Monday, April 26, 2010


Okay anyone who has kids wether they be in high school down to preschool knows about these damn silly bands. Cute they are and quite amazing that they return to the original shape...maybe I better explain what a silly band is just in case one person doesn't know.

They are like the jelly bracelets many of us wore in a younger day but they have a new twist. They come in the shape of random things, vampires, hearts, starts, etc. You put them on your wrist and they are a regular round bracelet but when you remove the bracelet it returns to the original shape. Cool Huh? Problem is the cool thing is to have as many as possible. And apparently whoever has the most is the coolest.

My silly band experience started with my son going to high school returning home with this "cool armband". Next my 3rd grader came home with some and eventually my two year old got one at preschool! So like any other nice mom I took my kids to Walgreens to buy their own packs of these bracelets.

It was 9pm Friday night. Upon entering Walgreens I was amazed...there was a square container with hundreds of packs of silly bands for sale. But the amazing part was the 15 kids digging in the box. Boys and girls, the oldest was about 19 the youngest was two. All the parents stood back in bewilderment at the crazed kids digging around and choosing their pack. My son bought 3 packs and when we returned home to our neighborhood he was quickly promoted to most popular, all due to his silly band supply.


  1. i think its funny that silly bandz are so popular now, but some new toy will soon come out and replace it. but even i, a scientist, has one on as i type this!

  2. It's the most ridiculous thing, right? But then again, that's what most trends are, you look at them in retrospect and its like you just want to shout at everyone and scream, "ARE YOU SERIOUS??"

    My step-mom found 3 in our house, don't know where she got them, but she came out of the kitchen saying "THIS is what everyone's going so nuts over?!"

    Anyway, I took them and I'm wearing them now since over the years I've grown accustomed to putting whatever I find on my wrists. I also have a few jelly bracelets that have been on my arms for about 5 years now, haha.