Friday, April 30, 2010

Rielle Hunter Interview

So did anyone see Oprah yesterday? Rielle Hunter (John Edward's mistress) was giving her first interview. Riveting! Although it was nice to hear the hard cold facts of the affair I was shocked at her take on it.

Even now in hindsight she seems completely cultivified (not a real word) by her "love" for him. She had no problem admitting pursuing him but she felt justified because she knew instantly that they needed each other. It was crazy! She consistently said although he lied to his wife and the world,,he never lied to her.

She explained their meeting and affair as a cosmic force that could not be denied. The odd thing is she continually described herself as a "truthful, spiritual person." She did not feel bad or regret what had happened. She felt that her and John were meant to be and they share a true love. She also felt that John wasn't his true authentic self and she was gonna help him with that. I guess his true self is a lying, cheating pig! She takes no responsibility for the hurt it caused his ailing wife.

So I ask, although I feel personally that the majority of the blame is the married persons fault; after all, they are the one with the commitment. Doesn't the mistress have a bit of blame as well? What do you think?

Anyway..kudos to Oprah for really getting at Rielle with the hard questions.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Follow Me!

Why in the hell won't nobody follow me???? WTF! It's been months and let me correct that ..I do have one follower...thanks RH Ducky! But what is wrong with everyone else?? Or is it me? Is my page not savvy enough? Are my topics boring? What the hell! FOLLOW ME!!!


Okay anyone who has kids wether they be in high school down to preschool knows about these damn silly bands. Cute they are and quite amazing that they return to the original shape...maybe I better explain what a silly band is just in case one person doesn't know.

They are like the jelly bracelets many of us wore in a younger day but they have a new twist. They come in the shape of random things, vampires, hearts, starts, etc. You put them on your wrist and they are a regular round bracelet but when you remove the bracelet it returns to the original shape. Cool Huh? Problem is the cool thing is to have as many as possible. And apparently whoever has the most is the coolest.

My silly band experience started with my son going to high school returning home with this "cool armband". Next my 3rd grader came home with some and eventually my two year old got one at preschool! So like any other nice mom I took my kids to Walgreens to buy their own packs of these bracelets.

It was 9pm Friday night. Upon entering Walgreens I was amazed...there was a square container with hundreds of packs of silly bands for sale. But the amazing part was the 15 kids digging in the box. Boys and girls, the oldest was about 19 the youngest was two. All the parents stood back in bewilderment at the crazed kids digging around and choosing their pack. My son bought 3 packs and when we returned home to our neighborhood he was quickly promoted to most popular, all due to his silly band supply.

Friday, April 23, 2010

no thanks

Yup, they offered me my job back with a raise and other things to my advantage. I am leaving them waiting for my decision. I knew damn well my decision was No when they first asked but it is fun to give them false hope.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

meeting with evil

Not that anybody is listening but.....I changed jobs. Yeehaw! No more of that dreadful company I had been working for for 10 years. I am working for their competitor...sweet justice. It has been a month and yesterday the COO sent me text asking me to meet him. Interesting since the day I left was not pretty. It involved a peace officer and some real nasty back n forth between the CEO (who I seriously detest) and the top supervisor. Anyways they want to meet me at a neutral place to discuss what? Who knows? Wonder if they have now realized the mistake of treating me so tacky when I was there or wonder if they are concerned that I am gonna divulge all their dirty secrets to the public. Either way this should be soooo interesting. I cannot wait to hear what they have to say and it will be so liberating meeting with them for once without having to bite my tongue because seriously...what can they do to me.....NADA!