Thursday, July 28, 2011

Help! Help! My Light Is Out.

So now that we got that outta the way. I will resume bitching. The topic today is a reliable one.....The Neighbor.
Since she watches my home 24/7, she knows all my business so she knew about the RA...and in good faith lets just go back to calling him David. She was one of the people who had the strongest opinions on us splitting up. She would say things like "don't take him back", "you deserve better" etc. When I told her he was coming back she seemed uninterested until she saw him. He pulled up and she came running out and rushed over to tell him how 
glad she was that he was back........
and how much he was missed.......
and how we needed a man down there with us to keep us safe......
and fix things.........
and she was so excited that he was back she was gonna make a list of all the things that she needed fixed in her house...
sound of record scratching. 
Say what? Did she just say she would make a list of all the things she needed him to do at her house?  WTH? Excuse me neighbor but the works been piling up over here as well, not to mention he and I may want to spend some time working on our relationship, oh and then there are those thing we call kids running around there that may need a lil time and attention. And by the way he works 6 often 7 days a week sun up to sun down. Just when the hell did she think he was gonna have time to be her handyman?
Fast forward two days later she calls me and says "is David around?" I know she knows he wasn't bc she conducts 24/7 surveillance on my home. I tell her he is at work. "Oh my, I have an urgent situation and need his help." By the way she rents so the land man can fix her stuff and we also have a handyman around there for repairs and yard work. She just doesn't like him bc he is Mexican. 
"What's wrong?" I ask
"Oh my, it's serious" she says
"I'm sure" I say rolling my eyes "what's the problem?"
"My light in my bathroom has blown out and I cannot climb a ladder, I may fall. Could David come over and change the bulbs for me?"
"Sure I say "he is very busy right now (see list above) but he'll get to it within the week."
"Okay, well its really urgent, I cannot bathe, and when I get in and out of the shower I am enveloped in such darkness. I may fall, or anything. It is really scary to shower in the dark and taking a bath well that is just impossible with the lack of lighting." she explains
"Okay, he'll get to it soon" I hang up.
The next night at 8pm, he was just pulling up from work, she began to ring my phone repeatedly. I was busy but when I saw 4 missed calls I thought I better make sure she is okay. I called her and said  "hi are you okay?"
"Well no I need my light fixed." 
I'm pretty sure I said within the week I'm thinking now aggravated.
"Well I have a kidney problem and need to soak my back. I need to sit in the tub but simply cannot without proper lighting. It's just not safe"
Silence on my end,,,(I'm biting my tongue)
"Well I guess I could just shower tonight, I have some pain meds I can just take them until I am able to soak" she says.
Silence again from me
"Do you think he'll get over here soon?" she asks
"Within the week" I simply said
"Okay sorry to bother you" she says and hangs up.
The next day I pull up and she was all hunched over depressed and pitiful in the front yard.I said Hi to her and she carried on with her pitiful display. It annoyed me so I had to say something. I said "seriously are you acting this way over a light bulb?"
"No I'm sick, in pain" she says. Probably because we did not get her light fixed.
When I cooked dinner that night I brought her a plate, (as I do several times a week)
When I brought the dinner over she wanted to show me her newly decorated bedroom so I came in and checked it out. I noticed when we passed the bathroom the lighting seemed fine.
So I said "oh you got your light fixed?"
"Oh no, I did not. Come see" She leads me into the bathroom.
We enter the bathroom and she shows me that one of the 7 lights in that room is out. See she has makeup lighting around the mirror, two fixtures that have 3 bulbs each in them over the double sinks. Then two feet away there is another fixture over the toilet. That one is out but the 1000watts glaring from the 6 sink lights shined right at the toilet the bathroom was not dark at all! It was very well lit and had more lighting than mine. I just gave her a look. She explains that at night (which it was) it gets really dark in here and she can barely see the toilet or the tub.
What the fuck do you want in here a spotlight?  ?#%$!#!#   Anyhow in light of the discovery I decided David would truly get to it when he got to it. I have larger impending issues in my home such as a window that doesn't seal properly, a piece of trim board that needs replacing before my floor comes up etc.
The next day I got two messages from her. "Hi Roc its ____________, I am really in pain due to not being able to take a bath. I really need to get in the tub and soak my kidneys and I was wondering when I would be able to do that. David has not fixed my light yet and I am in desperate need of his help. It went on and on about how scary the bathroom was and unsafe. I did not reply. On my way to work this morning I set a lamp on her porch. Maybe she can plug that in somewhere in there if she feels unsafe. Uggghh! Seriously lady?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where I Stand

