Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FIRE!!!- Courtesy Of The Neighbor

This happened a couple weeks ago but is still post worthy. It features two of your favorite people
So I'm having a bad week as usual. I may have even been PMSing because I was extra irritable. I had freshly split from the RA and every damn bad thing that could happen to a person was happening to me. As always, my neighbor is always having some issues too. But seriously the last thing I care about when I am that annoyed is your problems. So although she had been relentlessly chasing me down every time I pulled up or checked my mail I had managed to avoid her all week. It was a Friday and I had ignored her for four whole days and to her that must have felt like 4 years. See when she is feeling neglected she will walk her dog around my house with her head down, and her shoulders slumped over in the pathetic, pitiful display of misery that grates my nerves.
This image depicts the sight I get out of my window when I do not pay her enough attention.                               I just wanna open up my window and yell out at her "pull yourself together!!!"
But eventually I will come out to see what's wrong with her. She had been doing that all week and I had just pulled the blinds whenever I saw her. Shit, I had my own problems. I did not need her shenanigans all over my plate as well. I was starting to resent that fact that she will not give me my space. I LOVE my space. Sometimes if I ignore her a day or two she will try to ignore me back but she can't out bluff me. She will ignore my knock or call when she's "upset with me" but 10 minutes later she comes a running. So I felt bad about being unsociable all week. Okay I really didn't feel bad I just knew I had to do what I had to do. So I called her to see if she wanted to share a cup of tea or clip a couple coupons. She ignored my call! I knew she was ignoring my call because I saw her through the window sitting on her couch, look at the caller ID and then keep sitting. Okay cool I thought. I placed another call to my BFF to chat about the weekend when I had a beep; it was the neighbor. 
Oh now you wanna talk I thought? Nope. I just rejected the call. Another call came 3 minutes later then another. All were ignored. The neighbor beeped in twice more. I ignored. Not out of malice now but because I was busy. Then there was a knock at my front door. I ignored it. I knew it was the neighbor. Note: If I do not answer your call I do not wanna visit with you either! Jeez get a freaking clue. This really annoyed me.
Then there was a knock at the back door. I ignored it. I was tidying up the front rooms while I was on the phone, when I heard a dog barking...in my kitchen!  I went into the kitchen and there stood the neighbor and her dog! Are you kidding me I thought?>#%#%@#! Now I was SUPER annoyed. Oh hell no she did not just roll up in here without being welcomed. I entered the kitchen and glared at her. I must have had the nastiest look on my face. She said "Hi How are you?"
I responded rudely  "Busy. Obviously." 
"Well I have had one hell of a day" she said (well what's new) And (oh no don't even think about coming over here and unloading on me, not now) 
I said to her "Well I am on the phone right now"
She looked at me like that was the rudest shit she'd ever heard. Maybe it was. But she could clearly see that I was on the phone. She started again  "well I...."
"I am on the phone and busy I cannot talk to you right now" I said meanly. She looked like I had punched her in the gut. 
"Well you see" she began again, but I know from experience once she starts that's it. 
So I cut her off again, "go home and I'll call you in a few." She out her head down and took two steps towards the door, She turned around to say something but I'm sure one look into my evil face told her no don't you dare.
She took another step and turned around to face me. "Well you see..." she started again.
"I am busy" I snapped.
She said okay and went out the door, then she reached back and opened the door again and said with a worried look "I'm sorry I just want to tell you my smoke alarm has been going off for 45 minutes."
"Okay bye" I said more forcefully this time.
I'm thinking -Biaacth do I look like the fire department? What the hell are you telling me for??
She  got teary eyed and left. And of course 2 minutes after she left the guilt set in and I felt bad for how rude I was. Dammit! Why cant I just have my peace? So I called her to apologize for being so short.
She answered like she'd been crying
"Hello" she said all weepily.
"Hi sorry about that I'm just having a bad time right now and I have things I need to deal with."
"I understand, its just that we are in danger." I roll my eyes as she continued "I was showering and the smoke alarm started going off"
"Probably the steam from the shower."
"Well No I don't think so" she said
"Do you smell smoke?" I asked becoming irradiated again. 
"No" she replied 
"Do you see flames?" I asked
"No" she said
"Well then it's all good" I said
"I think there could be an electrical fire in the walls and wanted you to know so you could get out safely" she warned me
"I doubt that, the alarm is probably just malfunctioning" I assured her
(It had been almost an hour by now) And this was all quite familar.
"Well I think we should evacuate" she informs me
"Naw I'm tired" I said
"Well I do not feel safe" she said the worry creeping back into her voice
"I'm good over here" (I know where she was going with this)  "Well, call the fire department" I say 
"Well I'll give it a few and if it does not stop I'll call" she says clearly not satisfied with my answer
"Okay let me know, bye" And with that I hung up.

