Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Am I The Next Brittany?

I awoke at 5:20am. Did the usual, got the coffee going, checked on the weather, started breakfast for the kiddos and one by one visited their bedsides to awake them. My mood was half decent. When I arrived at Mason's room and turned on his light he immediately said "my mouth hurts really bad." In typical RocMom fashion I said "okay that's great. Hop on in the shower." "But my mouth really hurts" he whined. "Okay let's get moving" I say. See I'm not one to entertain foolishness especially at 530am. He continued to whine his way into the shower and then the crying ensued. I went into the bathroom told him to cut the whining that I would give him some ibuprofen before school and that was that. Sounds heartless I know but the day before he had told me that he bit his tongue while playing bball. I'm sure it was a bit sore but in my house only three things will get you a day outta school, blood, vomit, or fever. An hour and a half later Mason was still whining and crying about his mouth as I pulled up to drop princess of at preschool. I certainly could not leave him there screaming so I yelled frustrated at him. "Fine Mr. Mason you will go to work with me but you are grounded because that is not a good excuse to miss school." He whimpered "okay." So all on the ride to  work I lectured to him on perseverance and being responsible. Hey it was early and I was now in an ill mood after spending my morning listening to all that crying.

At work it was busy and not with very good children either. One mom dropped her son off with a bottle of Ginger Ale and a pack of saltines. This should have given me a hint. As the day progressed this little boy informed me that he had been vomiting all night and all morning. I was pissed. I tried calling the mom, she had her phone off. About lunch time I noticed a very sweet baby was acting a bit off. I took her temp it was 102. I called her mom. Then about midday another lil girl had diarrhea. Her parents also decided to turn their phones off. What is wrong with people? Again these are not struggling working moms. These are the elite, that have nannies and such but use our service to go play tennis or get their hair done. Why? Why? Why? Would you drop off your kid sick then turn off your phone! If you do not care about the rest of the children and staff don't you care about your own child? So now I am battling sickness all around. I am still not over the last round. Needless to say  the day was not too great. Around 1:30 I noticed Mason was sleeping which is odd, he's ten, so he doesn't nap. I checked on him and he had a fever of 102. as well. Now I felt like crap about the way I had treated him.
 I was counting down the hours and was almost there when the phone rang at work. It was my older kids. "Mom, something bad happened." Michael informed me. "Oh god. What?" I said. Last time I got this call someone had stapled shot their teeth out. You can enjoy that story here. "Well, my friend came by......" His explanation is cut short as I hit him with my barrage of questions. "What friend? What was he doing there? No one is supposed to be  there when I'm not!" etc. etc. "Well John was thirsty and....." "Just tell me what the hell happened!" I said getting more irritated by the second.  "Well, John knocked at the front door and the glass broke." I said a whole bunch of bad words here, and reminded him that the last time they broke the front door glass it cost me $200 to replace a piece of glass the size of a book. I was pissed. Not only was that unsightly but it was an emergency because anyone could just reach in our door turn the lock and come on in. I was furious!
Seriously I can relate.
I arrived home to see the damage and it was not good. My house however was spotless as my two teens sat there with a horrified look on their faces. I put dinner in the oven and placed a call to the boys mother who broke my glass. I informed my son Michael that he would be responsible for paying until I was reimbursed by the parent of the vandalizer. Here's where it get's sad. See the boy who broke the window is a very nice boy but his dad is deceased and his mom has a special needs child and doesn't work they have very limited income. My son had told me before that when he visited their home they had little furniture, no car, and no food. I so did not want to ask her to pay but hell, I couldn't afford to shell out $200. I hated calling her. She told me she will pay when she gets paid at the beginning of the month. I felt horrible for her. Her kid is a nice kid and I'm sure it was an accident. After all my boys had done the same thing last year but I needed it fixed. I busied myself tryna find a cheaper way to repair the door because I could not imagine being poor already and having to shell out that kinda money for an accident. In the midst of all this I forgot dinner and it burned. Uuugghh. I went to the fridge to see what I could conjure up quickly and noticed my food was not very cold. See my fridge had apparently stopped working that day too. What the hell else? I thought.

I understand this much better now.
I called RA (David, I'm putting him back to RA status) You all know what RA means. Right? He answered and I went into a tyrade..."dinner is burnt! The front door is broke! Mason is sick! And the fridge is not working! I just spent $530 on groceries 3 days prior and they are all going bad! You need to get her now and help!" He, calm as usual, says "no biggie I'll be there soon and we''ll figure it out."  I hate "we'll figure it out!" "I wanna know what, how, where's the money coming from etc! I have to miss work tomorrow because Mason is sick and I just missed a few days last pay period I need to work!" I continue yelling.
He worked on the fridge, fixed the door for $35 which by the way pisses me off because last time he said he could not fix it and I paid $200! It was the same door. Same window! But anyways just another day in Raquel's World.
So if you spot me at your local salon doing this move. You know what's up..


  1. I hate it when my day just spirals out of control.... I feel for ya, girl! {{{hugs}}}

  2. What a suckass day Roc, sorry. Don't shave your head though, I don't really think it worked for Brittany all that well.

  3. If you do shave your head make sure we get before and after pictures.

  4. Yikes! I've always said, Brittney didn't shave her head b/c of drugs. She did it b/c she's a mom!

  5. Oh man, when it rains it pours doesn't it. I despise days like that!

    One thing is for sure..It can only get better :)

  6. I hate days that suck! As for parents who send their children to daycare (and in my case school) sick, drive me nuts. I can't begin to tell you how many will tell me that their mom knew they were sick but they gave their child tylenol and sent them anyway. Why? Because they had other plans that they felt was more important!