I appreciate so many of you listening and reading about my personal life drama over the past few months. Many of you advised me and some even emailed. It is such an honor to know that people I have never met care. 
I am a big fan of the truth and telling it like it is, so in order for me to blog openly about my life I must come clean with something. everyone knows that life with The RA has been less than desirable to say the least. Quite honestly it has been full of turmoil and dysfunction and I have shared that with you all. And then there was the Other Woman. Well that lil chapter was quite a rough one. Its been almost a month so here's where I'm at. 
12 years with the RA and 6 kids between us....that's a lot of history. Truth be told we had been living separate lives for a couple years now. Its kinda like we couldn't stand to be around each other but did not want the finality of ending it because we do truly care about each other.
I have had other relationships during our time together. He never had until this time. I was not mad that he did. Rather shocked and upset that he did not tell me sooner. Anyways after chatting with the other woman and getting all the sordid details, then dealing with the aftermath of the emotions that come with that, I am good. I am really good. For the first time in years RA and I sat down and talked hour, after hour, hour, night after night after night about how we got to that place. For the first time in 12 years we were really honest about our feelings. Naturally he wanted to come home. I of course was unsure about this. 
He has always had the approach that his business is his and mine is mine. Kinda hard to have a relationship that way. I don't wanna be "big brother" but I want to feel secure both financially and emotionally. I do not want to have a man but be a single mom and that's just what I had been.  He has apologized and asked what can be done to repair things. We are getting counseling and he has turned over all his finances to me. I have all the cards and checkbooks. Not to control him but bc his mishandling of money was a huge source of our issues. I also have all the passwords to his facebook, email etc. Not forever but I feel like if he wants to be with me he has to give me full disclosure, make me feel secure. I personally do not see the need to hide ish anyway unless its wrong. So we are working on it. Working on it hard and fast as we realize we are at a point in our lives that it is make it or break it for us. It sounds crazy but this other woman was the best thing that ever happened to us in a lot of ways. 
She made us stop and realize is this really what we want? Do we wanna be apart? Do we wanna be with someone else? Do we want our relationship to  work? We have a beautiful family and a deep connection.
Now that he seems refocused I think we can do this. I know, I can feel the eyes rolling the head shaking the "oh no Roc"s, and believe me I understand. If my girlfriend was going through this the advice I'd be giving her would be totally different than the path I have chosen. But after much reflection I think I gotta give it an honest effort for my families sake. I was raised without a dad and I so want to break that cycle. Does that mean I will put up with anything? No. But honestly I could have given a bit more as well. I have been one cold bitch for a couple years now. I do not want to be that way anymore. 
This is last call for us. We both know it. But the thing that is different this time is usually when we are getting back together it is one of us trying real hard and the other is just along for the ride. Although he has a lot of making up to do with me I am also working on some issues that I may have. I feel positive about this and feel like this is the best decision for me at this point in my life.
So now can I get back to my usual bitching and such?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

If you lose my kid.....Can I get a phone call?

The new school year has started for Mason last week. Although Mason has moved up a grade, he still attends the same school on the same track and the same before and after school program. Monday was the first day of school so naturally I took him myself. The van picked him up and took him back to the daycare where he attends an after school program and I picked him up as usual. 