Disclosure: The neighbor is actually only in her fifties she just acts like a 90 year old.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Big House Is The Place To Be

So there is a guy here in the good ole NC, Richard James Verone.
He is 59 broke, jobless, and has health ailments in which he is in pain. Apparently he could not get medical care because he has no insurance. So what did he do? 
Something quite interesting to me.
He walked into a RBC bank handed the teller a note that said he was robbing them but only wanted one dollar and then told her he would be waiting for the police in the sitting area. He went over and sat down and waited to be arrested. Crazy you may ask? I say no. Desperate is the word I would use. See he needed medical care and could not seem to get any so he thought well, if I go to jail then I will get great medical care. And that's just what happened. Apparently he has several ailments but a growth on his chest sounds scariest to me. He had no weapons, just a plan. So now he is in jail and receiving medical care.
It is a sad damn day and time when prisoners get better health care than no criminal working good ole Americans. Someone should really take a look at that. I have not the solution but the awareness. You all know the hellacious time I have had with my healthcare provided by the county. I have no insurance and do not qualify for state insurance. I can't get in anywhere but the clinic. I do pay probably as much as most of you pay for your copay or even more, but the quality of care I get is crap. I am basically without medical care as well. Should I rob a bank? Or commit some crime so I can go get the hookup at the big house? Never thought of that option. But it is just sad that people are so desperate for basic health care that they would throw away their freedom just to live. I don't actually condone what he did but I totally get it. You can get the facts by clicking the link below.
Post look a little crazy?? Blame Blogger this spacing ish needs to be fixed. Uggh.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Boys Are Trendsetters

We recently joined our local YMCA. We have been definitely getting our monies worth but something happened last night that was just damned priceless. Our Y has an outdoor pool and we have been spending most nights there. I go with a coworker most nights. We bring our kids, have dinner at the pool, shower in the locker room when we are done and have dinner there as well. At 730 each night they have a water aerobics class. My coworker has been begging me to do it with her. My impression is that the class is for senior citizens. She asked me to just observe the class one night, in which I did, and I noticed there were about 6 ladies, all older women. I am 30ish and I felt too young for the class.
Well last night we were at the pool celebrating my bday and the class got started. There were about 8 ladies, all older. My kids were fascinated by this. They wanted to join the class. I explained to them that the class was for older people, and thought that was the end of it. I took princess potty and when I returned I did not see two of my boys, I asked my friends where they went and they pointed to the Water Aerobics class. 
Here is what I saw when I returned
To my horror I looked over and saw my two boys and now 9 older ladies doing water aerobics. I said to my friend "why did you let them go over there?" She just laughed and said "look they are doing great!"
Here they are
In order to really get how funny this was I have added this pic and video to demonstrate the normal makeup and activities of the water aerobics class.
Typical Class
Video Of YMCA Water Aerobics
I went by the poolside to tell them to get out but just as I pulled up to the pools edge the instructor started this synchronized circle and my boys ignored my presence and went on. I'm sorry but the sight of my teen boys in the middle of a bunch of older ladies hooping and hollering "come on girls" was priceless. One grey haired lady gave me the nastiest scowl. I tried to smile but she gave me a yucky look so I threw the stank eye back at her. I was prepared to pull my boys out but then I noticed something... two more teen boys came over and got in and joined the class, Then a teen girl. Then another boy! What? My kids were trendsetters. 

See all the other teens joining now
Within ten minutes of my kids joining the class it went from 9 older ladies to about 16 people mixed in age and gender. A man even joined in! And they were taking the class seriously. I took some pics so you could see how funny this is. I hope you laugh as much as I did.

