Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Robbery- Part 3- Suspect

I realize everyone wants me to get to the conclusion of this but I feel it is important to take you on the journey just as I went on it. That way you can feel the confusion, suspicion, and doubt. Don't worry it will eventually wrap up.

The night was rough. I awakened the next morning to get ready for work. David had agreed to stay home to secure the house and let in CCBI (Crime Scene People). I watched my son eat his breakfast. I stared at him wondering Could he have? Did he? What would I do of he had? What would I say to him if he hadn't? I was teary-eyed and emotional but needed to go to work. I straightened up a bit and placed a call to the police station like I had been instructed to do. Some red-neck asshole answered. I began to explain to him that I needed CCBI to come out. He cut me off rudely and said to me "you mean to tell me your home was robbed and you called off CCBI because you were tired?!"  The aggravation in his voice was apparent. I explained that I had small kids that were exhausted and terrified and we had waited 5 plus hours and I needed to do what was best for my children at that time. He yelled at me "do you not know that time is of the essence when there is a crime?!" I explained that we stayed away from the room in which entry had been made. He made a few other rude remarks. I was already emotional and could not understand what this dudes problem was. I explained to him that I am not a criminal therefore did not know how the justice system works. I was advised by the officer that it was okay to wait until the morning to call. He said "well you can call them yourself! I'm not calling!"  I was shocked. I was offended. I had been victimized and could not believe how rude this guys was. I hung up and called CCBI.
The CCBI people wanted to know why I was calling instead of the police. I was told by them that citizens do not call for their own investigations that call should be made from my police station. I explained that some guy down there refused to call and told me to call myself. The CCBI person was very nice and said he would look into that for me because that was handled completely wrong. He apologized on behalf of the police department and said he would send someone out asap. I  got into my car to head off to work and as I pulled out my gut was telling me what I had to do.  I parked my car, I reentered my home crying and went into Michael's closet to retrieve the shoes he had on the day before. I gave them to David. I said to him "give these shoes to them to see if the prints match." I felt horrible it was like leading my son to a slaughter. I could not help but feel I was betraying him and the feeling was awful. I then left for work.
The CCBI people came and managed to get two full sets of prints, they did not seem interested in the shoes? So now all I could do was wait .I went back the next day to see the neighbor. I interrogated her myself. She said she saw my son at 210p that was a time he should have been at school. She said she saw him walk down the road and meet up with a group of older boys one street over. She said there were 5 guys in hoodies waiting. At the time she thought it was odd but had no clue that my home had just been robbed. I then placed a call to my sons school. The attendance office verified he was there. I know that attendance is done at the beginning of the period so my son could have checked in and left. So I explained to the school what was going on and asked to speak with the teacher directly. I wanted to make sure my son was there at 215 when the bell rang. He was. I was relieved about that. I immediately shared that info with my neighbor who then said she may have been off by 10 or 15 minutes which meant my son could have been at school and could have made it home in time to do the crime. My relief was short lived.
Over the next few days I could barely look at my son without crying and wondering. All things ran through my head. I knew he was drug free. I had tested him again. So it just did not make sense. But neither did his demeanor. My other kids were still scared and full of questions. Michael was not. I had to adjust my work hours so that I could be home when they got home because Marlon was scared to be home alone. There was also tension between my two sons. They had blamed each other and were not speaking. I asked Michael over and over again. I hounded him with questions I searched his room. I stalked his facebook friends. I made it clear to him that he was the number one suspect and not only did I but the entire family treated him as such. 

A few days later I was still treating him weird I did not know what to think. If he would even speak to me I'd tear up. This was my baby. One particular evening I was sitting on the couch in the dark just thinking. He came in and sat down across from me. He meekly said "Mom, I did not do this" I did not answer. He then said "Mom you know I was a victim too. My stuff got stolen too." I did not answer. He looked at me sadly. I said to him "Michael she saw you." He replied "well maybe she was wrong. Maybe it was someone who looked like me." To that I said nothing. He told me  there is a kid that people mix up with him all the time. I could not believe he was still lying to me so I left the room in silence. 
Later that night David approached me and said he wanted to show me something. He pulled out his blackberry and showed me a picture of what looked like my son. But..it wasn't my son. He said it was a kid that went to school with Michael and Michael had showed him the picture. I stared at the picture. It was uncanny the resemblence this kid had to my son. Could this be the answer I prayed for? As I went through this kids facebook page it was clear he was in a gang. You can tell by the language and hand signs. I read all his wall posts about "getting that money" on the day my home was robbed. This kid was a complete menace to society. I spent hours picking apart his life through his face book friends. I discovered that this kid lived two streets over and walked past my street to go to school each day. I also found out that he had been in my home before. One day the boys were playing bball out front and he had walked up and asked Michael if he could get a drink of water. Michael brought him in our home.  By the end of the night I had a glimmer of hope.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Robbery- Part 2

