Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Robbery- Part 2

I stand there, confused, violated, hurt, shocked, and angry. My home has been robbed and my neighbor has just identified my son as being the robber. I do not know what to think or how to feel. I do not think my son did this, but whoever thinks their kid has done anything? Having an eye witness just solidifies his guilt to me. I am yelling at him, he sits there in silence with tears in his eyes, and a look of anger on his face. Is he mad that he is accused or mad that he is caught? The neighbor and police officer are both just standing there staring at us both. I ask the officer "if my son is guilty can you arrest him?" Hard question to ask. I can barely form the words. But I do realize if my son had indeed did this I will have to take action. He says to me "no, he is only 15." I explain that he will be 16 in less than 30 days. Doesn't matter he says. He explains that basically if I pursue it my son will go to court, basically get a slap on the wrist as a first time juvenile offender he will probably get off with a warning and I waste time going back and forth to court. I am completely frustrated. He asks if I want the home treated as a crime scene. "Yes" I say. The officer resumes his questioning of us all and then after making a list of what was stolen:
2 XBox 360's
A Wii
An Ipad
A Nike Bag
10 Video Games
And Various other teenage gifts from Christmas.
The officer informs me that after totaling the value which is over $1000. It is now a felony and the game changes. He informs me that if my son is found guilty it will no longer be in my hands that the county will take it over because it is a felony and he will be charged as a felon. He also lets me know that once the process is started it cannot be stopped. He then asks me if I want to pursue it. I ask for a minute. I pull my son to the side. I say to him "did you hear that? Do you understand what he is saying?" I explain it to him. I beg  him to please tell me if he had anything to do with this. "If you did we will work it out here but you have to be honest. If you do not be honest with me I cannot help you." I am distraught.  He stands firm that he did not do this, At this point looking at all the evidence I feel he is guilty. I just want him to tell me why? Where did the stuff go? If he is in some sort of trouble? Are you being bullied? Is this gang related? etc. He refuses to give up any info and simply says. "I am innocent so do what you gotta do." He will not look at me. I try over and over to get him to break. He will not. I am defeated I have no choice but to resume with the investigation. 
We walk back into the dining room and I say to the police "okay call CCBI." He asks one more time if I am sure? I cry harder and say Yes. I have no other options. I look at my son pleading for him to fix this. He sits in silence. The call is made.. It is done. Now all we can do is wait. We are instructed not to touch anything and we wait. 3 hours pass. I call the police station and ask how much longer until the CCBI people arrive because we have work and school in the morning and everyone is already upset, hurt, scared and exhausted. They tell me they will have the officer call me. The officer calls me back and says it could be a couple more hours. It is 10pm. I struggle with the thought of having my kids observe a crime team in our home at 12am. I ask if they could just come in the morning. If we could seal the room of entry. I explain that my children and I are exhausted and really just want to go to bed. He says that will be fine. The officer tells me he is off for the next few days but to call the station in the morning explain what has happened and have them recall CCBI. At that point an officer will come and give me a report and case #. I thank him, and gather my kids up in my room to go to bed. Everyone makes a bed on the floor except for Michael. I go in his room. He is sitting on his bed. I am so mad at him, so hurt by him, but he is still my son. I tell him he can sleep in the room with us. He says "no I'm fine in here." Again that looks suspect to me. The other 3 kids are terrified, he does not seem scared at all. I return to my room and try to sleep. ....To be continued.


  1. I want to believe for all of your sakes that he didn't have a part in it. It's hard when we want to believe our kids (especially when they're innocent b/c then they feel the distrust so much more). Damn.

  2. AAAAHHHHHHHH I can't take this!!!!!!
    Please, please, please finish this story ASAP!!!
    The suspense is killing me........

  3. Why do I have a horrible feeling your neighbor mis-identified him?!

  4. Now, this is the same neighbor who pokes her nose in everybody's affair, right? I wouldn't put too much stock in her.

  5. I cant wait to hear the end of this story! Michael has to be innocent.. right?

  6. I'm WAITING for the crazy end of this sotry.