Friday, April 29, 2011

Help Me Straighten Courtney Out

There is a Dollar Tree that I frequent and I encounter this chick all the time. I think I keep encountering her because it is my calling to smack the ish outta her. Her name is Courtney, she seems to be around 20?
During the Christmas season is when I remember meeting her first. The place was insane with shoppers.The lines were backed up quite a bit. I was maybe, 7th in line and Courtney was serving a Hispanic male and his wife. The man was  tryna get a balloon which are behind the counter at another register . He asked Courtney in an accented voice for the balloon, and she snapped "huh?" The man smiled patiently and repeated his question. And Courtney said "Is it a balloon that you want?" But she said it with rolling eyes and a snotty attitude. He shook his head yes. So Courtney headed over to the balloon counter and began to blow up a balloon. The man shook his head no and described the one he wanted. She took another balloon down and he shook his head no and tried to explain he wanted the 'pretty one with flowers". She obviously did not understand him so she yells across the counters frustrated"I can't understand you!" He tries again to explain and she says "look I can't understand you I do not speak Spanish". I was horrified because he was not speaking Spanish!. Eventually she got his right balloon and then after he left she said to the next person in line "those people kill me, learn a little English!" Then she rang up with an attitude a few more people in line then without a word she left her register and walked off. There were still lots of people in line. 

After about 5 minutes the two elderly ladies in front of  me began to wonder aloud where she went. They looked around and asked others in line if they knew her she went. No one did. So then one of the ladies says to the manager who was running the register beside our line, "excuse me ma'am do you know where our cashier went?" The manager looks over and asks "is she gone?" The ladies say "yes for about 10 minutes now." So the manager yells out Courtney's name across the store. Courtney appears from the middle of aisle three. "What!" she snaps. "What are you doing your line is backing up?" the manager asks. "Well, Courtney says with a tone that should have gotten her ass fired on the spot. "Someone broke glass and I am getting it up if that's okay with all of you. That is the policy correct?"  The manager says "We could have had someone else get it we need you on the register." "Well I am almost done now" she says as she returns to her register with a dustpan full of broken glass. She dumps the glass into the trash. One of the ladies says "Oops, sorry we did not mean to get you in trouble, its just that you left and we did not know if you were returning." "Its fine" Courtney says "did you think I fell in a hole or something?" I think that was her attempt at humor but it was rude.I am watching all this in disbelief.
Courtney then retrieves a clip board from under the counter and begins to fill out veeerry slowly a damage report. While we are all still waiting! She then gets a wipe and wipes down her work space. It is clear to me that Courtney is being a bitch. But I say nothing. Courtney eventually resumes ringing people out.
This week I returned to that Dollar Tree to pick up some stuff. Courtney was working and was her usual cheerful self. While she was ringing people out an elderly lady approached and stood off to the side waiting for a chance to talk to Courtney. Courtney just ignored the lady and kept ringing  people out. When my turn came I said to Courtney "you can help her I'll wait." 
Courtney turns to the lady and snaps "do you need something?" "Why yes dear" the sweet ole lady replies. She is of the age that her hands tremble. Trembling she shows Courtney her receipt and says nicely to her "I think you made a mistake dear, see you charged me for 5 cards but I only have 4." "Gimme the cards" Courtney snaps and snatches the cards and counts them. I did not see the count because I was watching the elderly lady. She hands then back to the lady and says. "Well what do you want?" "I would like to be charged correctly please" the lady says."You were" says Courtney. The lady starts to explain that she has 4 cards but paid for 5 and Courtney snaps "why are you telling me! I mean seriously what do you think I can do about it?"
"Well what should I do?" asks the lady. "Tell the manager, duh!" she rudely says
"OK" says the lady "will you call her?" "No I will not! You can tell her yourself" and with that Courtney turns her back to the lady and starts ringing me up. "Where is the manager?" the lady asks "How am I supposed to know?" Courtney responds. I really do not have time for this. Do you see my line people are waiting. Don't you see that big sign over that door that says manager?" 
"Yes" the lady answers. "Well thats where you can go" Courtney says rolling her eyes.
The lady thanks her and heads for the door. Courtney then says to me "I know that she had 5 cards, she is not fooling me! hhmmp" I was mortified. I have never seen someone so rude. I am emailing Dollar Tree to share my observations. I am mad at myself for not saying anything but sheesh I was just shocked that someone would talk that way to someone. I have decided to  start going there often just to fuck with Courtney. I wanna see if she will talk to an able bodied individual that way. I'ma ask for balloons, let her blow them up then change my mind. And all kinda ish but I need some more ideas. What can I do to make Courtney's life hell?


  1. You should totally do that - have her blow the balloons and then change your mind. And write to the manager too.

    People like that piss me off so much. Have you also noticed that the idiots who complain about people not speaking English are the ones who have terrible language skills in the first place? Fucking retards!!

  2. This should make for some interesting blog posts.

  3. What a little snotrag! She needs a slap right upside the head.

    Play dumb and ask for a price check, then when she's rude complain to the manager right in front of her. She should be fired.

  4. I'd hate to find Courtney in a back alley! Courtney would get to know my fist REALLL quick!

    She wouldn't. I wouldn't know what to do, but I'd feel like doing something with my fist.

  5. Oh, she definitely needs a come-uppance. Write to corporate headquarters and write and/or call the store manager. I spent time in the service industry while going thru school and college. My job was to SERVE customers, not act all snotty to them. She needs to learn that lesson too.

  6. I think your question is what can you do to annoy this interesting person.... several of one item and then argue with her about how many there are.
    2. Make sure you have a fist full of coupons, make sure some have already expired and then argue with her that they aren't.
    3. It's a Dollar Tree and sometimes they have items that are two for a dollar. Tell her that whatever is one of those items, and make her do a price check.
    4. Pay her all in coins.
    5. have her ring you up and then change your mind before she totals it.

  7. SLAP HER! I can't believe people can be so rude. Incredible. She should be fired (at).

  8. ok, I didn't really mean that (the shot at part) but seriously... slapped at the very least.

  9. I wonder what is up with her manager that Courtney is still there. I can't imagine that complaints have not been made

  10. get her fired - why didn't anyone in line get the manager to stand there and listen to her?

  11. I love Courtney. Bring in pennies next time you shop there.