I stand there, confused, violated, hurt, shocked, and angry. My home has been robbed and my neighbor has just identified my son as being the robber. I do not know what to think or how to feel. I do not think my son did this, but whoever thinks their kid has done anything? Having an eye witness just solidifies his guilt to me. I am yelling at him, he sits there in silence with tears in his eyes, and a look of anger on his face. Is he mad that he is accused or mad that he is caught? The neighbor and police officer are both just standing there staring at us both. I ask the officer "if my son is guilty can you arrest him?" Hard question to ask. I can barely form the words. But I do realize if my son had indeed did this I will have to take action. He says to me "no, he is only 15." I explain that he will be 16 in less than 30 days. Doesn't matter he says. He explains that basically if I pursue it my son will go to court, basically get a slap on the wrist as a first time juvenile offender he will probably get off with a warning and I waste time going back and forth to court. I am completely frustrated. He asks if I want the home treated as a crime scene. "Yes" I say. The officer resumes his questioning of us all and then after making a list of what was stolen:
2 XBox 360's
A Wii
An Ipad
A Nike Bag
10 Video Games
And Various other teenage gifts from Christmas.
The officer informs me that after totaling the value which is over $1000. It is now a felony and the game changes. He informs me that if my son is found guilty it will no longer be in my hands that the county will take it over because it is a felony and he will be charged as a felon. He also lets me know that once the process is started it cannot be stopped. He then asks me if I want to pursue it. I ask for a minute. I pull my son to the side. I say to him "did you hear that? Do you understand what he is saying?" I explain it to him. I beg  him to please tell me if he had anything to do with this. "If you did we will work it out here but you have to be honest. If you do not be honest with me I cannot help you." I am distraught.  He stands firm that he did not do this, At this point looking at all the evidence I feel he is guilty. I just want him to tell me why? Where did the stuff go? If he is in some sort of trouble? Are you being bullied? Is this gang related? etc. He refuses to give up any info and simply says. "I am innocent so do what you gotta do." He will not look at me. I try over and over to get him to break. He will not. I am defeated I have no choice but to resume with the investigation. 
We walk back into the dining room and I say to the police "okay call CCBI." He asks one more time if I am sure? I cry harder and say Yes. I have no other options. I look at my son pleading for him to fix this. He sits in silence. The call is made.. It is done. Now all we can do is wait. We are instructed not to touch anything and we wait. 3 hours pass. I call the police station and ask how much longer until the CCBI people arrive because we have work and school in the morning and everyone is already upset, hurt, scared and exhausted. They tell me they will have the officer call me. The officer calls me back and says it could be a couple more hours. It is 10pm. I struggle with the thought of having my kids observe a crime team in our home at 12am. I ask if they could just come in the morning. If we could seal the room of entry. I explain that my children and I are exhausted and really just want to go to bed. He says that will be fine. The officer tells me he is off for the next few days but to call the station in the morning explain what has happened and have them recall CCBI. At that point an officer will come and give me a report and case #. I thank him, and gather my kids up in my room to go to bed. Everyone makes a bed on the floor except for Michael. I go in his room. He is sitting on his bed. I am so mad at him, so hurt by him, but he is still my son. I tell him he can sleep in the room with us. He says "no I'm fine in here." Again that looks suspect to me. The other 3 kids are terrified, he does not seem scared at all. I return to my room and try to sleep. ....To be continued.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Robbery-