"Come on ladies, lift those arms" 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Updates- Because Blogger Sucks Today

Okay, seriously I have a great post for you guys put it simply does not have the same value without the pics. But Blogger won't let me add the pics . WTF? any one else having this issue?? So that post is on hold and I'll give you a lil something else so that you won't feel deserted. I'll provide you updates on all my stuff that I just left you hanging with.

My TMobile Saga:  I received my new G2 phone. I am obsessed with it quite honestly. I haven't a clue how to use it properly but GOD! Who knew phones could do so much these days? Yes, I know you did Mike, but who else? I had no clue. I recommend everyone run out and get a smart phone NOW. I heart TMobile again.

My Doctor Drama-  Remember how they called me and said I had Cancer then after 15 minutes of telling me all about it ....whoops wrong person? You don't know? Well click that link because if you have not read it than you will certainly not believe it. Anyhoos, Haven't heard from them since. Not one word. Even though they were supposed to call me two weeks ago for a follow up on my issue that had just been left hanging. I haven't called them either. But it is on my to do list. I just hate dealing with them period. I still pee lots!

My Morning Annoyance- So I bitched about this lady in the shopping center who was really draining me.....after the post she never came back again. I swear she read it. I swear she did. She no longer waves, smiles, stops by, nothing! At first I felt horrible but then I thought " the peace was kinda nice". Today she stopped by???? Weird huh. It was a short awkward visit though. 

Miss Friendly Panties at The Y- I really thought you guys would be more sympathetic to her but you were not. I took your advice but was  gonna wait for her to be rude again. People that are that rude are usually always rude. Then I would complain. Thing is I never saw her again? Not sure if she even works there?

My Mental State- After splitting with the RA, I was concerned about my mental state. I was just so numb. I'm never numb! You guys were so awesome in providing me with insight about that. That is my fav thing about blogging by the way,  blog followers are such a unbiased source of info and advice. I so felt the love in the comments that day. Where things are now? He is now coming around more often than not. I'm not sure if he has no where to go or what his deal is. But he does not have a key so he cannot get in without me and he does leave a couple nights a week. He now pays child support so far every week without fail which is Epic and certainly helps. I'm just living life and instead of including him in it, he fits in where he can get in. I've just decided that since I am not a priority in his life he should not be one in mine. He still constantly disappoints me but, I count on him as little as possible and that helps.

Dollar Tree Biiiatch- I was gonna go by there and make her life hell. But life got busy. Then when I did go, she was not there. Yesterday I went there and she was there but she polite so we'll see.

So I hope you all have enjoyed the updates. Now Blogger----Get your ish together!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Birth Of MalloryJane

I always wanted just one lil girl. One kid. And she should be a girl. 3 boys and 12 years later I got her. You maybe have read all my birthing stories , they were really bad. See for yourself (except Michael's, I'll get him next year) In honor of her upcoming birthday, here is MJ's.

Since the last two births came at lightning speed and were not positive experiences, now that I was a stay at home mom with 3 little kids I was quite concerned about going into labor and delivering in the car on the way to the hospital. I had a great OB/GYN and I discussed my concerns with him,. After reviewing my chart he felt that I should be concerned as it was  a great possibility that would happen. So we scheduled a planned induction. I am a planner so this made me super happy. The morning of the induction we said goodbye to all the boys who went with the ex hubby and headed to the Wake Med Cary Birthing Center. We were greeted by happy, informed positive nurses. They took me to my room which was awesome and went over everything with me. Hooked me up on all the proper machinery and then started the IV drip with the induction drugs. I chilled in my bed watching TV. Super excited that shortly I would meet the lil girl I had dreamed about for years. Here are my other kids..

