Monday, July 18, 2011

Gotta Love Em

My children provide me with endless entertainment. We really could star in our own reality TV show. We'd put those Kate Plus 8 people outta business. Don't believe me? Check it out. So it's Saturday I'm riding along with Mason and MJ. We are headed out for breakfast. MJ has a ZhuZhu pet. It says clearly on the box do not put this pet in your hair. I hear an "uh-oh" I look back and Mason had thought it would be cool to see what would happen if you did put a ZhuZhu pet in your hair. Guy was smart enough not to do his hair, rather test this theory on his sisters head of yards and yards of curls. Curious What happens? Here ya go.

 The good news is she didn't scream about it. She actually thought it was funny . But never the less I had to ride home like this and cut the pet from her hair. 

Then Sunday Morning, headed out to pick up breakfast for everyone. I wanted to quickly and quietly go alone but MJ tried to tag along. I tried to convince her to stay. I love MJ but good lord that girl can talk and it was too early for all that. I explained to her that mommy wanted a peaceful ride and that "quite frankly princess you talk too much." "I won't Mommy" she promised. I relented and me and MJ headed to Bojangles. And the lil sweetie was actually quiet. In our town the Bojangles is hopping on weekend mornings. So much so that they have someone stand almost at the entrance to take your order so by the time you get to the drive thru menu your stuff is ready. I always try to be ready when its my turn because the guy that works out there taking orders in the parking lot does not play you better have your ish together when you pull up. So I pulled up to him and placed my order I  noticed that he seemed quite interested in MJ who was in the backseat. Nothing new everyone loves her so I paid it no mind. While I waited in line I noticed lots of people checking out even staring at MJ. Jeez I thought she isn't even all dolled up. When I got to the pick up counter I noticed the lady there kinda sneered at me. I thought it was because I asked for  a receipt but little did I know. As I pulled out and onto the main road I did a mirror check on MJ and this is what I saw.

If you will take notice the child had found a piece of tape in the back seat and taped her mouth shut, hence all the staring. A lil too soon after the Casey Anthony trial but hey what can I say.

Gotta luv em!


  1. I was all like, "OH NOOO!!! THAT THING WILL GET STUCK IN HER HAIR!!!" But yeah, you already knew that!!!

    I once had a similar thing happen in the car--my kids found a marker and drew Hitler mustaches on themselves....

  2. So my kids were just telling me this over the weekend, about how Zhu Zhu pets can get stuck ih your hair since mine is fairly actually see this happen now makes me want to throw theirs away!

    ...and the tape over the mouth...that is just funny! You wanted your peace and quiet you got peace and quiet! LOL!

  3. I can just picture the look on a cops face if he pulled up along side your car and saw the taped mouth.

  4. That is hilarious! At least she was quiet.

  5. Thank goodness it was tape, and not a minipad from your purse!
    As for the Zhu Zhu pet in hair, although I laughed, and MJ looks far too pleased with herself, I'm glad for the heads-up. My kid with the rodents has a ton of curly hair!
    This was hilarous!

  6. I think it's hilarious that they'll sell a toy that will get stuck in your hair (and have the warning right on it!)...

    And the tape...bwahahahaha! Love that! (But better not let Nancy Grace know ;) )

  7. That tape is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Fantastic!

  8. Glad you all enjoyed this as much as I did. These yahoos crack me up.