Friday, August 27, 2010

I Almost Slapped Another Ho

Please disregard all my previous tweets, status updates on facebook and woohah comments on everyone else's posts about back to school wonderment. It is only day 3...I am exhausted, frustrated, burnt-out, irritated etc. etc.

My bad scheduling left me with a to do list of items that needed to be done (prior to today) a mile long. And with everything else going on I was exhausted. I had homework and housework, and appointments oh my, not to mention I work full time.

When I arrived home last night after stopping for gas, groceries, an eye doc app, dropping off paperwork, renewing a gym membership, running an errand for work, all after working all day it was already 630p. And I was CRABBY.
My son told me that he needed a sports psychical by morning!!%$##$?
You see, he is trying out for football and apparently he cannot try out without that form. I knew he needed one for playing sports but not for trying out. I also did not know tryouts were the freaking first day of school! Okay, technicaly the second but still too soon.

This presented a huge challenge b/c as I have mentioned before my doc is an hour away. The office was closed so I could not make an appointment and I had to be at work at 730am the next day and the doc only opened at 830a. So I was screwed to the max. I tried reasoning with my son offering to email the coach asking for additional time to get the psychical done. But he was adamant that without it he would not get to try out and it would ruin his whole year and his life. Since this was my Marlon and he doesn't ask for much or give me much trouble I wanted to make him happy. The best plan I could come up with was to have my RA (resident asshole) show up there at 830am and beg and plead for them to do it somehow even though we did not have an appointment.

Yes, I know, I know inconsiderate, preposterous, etc. etc. But what was I do to? So that was the plan. Around 10pm (way too late to be knocking on someones damn door) The neighbor came over to ask if my son could walk her son to school. I said sure and the plans were made.
This morning I realized duh that Marlon had promised to walk the boy to school but he was not going to school. We did not want to back out or make the little boy late as he would have waited for my son to arrive so we decided that Marlon would get up and walk the boy to school but then return home. Which he did.

At work an hour later I receive a phone call from the school informing me that my son was skipping. As annoyed as I was, I was also grateful and impressed that they saw him and called. I explained exactly what was going on and where Marlon was. The assistant principal replied "that school attendance was more important than sports and that he should be in school if he isn't sick."

Hmmm that seemed a bit smart-assy. But I tried to explain to her that maybe if the school had provided parents with more than a 12 hour notice that something of that nature would be required he would have been in school. But when I weighed out missing a couple periods compared to missing an entire year of football it seemed like the logical choice.

She then informed me that the school board policy states that when a child is not present at school that day they cannot participate in any school related functions after school. Okay that's a good sound policy but I believe my son is out because of the schools inadequacy to properly inform me of something. And he would be at school... just late. She seemed annoyed at the conversation, and me, quite frankly, so I told her I did not think it was fair to just not allow him to try out since the whole reason he was not there was so that he could try out.

She suggested I email the coach and see if he would make an exception. So I did send the coach the sweetest email but if he had said no. I would went up there and went the hell off. I woulda had to "slap that ho" too. But anyway, coach said yes. So now I just hope now he makes the team.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some Random Ish

Have nothing to post about so I thought I would throw some random shit together.
Here goes..

*We have had a hummingbird feeder for about 6 months and never saw one hummingbird, yesterday we saw several using the feeder. I have never really paid attention to hummingbirds.. They are awesome. The entire family gathered around the window to watch the birds, it was a wholesome sweet time.

*There is a kitten in our neighborhood. It appears the people that just moved out just decided to leave their kitty behind. Assholes! My three year old has adopted the cat, feeding it and caring for it. I am not too excited about this since the cat is a stray and may have god knows what, but the cat seems to really have a thing for my princess and the feeling is mutual. We cannot adopt the cat because financially we cannot afford another bill right now. ETW, Maybe you can adopt her, she's a calico. I'll try to post some pics when/if I can.

*Yesterday was the first day of school for my Marlon and Mike, and I got 2 hours of homework! That is now four kids in four schools. And guess what else crazy Ima do? Sign princess up for dance classes. Crazy me.

*There is someone on facebook that is annoying the fucking shit outta me. We are unsung enemies. (we have kids by the same guy) Can you say Baby Mama Drama? She does not approach me directly but attempts to friend my friends (that she doesn't know) and is always posting shit on his wall to annoy me. I wanna really post some bad shit about her but am trying desperately to take the high road.

*My job is picking up and I am grateful for that.

*My house is super gross right now, I mean it looks clean but is you take a closer look you will see that it is so not clean. I'm gonna work on that real soon.

*I kicked that sorry ass eye doctor to the curb and got me a new one. We are going in today and guess what? It is literally 2 minutes from home. Score!

*I am big on writing letters of complaints to incompetent businesses that provide bad service. I am almost certain that a letter will be headed out to the eye doc soon. But today, I wrote thank you letters/emails to both my sons ortho and my daughters dentist for providing me with such great service over the years. Proud of that!