As you can see they are a bit ethnic looking. So Here is what I envisioned her to look like..
After bit the medication doctor came and hooked me up with an epidural drip. If you haven't had kids in a while they have this new thing where once they insert the needles you get to dose yourself. Whenever you feel like it, you push a button and it sends the meds straight to your bloodstream. Awesome! I was worried because I had always heard that induced births are more painful. I had no pain so I was sure it was gonna come hard and fast. So I stayed pushing the pain med button over and over and over so much so that the nurse told me I could chill a bit b/c the meds would only come every 15 minutes. I was wasting my time pressing the button 100 times per minute. No pain, chilling, happy, relaxed. My doc showed up and said to me "I have a golf game at 1:30 so we need to wrap this up quickly, How bout 20 minutes tops and I'm outta here?" My doc had a great sense of humor like that. They started up the pushing event. I started pushing, still no pain. Then they told me to "look down." Okay let me explain something here sometimes when you are struggling to get your baby out they will have you look down at your vagina through a large mirror. Supposedly when you see a head stuck in your vagina it inspires you to push harder. Ummm me? Not so much. The last thing I wanna see is some hairy head ripping my vagina apart. When they did that with my first child it freaked me out and I no Ionger wanted to push. So I when they yelled "look down! look down!" I said "no I don't wanna!" Ra then said "Roc look down!" I screamed at him "NO you look down! I don't wanna!" My doc said "I think you do. Look Down Roc." I peeked out one eye scared to see that sight and to my surprise I saw not head stuck in my vagina but a beautiful fully out of my vagina lil girl in the docs hands. I burst into tears. It was over and she was out. It was like she just swam out all peacefully into the world. It was truly an amazing experience.
Then they took her to the bassinet to do the testing and I had not really got a good look at her, but boy I could hear her. That girl had a mouth on her. She was pissed! Wailing her lil lungs out. She certainly did not appreciate this whole hoopla. I was getting stitched so I couldn't really see her so I asked RA "what does she look like?" He just smiled and said "beautiful." "Who does she look like?" I asked. He smiled and said you will see. The entire time they worked on her and me she screamed. Then they brought her to me. WTH???? This lil girl was white as the driven snow and had bright red curly hair!!! The last thing I wanted was a red headed child (sorry red heads) I just did not envision her that way. I envisioned this honey colored hazel eyed lil girl. This lil girl did not resemble me at all!! I am so critical of my babies. LOL Anyways, after I got my head on straight I really looked at her. She looked just like the RA's dad. She also looked like my step daughter who is beautiful but has brown hair. She was perfect, once I got over the red hair. She was sweet and cuddly and peaceful and I just fell in love. I had waited for her my whole life. I could not sleep all night thinking about the shopping trips, and teas we would have together. Ahhh. At last. 
Now guess what gets her the most attention and makes her stand out everywhere we go? That red hair. Check it out.
She's nothing I dreamed of but that's because even I could not have dreamt up this perfection. She is everything I could ever want in a daughter. And I love her so much!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gonna Piss Some People Off

Last week our preschool had graduation. Before I go any further let me tell you a bit about our 3 year old glass at the preschool.       
Names have been changed of course.

There are maybe 12 kids in the class. There are 2 teachers. These two teachers are by far the best two teachers I have ever seen. With raising 4 of my own kids and then working in child care myself for 16plus years, I am the expert on "teachers". So In this class there are about 5 kids without issues, thankfully mine is one of them. The remaining 7 have some stuff going on,  ranging from small issues to larger ones.
Lets start with Renee- Renee has some sort of anxiety issue that seems to effect her ability to make friends and deal with most situations. These issues are prominent and obvious. She is often hiding under a table or sucking her thumb and cries pretty easily at anything.
Then we have Rick- Rick has two older and seemly super- nerdy-smart parents. I think they may be rocket scientists or something. However Rick is far from one. I would even go as far as to say he is strongly autistic. He is compulsive, not potty trained, does not communicate, and quite rambunctious in general he seriously is in his own world around there. 
Then we have MaryAshley- She, I think is maybe just spoiled, but either way she has cried for hours at drop off daily for over two years. She is almost four and her parents tote her around like an infant. I'm not sure the girl can walk.(she can) Her parents are "textbook" parents who coddle and hug and etc etc. She has not adjusted well to preschool and I'm not sure if she ever will. 
Then we Have Suzy- Suzy comes from a real screwed up family. Mom walked out, dad has her, then don't, then does, then don't and various relatives assist in her raising. Her relatives pick her up reeking of smoke and lack of showers. She is so attention starved that she will jump on any adult that enters the room and talk your ear off. 
Then there is Kory- he is also suffering from some serious mental disorder. It is not uncommon to enter the classroom and see him climbing on top of the shelves or just whirling round like he is the Tasmanian Devil.
He seems blank all the time and is a danger to himself.