During Winter Break I noticed that my boys would go days without sleep playing video games. It concerned me but I though hell it's winter break I'll let them live have a little fun. As the break neared it's end I decided that we should have a family meeting in which I discussed my concerns about their video gaming and its addictiveness. More importantly how hard it would be to transition back into a regular school schedule. So we agreed (they did not really agree) but it was decided that there would be no games until all chores have been completed, homework had been done and some form of studying occurred. And video  games would be limited to an hour in the evenings. 
So I arrive home, it's a Tuesday. My oldest son is out to eat with a friend and Marlon is sitting at the table studying. I start laundry and dinner. An hour later he asks if he can get on his game system. I check all his requirements to do so and I say sure. He stands there while I continue with my stuff. He finally says "well can I get my game?" "I don't have it" I say. "Well where is it?" he asked.  He says "really mom stop playing. Where are all the games?" I inform him that I have no clue. "They are not in your car or at your job?" he asks with a look of concern.(it is common for me to remove the systems from the home when they have been punished) I again inform him that I do not have them. My son tells me that all the game systems are gone. Maybe David took them I thought. So I called him to ask. He said he did not have them. I call my oldest son and ask if he hid them, he said no. I then realized we had been robbed! I know the correct term is burglarized but robbed sounds more serious so I'ma go with that. 
I call the police. Next I call my son and tell him to come home immediately that we had been robbed. In the next ten minutes David arrives home from work, and my son shows up. The police show up and come in and I start to explain that apparently while we were at work and school our home had been robbed. We had discovered an open window in my daughters room. That must have been the point of entry. There are footprints on the wall and under the window outside. Her curtains are crooked. The neighbor sees the police car in my yard and comes over. I fill her in. We are all gathered around the dining room table in shock while the police ask their questions. They ask times of when  we all left the home and then the time we arrived in the evening. We go around the table and answer. When it is my son's turn he responds that he just got there 2 minutes before the police did. My neighbor looks at him and says "no the first time you came home." 
What? What is she talking about? I look at her puzzled. My son says "this is the first time I have been home." She says "No I saw you. I saw you earlier today around 210pm. You were here." He looks shocked. He repeats "I have not been home since I left for school this morning." She says to him "do not lie. I saw you." My head is spinning. What is she implying? I look at my son searching for an answer. Why would he lie about coming home? She obviously saw him? I  then say "Tell me Michael did you come here?" "No I was with John at the Chinese Buffet!" He says defensively. I have been having issues with Michael in the past 3 months or so. Issues with skipping and lying but nothing like this. Unfortunately, in that moment I did not know what to believe. My neighbor says to him again "I saw you. You left the home and had a bookbag and a duffel bag." He again tells her she is wrong. "I was not here at all!" he yells with tears in his eyes. I cannot tell if the tears are anger or hurt or guilt. She asks me if he has a duffel bag. I say yes and then she says "if I see it, I will know if that is it." I  go get the bag from his closet. It is a black and blue Nike bag. I place it on the table and hold my breath. She looks at it and says "no it's similar but that's not it." I breathe a sigh of relief and then I hear her say "it was like that, but red." My heart drops. My other son has an identical bag in red. I ask him to go check his closet. Sure enough the bag is gone.......
I look at my son and yell at him "Did you have anything to do with this?" "No! I swear!" he yells back. The neighbor is still insisting it was him that she saw. He yells "call the school! l was at school!" I lose it. I begin to cry and yell "tell me the truth! I am gonna find out! I have to know did you do this!" I am searching his eyes for some indication of his innocence or guilt. He yells again "NO! My god I would never!" I want to believe him. He had never done anything like this but there is always the first time. I, sobbing, confused, mad, and hurt ask him again "do you know anything about this?" He yells again. "I had nothing to do with this! Why would I steal my own stuff come on!" He turns to the police and says "fingerprint me. Do whatever. I had nothing to do with this!" I want so badly to believe him but she saw him. And she sees everything. I am spinning. this is too much. Not my son. God please no..............To be continued.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Busted- Skipping School Part 2

Let us resume where we left off shall we? And if you missed it then feel free to check out the beginning of the story by clicking here.
So the boys had skipped school, I busted them, and beat them, then gathered them up in their PJs and headed off  to the middle school. I make a big scene pulling up and then yanking open the sliding door. Marlon gets out and walks slowly into the school. When we arrive at the office the receptionist says "Oh you found him." I say "yes, he was at home. I want to check him in please." She informs me that because it is so late in the day he will be counted absent. I tell her "I don't care, check him in anyway." His eyes are red from crying. She asks him if he is okay. He does not respond. I inform her that he had received a spanking and was in huge trouble. I also informed her that if the school had any concerns and felt the need to contact any authorities due to my corporal punishment do so now and I will wait right here because I was going back to work and do not need the any further interruptions. 
I know it was bitchy but one time before my son had gotten suspended from school and we spanked him. His brother went to school and told the teacher his brother was not in school because he had gotten a spanking (which was not why he was not there by the way) but anyways the school called me and asked if I had indeed spanked my son. I informed them that I had and they told me it was illegal to hit my kid and if they heard that again they would be bound by law to report me. 
The receptionist looked at me and looked at him and then said "hmm you gotta do what you gotta do". I thanked her for her time and returned to my vehicle where my other son was waiting. 
We drove in silence to his school and as I got out of the vehicle he looked mortified. I walked with him into the school office and said that I wanted to check him in. The receptionist looked at his attire and then back at me as I waited for some comment. She kept looking at my son with concern. He stood there in silence. There were other students in the office so I'm sure that made it worse. She asked him if he was okay. I gave him the look. I then informed her that he had received a spanking and if she needed to report it or whatever do so now and I'll just wait. She seemed shocked. She asked me to wait a minute while she checked protocol. I mean seriously this was ridiculous. This kid is twice my size. She returned and then asked me if I wanted to speak with someone. I asked her "what for?" She said "well you seem upset." I said I was but did not need to talk to anyone. What I really needed was to be able to return to work and not to receive attitude when I call here to see if my son is in school. She said okay. And I was free to go. 
As I pulled out of the parking lot I receive a call from the high school. I immediately think  "great I am going to be arrested for spanking my giant son." I answer. The lady on the phone informs me that she just realized who I was and she wanted to let me know that earlier that day she had received a phone call from someone claiming to be the father of my son. He just wanted to inform the school that Michael was living with him and that my contact number should be deleted from the contact list and replaced with a new number which just happened to be my sons cell number. The school said they knew it was student because his voice cracked a couple times. And they had been planning to contact me about it. 
I was floored. I would never have thought in a million years that he would be that conniving. It appears I have entered into a new phase of parenting. One I dislike very much and one that will surely age me before my time.
Now that I know what a lil sly fox I am dealing with I am going to have to step up my game. Needless to say the punishments were bountiful and continuous. 
Question  If you have a teen have you experienced skipping?
And if not than did you skip school?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Busted- Skipping School Part 1

