Friday, March 18, 2011

Bullied Kid, My New Hero

So I have a new hero this morning. Bullying is an annoyance to me just as much as other parent. I am fed up and not long ago supported a parent that handled his biz when his special needs daughter was bullied. You can view that video in this post. So When I saw this video I cheered loudly. My only wish is that Casey continued to slam the people that were standing around laughing while he was getting punched in the face. My favorite part is when after Casey slams that lil bastard another bigger kid steps up to Casey like he's gonna do something but he does nadda! That's right.He learned from the first boy not to mess with Casey.
Casey Hines it has appeared has been bullied for his weight issues most of his life. And in this video it is crystal clear that he was being bullied. The size of the bully does not matter because I think you should never write a check with your mouth that your ass cannot cash. And that lil jerk that was bullying Casey got exactly what he should have gotten. I LOVE CASEY! You can feel that he is a nonviolent boy as the video shows him being taunted and hit in the face. He just stands there with his back against the wall literally and takes it. Until finally enough is enough. I am so proud of him for standing up for himself. And even after he slams the bully he just walks off and leaves the situation. Before you get all anti-violence on me let me just say I am anti-violence, well, kinda. However how many times do you put up with that kinda abuse before you fight back? I'm sure Casey has talked to someone about this before and as the video shows no one helped him. So you go Casey! You freaking Rock!

Down side to this victory is that Casey got suspended too. I understand that schools often do not know who or how the fight started so often the most neutral thing they can do is suspend both people involved in a fight. However, this video clearly shows that he was just defending himself. That school better be glad I'm not his parent..... cause boy I would fight that suspension. If you (the school) are not going to protect my child, and it is illegal for me to do so, then you damn well better not punish him for protecting himself!
So view the video, share your thoughts and most importantly do you think Casey should have been suspended?


  1. I heard about this the other day from Rick.
    Rick said this kid just body slammed him and the bully deserved it but rick was worried that there may be a lawsuit against him since the kid was hospitalized. I hope not. There is only so much one can take and it appears Casey was a good kid that was pushed to the end of his rope and had to stoop to the bullies level. I hope there is no retribution for him.

  2. Oh I hope not too. And how the hell can that boys parents sue Casey when their kid started it? Oh Lord this pisses me off. If the parents sue Casey's family then they should get body slammed too. Because obviously they did not do a great job of raising their kid with morals since he is a bully. They should turn their sons injuries into a lesson for him. Judge Judy always says you take your victim as you find them! Now I'm just PISSED!

  3. oh I'm sorry Roc didn't mean to piss you off.

    It's a difficult line too as a parent I would think. I would be happy that he stood up for himself and happy that he then walked away. But the conversation would have to be that he should only do this as a last resort (which he did)
    Rick was bullied as a kid. Then he met the bully as an adult and the guy saw the size of him and literally began to shake. He has to tell that story when you come up. priceless.

  4. I've seen the video a few times. Casey just finally had enough and snapped. The people who are most responsible here are the school officials who don't do a dang thing about this kind of bullying. There's no way they didn't all know what was going on.

  5. Peg- It's okay, wanna clarify not pissed at your or your comments just the fact that some parents ar ejust flat out idiots and enablers.

    Jay- My point

    Mike & Sundar- Exactly

  6. Casey" looks tuff to me bully is lucky he got of with what he got.THAT A BOY