Now you would think this is a scary environment for my princess. It is not. Somehow these two teachers seem to manage this group quite well. They teach and show all the kids love and attention daily. How they do it? I know not. But when you enter the classroom on any given day you are sure to see one or several of these children doing what they do and the teachers handle it all so well. They maintain as much control as humanly possible. They stay positive and they make certain that all the kids are included in whatever is going on no matter how hard it is to keep them focused. Imagine reading a story and having the Tasmanian Devil tear through the block center while you do so. It happens all the time. The seem unfazed. They correct the situation as much as possible but continue teaching those who are willing or able to learn.
I am assuming the parents of these kids are in DENIAL. Because I can tell in 5 minutes if something is a bit off, sometimes even 5 seconds.  
So back to graduation. The 3's were performing for the graduates and they had a 3 song set they would be doing. The kids had never been on stage or performed period. So when the curtains opened and the music started the 3 year old class stood and their little mouths dropped open at all the lights and all the people. The kids that would normally function appropriately in the classroom began singing and dancing just as they had practiced but the others, well they did what they do.
Picture the scene 7 or 8 lil sweet peas singing and dancing. Then you have Renee who totally freaked at the sight of all the people. She immediately hid under a chair and began to wail. (like she does everyday in the classroom) Rick began running around stage knocking over chairs and pushing people  (like he does everyday in the classroom) MaryAshley sat on the floor refusing to get up and cried. She wanted to be held  (like she does everyday in the classroom) Suzy- went to the edge of the stage and tried to evoke the front row into a convo about her shoes.  (like she does everyday in the classroom) Kory- he began to try to climb the curtains. and pulling the cords to the curtains.  (something like he would do everyday in the classroom)

This did not bother me or most at all. We laughed at their personalities on stage. They did what they do everyday. Problem is the next day several  parents came in or emailed complaints about the performance. Saying that the teachers had no control over the kids and the whole show was a FAIL and "hard to watch." There was lots of blaming the teachers and it really hurt the teachers feelings. I was livid when I found out. Because excuse me??? But did YOU not know your child was your child!!! They did what they do everyday and YOU see them do it and do nothing. YOU do not get them the help they need or attempt to teach them  a better way. When YOU drop off Kory he immediately climbs something  and you just walk out. I've seen YOU do it! And when YOU drop off Rick he immediately starts running around knocking things over and YOU do NOTHING! Hello?? If you have to hand over your damn near four year old to another adult to hold for an hour and a half while she "adjusts" then what the hell did you expect to happen on stage? Did YOU think these kids would magically turn into well behaved well adjusted kids and stand still and sing? Are YOU kidding me? YOU do not care each day when YOU see them behaving this way in class and the teacher has to manage it, plus 11 other kids. Why now that your child showed their issues or lack of parenting to the entire stadium do YOU care? I know why. Because YOU are embarrassed and YOU wanna blame someone. Now that the entire school saw what we (me and the teachers, as well as other parents) observe everyday in the classroom. Now YOU complain! And to blame the teachers... well that is just damn wrong. Shame on YOU in denial Parents! YOU need to figure out what's going on with your kid. And YOU need to teach him or her that 4 year olds can walk and that knocking other kids over is not appropriate period. YOU need to stop denying that your child is different and maybe needs some help . YOU you and no one but YOU.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Today's Aggravation Is Brought To You By......TMobile

Due to my lack of blogging time, My stories are backing up at an alarming pace. I better get started. Today's drama in Raquel's World will be brought to you by......

