Friday, March 4, 2011

Meet The Next Craigslist Killer

I think I know who the next Craigslist killer is.
Let me explain.
Quick back story, four kids, lost good job, working for 1/4 of what I used to make, broke as hell. Ok, no that that's out the way.
My kids like any other red-blooded teenage boys are all about some video games and electronics. Since my paycheck barely covers food and shelter I do not partake in the purchases of said items, I find them ridiculously overpriced and a huge waste of time. So in having said that my boys know of they want XBOX stuff or what have you, they must find a way to pay for it. I will put a $20 or a bit more towards the price but unless its your bday (and even then you gotta have 2/3 of the costs covered) you are on your own. 
No problem because I have lil worker-bee-boys and they will work for what they want. So In the past four months we have had 2 PlayStation3's go out on us and an X Box. My kids are gameless and miserable. In particular Michael whose birthday just passed. He has been working his booty off to raise the money for a new game system since his died on him four months ago. Since the rate of pay in my home is slave-like-rates, it takes awhile to gather the funds for things they want. My son had been laying tile in our hallway, washed my van, cleaned my house, cut the lawn etc to earn enough to but an XBOX360. All the while he has been browsing craigslist for a deal to get one. Earlier this week he was stunned to see one being sold for $80. He was super excited and approached me about it. I read the ad, called the dude up myself and asked all the questions any concerned mom would. Like why are you selling it? Does it work? If so how come you don't want it?  Are you an adult? etc.
He passed the initial interrogation and we planned to meet at a mutual spot at 445p the next day. This spot was 45 minutes from my home but hey my kid deserved this. 
So we arrive 15 minutes early, called the dude to ensure he was coming and waited and waited and waited. Gas is $3.60a gallon here so we killed the engine while we were waiting to conserve gas. 
Picture this: me, four kids all sitting in a parking lot, quite chilly since we were trying not to turn the car on. The kids were whining "how much longer?" 'I gotta pee" "I'm hungry" etc. But we waited. It all felt illegal and scary. But since the whole craigslist killer thing I am not going into anyones home to buy anything and sure as hell not inviting a stranger into my home. So a public parking lot was the only solution. Problem is there is no power source in a parking lot so we would have to take  his word that the game system worked. A few calls exchanged between us and the dude. He was delayed at work and then traffic. After an hour and 15 minutes I was annoyed and started to pull off.
A glimpse in my rearview mirror showed me that my son had tears in his eyes. He begged me "come on mom, 10 more minutes, he's coming I know he is."
I relented and we stayed put. Finally the dude shows up. I get out and approach him. I bring Michael with me leaving the other kids in the van. I had a blade in my pocket just in case. Okay, I know that sounds bad but seriously I wanted to be able to fight if need be. This could have been someone tryna rob me. Anything. And I had my kids with me. I introduce the dude to my son and explain to him that he was a really good kid that had worked his butt off to earn the money. I also pointed out my other children and explained that we were good people struggling so if he had any doubt that the game system was flawed please do not sell it to my son. He assured me he would never do something like that and handed over the game. I handed over the $80. When I did the dude gave me a weird smile and said "Enjoy" Something in that "enjoy" mad me feel like we had just been had. Got home plugged up the game and guess what? We had been had! Our money was long gone and the dude sold us a game with the red ring of death. Gamers will know this means the game will never work again. 
My son who is generally a tough guy begged me to call the dude all the while fighting back tears. My son thought there was a mistake. I told him no mistake, we had been had. I called for his sake but of course we were blocked. I tried a different phone and he did not answer. My son was completely heart broken. Not only did he not have a game but he worked for months to save up for it and now he had no money either. As I watched my child fight back tears and I saw the look of hurt in his eyes I tried to comfort him. I had no words that would help. So I hugged him and he broke down and cried like a baby. My heart was destroyed. How could that bastard do that to us/! I felt so violated, like we had been robbed. The worst part is other than the usual "some people are just bad" and "I'm sorry" there was not much I could say to comfort him. But I'll tell you this... if I ever see that guy I will whop his ass some kinda good. I am now obsessed with finding him. I want him to pay. I want my son's money returned! I am so angry. I think I could be the next craigslist killer.


  1. OH MY GOD.
    I have a playstation 2 or 3 that is never used. (at lake) I will send if they have games for it. I know it's outdated but it's free.

    Now to this A-hole. How does he sleep at night?
    go to just for shits and giggles. put his number in the reverse look up. if you get an address call the cops.
    there are sites for a free cell phone look up as well. did you get his license number?

    I am so sorry this happened to you and your son.
    What a shitty lesson for them to learn.

  2. Report him to the police. I'm not sure that will help, but maybe he's scammed others, or will in the future,and there will be a police report.

    I hate it when our kids have to learn lessons like this!

  3. There is a certain level of hell for anyone evil enough to rip off a kid. That sucks.

  4. Like Peg said, did you get his license number?

  5. We went through that with a bed that we purchased on Craigslist, granted it was partially my fault, but, they ripped us off and never returned our phone calls etc., and so now my 6 year old has the most pathetic excuse for a bed ever. Ugh. So frustrated.

  6. I have tears in my eyes.... What a pathetic excuse for a human being. I hope you track him down and make his life hell. You should call the police and report his name at least. Then, set up a Paypal account and I bet you'll get enough $$ to buy him a new system. {{{Hugs}}}

  7. This is a sad story and agree with what everyone else has said.
    I've turned into a "Hardcore Pawn Shop" tv addic and they show how people pawn their gaming systems. You might want to see what the local pawn shop has.

  8. Oh that sucks! I got had three times on EBAY! No more! I feel so bad for your boy!

  9. What a bastard! I'd post on craigslist with his email/phone info letting others know that he's asshole enough to ripoff a kid.

    I've never had this issue with Craigslist, but I'm crazy enough to make my husband go and pick stuff up to make sure things are functional and in proper working order.

    Ugh, I'm sick for you and your son. I'm sorry, hun. :(

  10. Shouldn't you be able to file a report with the police? I really hope so. That's not even a lesson learned for your poor son, the only thing he learned is that people suck.

    I'm so upset now I want to come down there and find him and kick his ass myself.

  11. Let me know if you need help. What an ass clown...

  12. Oh there really are some awful people in the world! I am so sorry your son had his heart broken:(

  13. Oh, wow, that is terrible!! I am so, so, so sorry! I wish I had the money to send you an XBox 360. I really do. I want your son to have it. That is horrible. People are so mean. :(