he will be blending his own meals.

  9. OMG Raquel what is your secret! That would totally make my day, you rock! You are DA BEST! Your award for Mother of the Year is in the mail!...the whole stappling his tooth incident, minor setback. This totally makes up for that.

  10. Sandra- no secret just a lil lovebug for a son. thanks so much!

  11. That has got to be the best snooping story I've ever heard, in the history of snooping stories. Stapler story aside (which I read and cringed the whole time thinking damn that's gotta hurt and man I would totally want to smack my kid) he sounds like one helluva kid. I hope my son feels half that lovingly towards me when he hits his teens.