I have been with TMobile for about 9 years. I am an awesome customer. How do I know that? They tell me every time I call them and that's why I love them. Until last Friday. See I pay a larger amount for my service b/c I have the "FREE upgrade" plan. The perk of this plan when sold to me was that every two years I get a FREE upgrade. FREE! So while others around me have been purchasing these lovely phones/computers that do all these amazing things I have stuck by my Gravity b/c I knew that in June 2011 I would get a  FREE upgrade. I waited and waited. The phone and customer service has been awesome for me  and I couldn't be happier until about 6 weeks ago when my signal would drop out and then not return for hours! WTF?! 
The most annoying part is it always happened smack in the middle of the time when I need my phone the most from 3p-6p. That is when my kids are home and I am commuting so I need to be reachable. I complained and they said I needed a new sim card. I went to the store and they gave me a new sim card FREE. But the problem remained. Got worse even. I called Tmobile to complain about the signal issue and was told that's because my phone was old?? The problem should subside when I receive a new phone. I was so close to the end of the contract I just dealt with it.
I arrived at the TMobile store two Fridays ago with about $50 in my pocket. That $50 was gonna get me lunch and maybe an accessory for my new phone. I stepped up to the counter explained who I was and gave all the pertinent info and then asked where I should look in the store to be able to utilize my FREE upgrade.
The lovely salesgirl showed me the latest greatest phones that do all this amazing stuff. I explained to her that I would actually not like the latest greatest but just a phone that was better than mine, had a great camera, was Internet accessible, and had a keyboard. After many sales pitches we agreed on the Samsung 2G ( I think) anyways I fell in love with it and grabbed a protective case for it and headed up to check out. The lady punches some ish into the computer and then says "the total today is $245.18." "Oh silly sales girl, you forgot to apply my FREE upgrade." I inform her. "I did" she says. "And the total is $245.18?" I ask. She says "yes." I said to her "you wanna get someone to help you b/c that can't be right?" She said to me "that phone generally cost $299." Okay I say confused. "I gave you your upgrade and it brought the price down significantly." she informs me. Really? I can't tell. I thought the phone was FREE? "No" she says. "Then why do I have a Free upgrade plan?" "Oh we do have 1 free phone and she shows me something that looks similar to this....

I say to her "that is not an Upgrade, that is older than the phone I currently have!" She says "well actually there is no such thing as a FREE Upgrade, it is just an upgrade option, kinda a reduced price." Ummm, no that my dear is called a sale. Not  FREE upgrade. She says "sorry that's all I can do." So now I'm mad. I say "well, no, that is not all you can do. You can cancel my contract now that it is up because I can switch providers and get a updated phone for free and a cheaper service plan or better yet one without a two year commitment." She looks shocked. She hands me a secret card with a number on it and tells me to call the company and tell them I am unhappy and they can cut me a better deal. "Isn't this the company???" I ask. "Well we are limited on site." So that's what I did. 
I got a lovely dude that was very nice and told him the story and how I was disappointed and he said he could help me out. He said "I can get you that phone for free." So after some agreeing to renew my contract for two more years and a bunch of other logistics he set me up with my phone, shipping it out that day and I would have it in 3 days. I did have to pay $118 on the spot but he gave me a $100 credit on my next bill so essentially I paid $18. So I was happy. Within seconds I received a confirmation text that my phone order had been placed and was on the way. The next day I received a text that said my phone was out of stock and I would be notified when it became available to ship. WTH!!! I called TMobile up and asked why did they take my money when there was not a phone in stock? They credited it back and apologized. They could not however tell me when my phone would be in stock and I could not cancel the order because I had already agreed to it and it was  a "pending order". I was not happy. 
Yesterday I got the text that the phone has been shipped. There better not be any issues with it,  the signal, or anything else!
So just be mindful if you get  FREE upgrade it does not necessarily  mean it's FREE.

Monday, June 6, 2011

You Won't Believe This

You all know of my past adventures with my doctors office, if not you can read about them here, and here .
So I'm driving along Friday afternoon with a few of my kids. I get a call from my doctors office. It is "Sally" a nurse there, she is calling because she needs to follow up on my referral from umm about 9 months ago. Sally says she is trying to see where things are with my medical care/referral. I find it ironic that she works at the docs office but she has to call me to gather this info. I tell Sally her guess is as good as mine. I inform her that I have inquired several times about my referral and can't seem to get clear info. You will not believe how the conversation went from there.