So here comes Tuesday morning. I arrive at the center at 7:15a, as I have done for years now to drop off Mason and MJ. Kissed them both goodbye and turned to head out the door. The teacher yells after me..."you forgot Mason!"  "No, Mason started school this week" I inform her. She says back "well we do not run the route to his school here anymore". WTH? "as of when?" I ask clearly irritated. See I ain't got time for no BS first thing in the morn. I have to be on my job to open the facility at 7:50a. I literally have just enough time to get there. Hence no time for BS like this. The teacher explains that they changed the routes, etc and they will still take Mason to school just from a different locale. "Why was I not told about this?" I ask pissed off tryna figure out what I am gonna do now. "I don't know" the teacher responds. 
Ugggh. I grab Mason by the hand and fly out the door because now I have to drive to a second location and drop him off and there is not much time for that. We arrive at the second location I walk Mason inside and am greeted by the teacher there I say to her " you guys are taking him to school right?" She responds "I guess so, I do no really know". Seriously????? "I don't know" is not an appropriate answer how about "let me find out?" 
So I make sure that is the case and I also ask where will he be in the afternoon here or at the other location with MJ. I was told he would be at  the other location. The afternoon routes did not change, only the morning ones did. "Same time?" I ask. "Yes" I am told. So off I race to work.
Let me just add that my kids have been going to this place for 4 years and I have had a positive experience here. I am also on their Parent Advisory Board. This center is a family ran place and I generally love it.
That afternoon I pull up to the daycare center it is 112degrees so I want to get the kids home quickly. I arrive at 4pm, 10 minutes early. I don't see the van so I go into the after school class. I ask if Mason has arrived the teacher looks at me clueless and says no. So I go to the lobby to await the van. 4:25p, no van so I go back to the classroom and ask if the van was coming. I was told the van had came and gone. "Well where is my child?' I ask. "Dunno, he didn't get off the van" she says. I head back to the lobby and encounter the director. I ask her where my son is?  "Oh let me call the other center." She calls them hangs up and tells me he is on the way here. I wait. It is now 4:40p, finally I see the van pull up so I go out to get Mason and notice he is the only one on the van. So I ask the driver "is he the only one?" she says yes. I then ask "is this the normal time now 4:45p?" She looks flustered and mutters off some crap about "working out the kinks"  I go back in to get MJ and pay my bill. When I go to pay the bill it is double. I inquire about it and the lady cannot explain why that is so. I know I do not owe that much I tell her we can pull up my bank statements and I can show her the cleared checks from last month. She says don't worry about it. Just pay what you think you owe, and we will get it sorted out." Okay. I wrote the check  and handed it to her "here is what I know I owe." 
Later I question Mason about the pick up at school and it is discovered that he was left on the first run?  Basically they forgot him and when I showed up they rushed back and got him and then played like they were just behind schedule. The next day I encounter the head director I ask her to clarify for me the changes that I apparently did not know about and to clarify pick up times and  locations. She did. Then I asked what happened on Tuesday. She starts to tell me that its the first week back to school and they are still ironing out all the routes etc etc. I stare at her head on and let her stumble around trying to cover herself. I then tell her I know that you guys forgot my kid  at school yesterday. She starts to deny it, but one look into my face tells her that is not a good idea. So then she admits it, she then winces as if I am gonna go off. I explain to her that I understand people make mistakes and it is the first week of school and even I have a hard time keeping my 4 kids schedules straight so I can only imagine that keeping hundreds of kids scheude straight must be hard but I would appreciate honesty the next time I am searching for my kid. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gotta Love Em

My children provide me with endless entertainment. We really could star in our own reality TV show. We'd put those Kate Plus 8 people outta business. Don't believe me? Check it out. So it's Saturday I'm riding along with Mason and MJ. We are headed out for breakfast. MJ has a ZhuZhu pet. It says clearly on the box do not put this pet in your hair. I hear an "uh-oh" I look back and Mason had thought it would be cool to see what would happen if you did put a ZhuZhu pet in your hair. Guy was smart enough not to do his hair, rather test this theory on his sisters head of yards and yards of curls. Curious What happens? Here ya go.

 The good news is she didn't scream about it. She actually thought it was funny . But never the less I had to ride home like this and cut the pet from her hair. 

Then Sunday Morning, headed out to pick up breakfast for everyone. I wanted to quickly and quietly go alone but MJ tried to tag along. I tried to convince her to stay. I love MJ but good lord that girl can talk and it was too early for all that. I explained to her that mommy wanted a peaceful ride and that "quite frankly princess you talk too much." "I won't Mommy" she promised. I relented and me and MJ headed to Bojangles. And the lil sweetie was actually quiet. In our town the Bojangles is hopping on weekend mornings. So much so that they have someone stand almost at the entrance to take your order so by the time you get to the drive thru menu your stuff is ready. I always try to be ready when its my turn because the guy that works out there taking orders in the parking lot does not play you better have your ish together when you pull up. So I pulled up to him and placed my order I  noticed that he seemed quite interested in MJ who was in the backseat. Nothing new everyone loves her so I paid it no mind. While I waited in line I noticed lots of people checking out even staring at MJ. Jeez I thought she isn't even all dolled up. When I got to the pick up counter I noticed the lady there kinda sneered at me. I thought it was because I asked for  a receipt but little did I know. As I pulled out and onto the main road I did a mirror check on MJ and this is what I saw.

