Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Top Ten PIss-Me- Off-ers

Since I'm low on material this week, I thought I'd share my top ten Piss Me Off-ers! Two of them I have written about before so click the links if you'd like. Enjoy!

1- The moms who look like a million bucks at preschool but yet haven't found time to bathe their kid all week.

2-People that do not say thank you when you hold open the door for them.

3- Parents who dose their sick and fevered kid up with Tylenol then drop them off at the play center or school so they can go to brunch. Yeah, because brunch is way more important than your baby!

4- Parents that push organic and healthy options but then microwave the food. Hello?

5- People that tell me how broke they are that they can't pay their light bill then ask me to hold on while the Ruby Tuesday waitress takes their order.

6- People who let their trash blow onto your lawn and then act like they don't notice the gigantic taco box on my grass.

7- People who slaughter their own dinner just for sport

8- People who are always bitching about money but take time off every week.

9- When someone thinks that limiting the use of driving their Hummer due to the cost of gas, compares with the daily struggle of affording food for your family. They had to drive the Escalade instead. Boo. Hoo

10- And last but definitely the most annoying to me is people that post Biblical scriptures on facebook and if you scroll down their photo album is full of scantly clad pics of them getting smashed. Or you know them to to be huge sinners.

What's your number one Piss You Off-er?


  1. The last picture says it all.

  2. Those would all be on my list too. Along with another 900 things. haha

  3. I vote for #6, ten times. And you forgot about the people who let their dogs poop in your yard, and then get all pissy when you suggest they might want to clean it up. I'm thinking about land mines as the next big thing in landscaping at the Maison de Bilbo.

  4. I can't even pick one...there are just too many to list. Your list times a hundred! LOL!!!

  5. Oh you hit many of mine! right now it's the parent who thinks the school should take care of a rumor that was spread viva facebook and text. Hello, it's not the school's fault that you let your 9 year old girl have these things!

  6. Peg- Okay for you, you can add your own ten. But ten is all missy!
    Mike- I thought that was appropriate
    Jay- You pissed off??? Never.
    Bilbo- Well I must say my neighbor is awesome about cleaning up her dog ish. However I could still use those land mines.
    ETW- Well I know you hate extra punctuation. :)
    Mamma- Amen to that!!!!!
    ASM- Who knew??

  7. ooooh, don't get me started on #2.

    whenever someone just walks past me without speaking to me after holding the door, i usually just yell out "YOURE WELCOME!"

  8. #10 is the best thing I've ready online today! That one bugs the crap out of me too!