I've heard nothing despite my many calls.
You've got to be kidding me! Let me check the file. Silence as she reads over the info Well it says here that a referral was faxed to UNC on May 3rd, and you have heard nothing?
Nope nothing
Did you follow up with UNC?
No. I had no clue I was supposed to.
Oh yes, you were supposed to call them with your medical record number and follow up.
How would I have know that?
The front desk should have told you that when you checked out
They did not 
Well here write down this medical record number and call them. When you call them tell them you need Dermatology and give them this number.
Dermatology? I ask. You mean Urology?
No Dermatology
I was supposed to be referred to a urologist.I have no skin issues my issue is a urological one.
That's not what your file says 
This does not surprise me. She begins reading the info out loud in the file. You were here in March. (true) The doc observed signs of skin cancer. 
I had no clue.
Yes, Ms Reed. You have skin cancer.
No one told me that!
You are kidding me? It's right here in your file. That's why we are sending you to UNC.
OMG! My heart drops as this is not the way to receive the info that I have cancer while I am driving with my kids in 5 o'clock traffic. Are you sure you have the right person? I ask her in disbelief.
Yes, Raquel Reed right?
Yes but I never even knew I had cancer!
It says here in the file you had a suspicious looking patch on your leg (oddly enough I do)
They should have told you. Don't worry though it may be treatable and by the way there is nothing in here about an urology referral.
I say nothing because, if I have cancer, peeing will be the least of my concerns.
Are you sure you have the right person? I ask. I give her my name again. 
She repeats it and says  791-5**6?
Yes that's me
She begins to read me my visit history over the phone and she is mumbling off a lot of medical terms I don't  understand and then she says and your thyroid disease... and your history of Cancer...
Wait a minute I have thyroid disease too? WTF?? I did not know that! Are you sure you have the right person?
Yes ma am I know you are in shock and I apologize but don't get all worried. It will be okay.
Birth date 6-21-75? I ask her
I repeat "birth date 6-21-75" 
"hold on" she says and puts me on hold
She comes back 4 minutes later and says I apologize I thought you were someone else
Seriously? I wanna punch her in the face. How in the hell can you make that kind of mistake/!@#$#@ I am torn between being relieved that I do not have Cancer and pissed off that they just took me through this shit and concerned that these are the people handling my medical care.
Only in Raquel's World

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just Leave Me Alone

I work in a small shopping center. The surrounding businesses all open at 10am except for me and the Edward Jones office. A couple months ago the lady who works at the Financial place started being friendly in the morning. Since the shopping center is a ghost town most mornings and she and I are the only ones on site she started stopping in to say "good morning." Nice enough. It was a quick pop in to say "hi" and that was the gist of it. Over the course of a  couple weeks instead of the occasional pop in it became a morning ritual. She would stop by to chit chat for 10 minutes or so. Again nice enough.
In the past month this has taken on a whole new meaning. Instead of a quick pop in to say hi for 5 minutes it has been her coming over and bitching for 30 plus minutes. Now you guys no I'm all for a bitch session but she won't let me get a word in. She goes on and on and I agree with nothing she says or thinks. We have NOTHING in common. If I try to pop in with an opinion of my own or a topic I would like to discuss she cuts me off and goes on to her next topic to bitch about. It is ridiculous. As I have gotten to know her, I do not like her personality at all. She is cranky and judgemental. She doesn't really wanna hear anything I have to say she just wants to come over and dump all her crap on me and then roll out. Hence my decrease in blogging activity. I blog in the mornings when it is quiet. But now it's no longer quiet. I have tried disagreeing with everything she has to say hoping she will get annoyed and move on but that didn't work.  I have tried being less than friendly, acting like I was busy working, not making eye contact or even responding much while she goes on and on about her garden or her pot roast or her cabinets or her knitting. Uggh. If this was a give and take I could maybe deal with it but its not. Its just her dumping on me. 
I get up every morning in the 5 o'clock hour. Get 4 kiddos off in four directions, so there is not much peace. When I arrive at work that first 30 minutes is my peace time. There are usually no kids and I can drink coffee and blog. She is totally infringing on my space and I hate it!
And again let me mention she is just not nice. Which generally is not a problem because I do not like people with rainbows shooting out of their ass at all times. But dang!  I have to get rid of her. She starts my day off so sourly. And I'm sour enough without the added sourness. I have thought about purchasing this mug

and see if she gets the hint, but she probably won't.

Have you ever had someone that tried to be your BFF and you were not interested? I know I could say "buzz off bitch!" but that's a bit too rude even for me. She is in her late 50's and as I've said before that age group loves me. So I feel obligated just a bit. But how do you get rid of someone like that? Without being blatantly rude that is. And before you even suggest  telling her that I have work to do, save your advice. I've tried that. It obviously was not effective.
Keep in mind I have one at home and now one at work. These ladies just won't leave me the hell alone!