If you will take notice the child had found a piece of tape in the back seat and taped her mouth shut, hence all the staring. A lil too soon after the Casey Anthony trial but hey what can I say.

Gotta luv em!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The New Trend....Hands on Dads!

So over the past few days I have noticed a new trend. 
It started at the mall. I was school shopping for Mason and noticed lots of kids with dads...Not many moms on site?
Then at Walmart I noticed more kids with dads, no moms! At one point I was so caught up in this rarity that I tried to snap photos. I was sitting on a bench in the back of Walmart and there was a dad with 4 small kids. One baby girl, one toddler girl and two preschool aged boys. He had his hands full. But he had the patience and caring that would make any woman envy his wife. He was pretty good looking and the baby stroller made him extra hot. He managed to entertain all four kids and in such a loving way I was so caught up. I probably looked like a crazy lady staring at him. As I watched him interact with his kids it made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy.
Then another dad with two girls passed by. One was holding his teen daughters hand! Now that just melted me. Then as I watched them with affection another dad and two boys came along. Not only were the dads out in full effect they were doing an awesome job! The next day we went to the pool and again most kids were there with their DADS! Where were all the moms? Did they all just quit? Had they had enough? The dads at the pool played with and supervised the children in their care wonderfully and even gathered in little groups to share parenting tips. Cute.
I ran into a dad I knew at the pool and he had his two daughters with him, I asked where his wife was and he said doing housework so I took the girls outta her hair. I told him I noticed this weekend there was lots of that. He informed me it was probably because the moms were fed up after having the kids all week and now its the dad's turn. I like that.
So this morning I'm at work and guess what? Two dads dropped off. Again no moms?? It's freaking Tuesday! Where are the moms?? Are they working, cleaning, or just plain ole chilling. I hope that they are chilling. I hope that this is the new way to parent kids... Hands on dads! I love it. Lord knows I am enjoying dealing with these laid back guys and their friendly demeanor's rather than the cranky snooty moms I usually deal with.(with the exception of one rude jerk off I will tell you about later) And it makes me so happy to see dads being dads. And best of all guess where my boys are for two weeks???.....Dads!
Good job dads! And if you are not up on this trend you should definitely get on it. Being a participatory dad looks good on you!

Look how good this looks

 Anyone else noticed this?

Friday, July 8, 2011

I Like The Other Woman

You guys took too long to advise me and I could not help myself. I called her. Most people would have and did tell me to leave well enough alone. But I can't stand being in the dark about things and I felt like RA was not giving me the entire story. I could hold back no longer. I called her. I called her and wanted to know everything. Well, she told me everything. Why did I do that? I just had to know. It hurt. It hurt real bad hearing all the details of their love affair. It appeared it was way more serious than I ever thought and way more serious then RA let on. It is amazing how when two scorned women get together on some things the stuff that will come out. 
He had apparently lied to her as much as he lied to me. He had truly been living a double life. It is really like a Lifetime movie and against my wishes I am a main character. 
The funny thing was while I was listening to her tell me how he would explain his and my situation it was very reminiscent of things he would tell me about his ex wife when he and I first got together. He must be following a handbook or something. There had been so many times right in front of my eyes that he called her or texted her. Of course he told me it was his mom or brother etc. So many times we were together and he was feeding her bullshit and so many times that they were together and he was feeding me bullshit. RA has caused me much grief in my days but this takes the cake. I seriously became ill after speaking with her. She had met my children, has pics and videos of them. Has met his entire family, his coworkers, his friends. I wonder how stupid those people must think I am? I wonder why no one even gave me a hint?
I am a glutton for punishment. I knew when I called her it would not be good for me but I had to know. I had to know every little detail. I am just that way. I would rather get stabbed head on over and over than be betrayed. So although it killed me I listened to every word she said. And I believe every word she said. I know that she is telling me the truth and the smart girl had proof just in case I did not believe her. It was just horrible but needed to be done. After we talked over an hour I was just drained. My boys are away and the baby was asleep so I confronted RA about it all. And there were fights, there was yelling, there was crying it was real bad. I could not move on without knowing and now I know. 
Ironically, I like her. Although she knew he was cheating in the beginning she was sold a whole bunch of lies and I can't help her for believing him. Hell I believed him and I know him. She apologized for her part and for that I thank her. She is a good person that just got caught in the middle of our mess. Where do I go from here? Lord only knows. I am still in shock and actually just wanna forget everything for a few days but I can't.  I am going to have one hell of a rough time ahead of me as I try to sort this all out and make major decisions about my life, but I am strong. And I will get through this. Here's hoping she does too.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Other Woman