Lets go back a bit shall we? 
Remember this lil adventure?
Well I thought I nipped that skipping shit in the bud. My kids have always had a healthy fear of me and I have enjoyed that part. A lil slip on their end.... I swoop in and put my foot down and easy peasy all goes back to harmony at home. Well apparently the bigger your kids get the less scared they are of you. Let me explain,
So I am at work chilling, I mean working hard and decide to shoot Marlon's (13) teacher a lil email to follow up on some late assignments he had. She responded and at the end of her email she added "I hope he feels better." I thought that was an odd statement so I emailed back asking  "is he not feeling well?" She informs me that homeboy is not even at school today. I immediately call the middle school to confirm this and it is so. I then call my oldest sons high school where I am told by some idiot that she can only tell me at the end of the day if he was there or not. I explain that I suspect he is skipping. She informs me that I "will know for sure when I get the attendance call at 8pm". 8pm it is 11am! That is not reasonable. I am annoyed to say the least.
So I leave my job and head home. I park one street over and jog to my home (okay I walked fast) but that is neither here nor there. I did not want them to hear my car. I wanted to use the element of surprise. Just as I had been surprised to find they were not at school.
As I approached my home my adrenaline is going. I turn the key I hear "oh shit, someones here." Then I hear feet running. Idiot kids, where are they running to? I enter the home and yell "get out here now!"
I survey the scene. Oh Honey there are soda cans all over the table. (My kids are not allowed to drink soda much and there are several Mountain Dew cans on the table.) My sodas!!! Several of them! The TVS are on all the lights are on, and what's that smell?? No its not weed, it's something baking. Oh these fools are baking Christmas cookies! I scream again "get out here!" The two boys sheepishly appear in the hallway. They have on their Modern Warfare  PJ's and slippers. The heat is blowing at a tropical temperature and I am pissed. I immediately grab a belt and go to whopping some ass. Honestly I rarely ever spank my kids. Seriously. Especially these two because they are bigger than me and it doesn't hurt them really anymore so it is ineffective. But I was pissed. As I chase them through the house over the couch behind the entertainment center swinging my belt I land a few good hits. Unfortunately I also hit myself about 5 times with the buckle. I am hollering at them "oh so you guys don't think school is necessary? Dead beats!" etc. After the beat down I tell them to get their back packs. I busy myself with a pair of scissors cutting the cable connection to their room. I load up all the Xboxes, IPods, TVs etc into my van. I am furious. I observe my son picking out some school clothes. I say to him "No, You are going like that." "I can't go to school in my PJ'S" he says "Oh yes you will! And you would not have to had to had you kept the clothes on you had this morning when you pretended to go to school!" They look at each other like she is crazy. I inform them that Yes, Yes I am indeed crazy. And I tell them to get in the van and I mean now. 
I head of fin the direction of the school. Wanna know what happened at school? Stay Tuned. That post is coming soon.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm Still Here

It's been over two months! I have had blogger withdrawal. This blog is my sanity point. It serves as my virtual journal, and is cheaper than therapy. I cannot tell you the amount of times lately that something goes down in my day and I think "Oh god I need to blog this". But time,,time,,time where does it go? So much has changed in the past few months. Some for the good some for the bad and some just change period. Don't give up on me blog followers, for my new years resolution is to resume blogging. So I will start today writing posts about what has been happening and hopefully nothing will mess up my blogging time and I will be able to consistently blog again. So I am still here. I am still alive and kicking and as always I have jaw dropping tales to tell. Stay tuned. WELCOME 2012!