Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh The Innocence

So Marlon whom I have written about before here and here. is not very responsible. Therefore he does not get anything of much value. When he has, he has lost it within days. Days! Anyhoo, I got him a basic cellphone when he entered middle school and he lost it within days. I replaced it, days later it was gone again. So he remained without a phone for the remainder of the year until this happened. Then I got him a piece of crap cell phone at Christmas and told him if he still had it by his birthday (April 16th) We would upgrade. 
Yesterday he was with dad and stepmom when I received a call from him asking if I would go in with them and buy him a new phone. It would be for his Bday. After obtaining all the necessary info I agreed. His last two phones had no internet and no texting. This one had the works, slider, touch screen, unlimited web, unlimited text and a very reasonable calling plan. So although it is Mason's Bday week.... what was easier than handing dad my share of the cost and not having to worry about Marlon's upcoming Bday? Keep in mind my sweet pea is turning 13 next month. So he is so excited to be able to text. Here are direct texts from him to me. 

Immediately after activating his phone
"Mom, I just got my new phone we are on the way home"
"Here is my new number 434-00**"- Apparently he doesn't know that the number shows up when he calls/texts me. Oh the innocence. Lol
"30 minutes away"
"you owe dad $58 for your part of my phone"
"20 minutes away"
"5 minutes away"
"here is a pic of my sister" He had snapped and sent me a photo of them in the van 
Two hours later he is in bed "I love you mom, goodnight"
"thanks again for the phone"
"good night"

Here is our exchange this morning My responses are in blue.
"good morning Mom are you having a nice day yet"
I actually am, my car sounds good. You be good at school and put your phone away so  it doesn't get taken away
"No can do mom, SIKE, Just kidding" (does anyone remember SIKE?) 
"I can't, it's too cool" 
Put your phone away now
"that is cruel"
I will make  you leave it home tomorrow

About 11am. 
"you having a good day mom?" 
" I hope you are"
I am. Now put that phone away!
"Okay, dang you are so harsh"
I love you and do not want you to get in trouble
"Can I hang out after school at the park with my friends, I'll clean your whole house really neat and good
 Fine. Answer my calls and be where you say you'll be
"Ok Mom I love you"  
love you too
 "I really do"  
put your phone away!


  1. Ha! Has he texted you while sitting right next to you yet? He needs to do that too.

  2. You've added another monster to the pool of texting monsters out there.

  3. Ha. Very cute exchanges. Cheers Hot Stuff!!

  4. My sons will be in the same room and text each other so that they don't disturb the other who is listening to the tv. That and they love that they both have unlimited texting.
    Silly boys. But he better watch out having it at school and using it. At our school if they are caught using it, the phone goes to the principal's office where the parents are called in and the county's rules about cell phone usage in school is review with both the parents and students.
    I know, I had to do this a couple of years ago...