Ever had a situation in which you were just stuck? Stuck. Either way you go things could end up not so good. This is hard to share because honestly this does not match my tough chick exterior but I am in a state of confusion and you guys always advise me so well. So here goes:

Everyone knows that the RA and I split up in May. I just felt it was time for him to go and he did. The first month was okay I spoke of being numb and feeling nothing. I threw myself into a bunch of activities to keep my mind and the kids minds occupied. RA would come visit a few nights a week and that was that. In July the RA was around a lot more and seemed to be showing the first signs of regret that he ever left. He began to speak of missing his home and family so we spent more time together. During this split we had sex several times and he told me that he loved me and missed me when he wasn't there over and over.I never said it back just kept my eyes open and my heart closed. I needed to move on.

This weekend he told me he wanted to come home and be a family.He told me that he had been selfish and realized it. This is a first for him because always in our dealings he had never taken responsibility for our dysfunction. He said he wanted to come clean with me and start over fresh.
In that he told me that he had been having a relationship with another woman while we were separated. I was furious and hurt. He told me that he thought we were really done and he should move on. He and this particular woman sped into a serious relationship in which she relocated from another town to be with him. She knew all about me but did not mind. Anyways he confessed all this to me to tell me he wanted to end things with her and come home. He said that while he tried to move on he just couldn't stop thinking about me.
He confessed it all. Then he placed a call to end things with the other woman. He told her that he could not continue  to see her because he had not gotten over me and he was coming home and whatever they had was over. He made this call separate from me. The girl was crushed and continually called him and begged him for another chance or to sit down and talk things over. Something about that situation struck a chord with me. I realized I was not ready for him to move on with someone else. Do I want to be with him? I'm unsure but I sure as hell cannot stand the thought of him moving on so seriously so quickly. She called and called and called him until I made him answer the phone in front of me. When he did she apparently was headed to my home. She was crying and begging and I felt bad for her. She told him She had  gotten my address and wanted to tell me everything that went on between them. I welcomed her over because I knew that RA was only gonna give me a version in which he looked the best. She decided to turn around and not come but she continually expressed her shock and hurt over the fact hat he had ended things so abruptly with her.
I just sat there listening to the whole thing. Him apologizing and explaining that he could not move on from me and her begging and crying. I was shocked. I always thought there at the end that he was being less than honest but I had no clue he had an actual girlfriend that he was spending time with. I was crushed and I felt stupid. He spent the entire night revealing information to me regarding the relationship. I demanded that at least he give me full disclosure. He also tried to convince me that he had learned a lesson and he just wanted to come home and do right by me and the kids. 
I am stuck. Here is why:
I look at it  two ways:
1- He does love me. Here he had this woman who was willing to change her whole life around for him and relocate so that he could be close to his kids and job. She seemed to really love him. I am a realist. I began to imagine how nice that must have been for him. Just carefree dating and having fun. No kids, no responsibilities no baggage between them. You now how good new love feels. Compared to being with me. There is little fun, lots of responsibility and tons of issues between us. We can barely carry on a conversation without arguing. I had no clue she even existed. She was okay with his situation with me so he could have carried on having the best of both worlds. But he did not. He made a choice and he came clean to both of us and then ended things with her.
Then I feel this way:
2- That bastard! How the hell can he move on so quickly and so seriously after 12 years!! And now he thinks he can just come home and start anew like nothing ever went down?! How the hell can I trust him?
I go back and forth. One minute I feel like he had to go experience this with another woman to realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side and now he realizes how much he loves and needs me in his life. This was just the wake up call he needed. Maybe now he will start acting like a man and be there for his family. Then I feel like I can't trust this dude! He had never let on that he was involved with someone else although I asked him repeatedly. 

I need to say here that I have often after a split between us picked up and started seeing someone else rather quickly. But I always told him about it. So I am more upset that he did not tell me then the fact that he had another woman. 
I am so confused. Hearing another woman on the phone telling him what a great man he is and how blessed she was to have had him in her life  and how much she loved him and would wait was really hard. It was something I've never had to deal with. But when things ended it was clear that she was not done. Even after he told her how he felt and he was coming home to fix things she continually begged him for one more night, or even 5 minutes. She has continued to call/text him since that night.
So here's the dilemma. I have her number, and I also can message her via facebook. I feel as if she and I should have a chat. One to clear up any questions I have and two to let her know that if I decide to let him come home she must back off and move on. I want to make sure he left nothing out and that he has not contacted her since that night. But I also feel like that may not be the best idea. 
Originally I felt horrible for her. Felt like she was a victim of his lies just as I had been but upon closer inspection not so much. She knew about me. I am on his facebook page which is where they reconnected and she knew he stayed at my home often and she also knew that I was in the dark about her. So now I really do not feel so bad for her. It has even been discovered that they started their lil thing while he was still living in my home which is why she quickly relocated to get him outta my house. So I'm kinda irritated with her too. She did not care about me so should I even care about her? Should I forgive him? He did come clean to me and is willing to do whatever to make things better with us. But I just do not want anything to pop up later that should be put to rest now. Should I contact her? 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Triple D's, He/She's, And Stilettos

I have been a slack blogger, but boy did I bring back gifts for you all! Summer in my home is a time to turn in early, relax, not worry about school-related ish and just take things easy. But this summer I realized I may have to switch it up a bit. Having two teens home all day I needed to fill their days with some sort of structure. So we have been road running like mad most nights and weekends just to keep everyone awake, alert, alive. If we are not at the gym we are swimming or hanging with friends, or having picnics, or going to the water park or Kings Dominion. All great but, good lord I am TIRED. In the midst of all this I am tryna work full time, run a house, deal with relationship issues, etc. Then you throw in the good stuff like this lil episode of poison Ivy that my son gets EVERY damn summer.

He usually has a cute lil skinny face.

Funny thing.... and DO NOT TELL HIM I TOLD YOU.....being the red-blooded teenage boy that he is... he has poison ivy all around his private parts. Now to this I laughed and laughed. Sometimes being a mom is so much fun!

A lil more time at the pool and now Mason has swimmers ear. Oh good times. Fun does have its price. And by the way we have never eaten so much deli meat as we are so busy ripping and running there is no time for silly things like umm cooking a meal. And the housework,,,,good lord. If social services decides to drop by I am screwed. My boys "clean" up each day while I am working but things like laundry, toilets, sink scrubbing, floor waxing etc....well lets just say they could use a lil work. Most importantly let me share some views from the pool and get your thoughts. Ummkay? 

View #1
Notice Anything?? Anything at all?
 How about them triple D's? Woah! This picture does no justice for the real show. Seriously I saw her aureoles! (in case the spelling is not right I am referring to the brown area in which the nipple sits) You can't tell but she has on the skimpiest bathing suit. It basically has a string down the sides attaching the top to the bottoms and you can only imagine the stuff hanging onto or rather wrapping around that string. Yuck! It was just so inappropriate at a kiddie pool. Not to mention that tattoo on her titty says "Queen" I think she forgot to add the word "sized". Get it? Queen sized? Now I am no small chic but come on! She asked for this by showing up half naked to the kiddie pool. Time and place people. Time and place.

Now on to my next shot

This lil hottie was strutting around the pool side with her/his breast and ass poked so far out it was extremely sexual and unnatural. The poolside strut is what caught my attention. But then my friends pointed out that this was no woman yet, rather a man?? I did not get that at first until my friend pointed out the strong back, strong facial features and hands. What??? I still did not believe until she/he talked. The deep man voice that came from this lil hottie was a head turner! And the adams apple kinda gave it away as well. Again. Nothing against gays, transgenders, whatever. Its all good. I would not have even noticed but for the serious poolside strut. This individual used the ladies locker rooms. My friend thought that was uncomfortable. Me I did not care. Obviously if she/he is a man she is not into women so all's good in the locker room. 

Lastly I have no pic for this but had to mention that stilettos are not the perfect accessory for the pool. There was a 60ish year old woman strutting her stuff all around the pool as well with a swimsuit and 3 inch stilettos. As she wobbled around the pool I kept waiting for her to lose balance and fall in but she made it safely to the exit. But seriously what is the point??
All these distractions made it hard for me to supervise my kids. So come on people cut it out!

So help me out will ya?
What do you think about triple D and he/she??? 
Women or Mens locker room?
Is that a man? 
Stilettos at the pool?