*You have heard me complain about how the parents leave sick kids with us all the time, if not read about that here. Well yesterday a mom calls to tell us that her son has chickenpox. Fucking Super! He was here all last week and I thought he seemed quite sick but couldn't quite put my finger on it. I better not turn out like this.

*Good News...I went to McDonalds this weekend and got 6, yes I said 6 Syrups!! BooYah!

*Bad News....I went to the doc last week and I had to be weighed and lets just say it won't pretty. I gotta get my ass in gear.

That's all for now BIZNITCHES!
BTW that's my new shit...Biznitches (bitches) I stole it from a local DJ but I like it none the less. So it's mine.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Bitch at The Front Desk

My son is having vision problems and we were referred by our pediatrician to an optometrist an hour away. He is close to my pediatrician who is also an hour away.
We had scheduled an appointment two weeks ago for yesterday at 320p. I was told by the person setting the appointment to arrive 20 minutes early to fill out paperwork. Well, they sent me the paperwork in the mail and I had it all completed prior to my arrival but just to be certain I still arrived at 2:55p.
25 minutes prior to my appointment.

When we entered the waiting area the place was packed, seemed like 20 or so people were waiting, but I did not fret, after all this is a multi-doctor facility. We were seeing the pediatric optometrist and there were no other kids there.

My son and I took a seat and waited patiently umm about an hour. Those of you who follow me on facebook probably seen my many status updates about the annoying bitch on her laptop and blue tooth having a conference call/meeting right there 1 foot from me in the waiting area. She was not even seeing the doctor and the lobby had an immense seating area with tables and chairs perfect for conducting business. But nope she decided to sit her annoying ass right there and yack on the phone and click on her keyboard. The call she was on was about 10% business 90% office gossip. Not even juicy gossip just random bitching so that just made her more annoying. Oh and the best part was about an hour in she said to her caller "you know its loud in here, you would think people would have some manners when they see someone on the phone!" OMG
It took lots of restraint on my end not to give her a piece of my mind.

Moving on....1 hour and 10 minutes later I realized it was now after 4pm, we are an hour away and I have to pick up princess from preschool by 530p. Just as I was about to give up they called us back.

As we went back I asked the nurse/assistant how long the visit would take? I explained my situation to her and she was most apologetic when she told me the exam would take more than an hour. So it appeared we couldn't be seen today. Really!!

She was very nice and walked me back out front to the front desk bitch so that I could reschedule.
Keep in mind my appt. time was 320, no one informed me the visit would be over an hour not to mention the hour plus we waited and the two hours commute time, half a day missed work, half a day missed school. So I should've  been and was pissed, but I tried not to show it as we went to reschedule. The nurse explained to the front desk lady that we had been hugely inconvenienced and to please fit us in at "my convenience" to return.

The front desk lady wanted to know "what the huge inconvenience was"
(she will now be refereed to as FDB..front desk bitch)
The nurse explained but the FDB did not seem impressed.
She threw out a few options for me to choose from all either mid-day which would equal an entire day outta school and work or late afternoon again.
I asked her kindly "is it usual for the wait to be over an hour"

"We never know if they are gonna be running late in the back" she replied

me- "I understand but does it happen often?"

FDB- "Again we never know"

I could sense her irritation at me and wanted to clear up that I wasn't complaining just wanted to make sure the next time I schedule I alloted for that type of wait if it was typical.

She replied "that maybe we shouldn't have chose a late afternoon appt."

me-"I didn't choose anything, that's what was given, and if I had known I'd be waiting an hour and a half I would not have accepted that time."

She checked her computer screen then her watch and said "well your app was at 320"

I said " yes but we were told to arrive 20 mins early"

She said "even at that rate hasn't been and hour and a half it has only been an hour and 19 minutes."

So I said "Bitch are you serious? I will come back there and beat your smart ass, don't give me that crap after I have wasted half a tank of gas and half my day with you rude ass incompetent bastards!@#@??@! I then reached over the counter and smacked that ho repeatedly as the waiting people cheered.

Ok, I made up that last paragraph but I thought the story needed a better ending then me exiting the place feeling fucked.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tanning Tax Dooms Tanning Businesses....Really?

I patron a lovely little tanning salon in my community over the course of two years. I arrived there Monday greeted by a sign on the door that said this:

 ( I had a nifty pic of the sign but cannot upload photos, WTF)

I did recall hearing somewhere that Obama wanted to raise taxes on recreational type activities and I did recall hearing something about tanning being a target. I smoke and tan and both are bad. So I do not mind having my price effected. I would rather they effect that than groceries or school fees or paycheck deducted taxes, so I am okay with that. I mean honestly no one wants anything to go up especially for tax purposes but something has to go up right? I felt that tanning was a good choice. SInce it is not medically necessary and actually is quite bad for you, I am okay with it, It equals only less than $2 a month for me so I can deal.

However I did think that posting "Thank Obama" on the door was a bit inappropriate.  So I decided to do a little fact checking then I read this article explaining the tax increase They are saying this will put tanning businesses out of business. Really??? As I stated it effects my cost by less than $2 monthly. So is $2 really gonna shut down the place? I could go on and on about this but won't. I'd rather focus on the fact that the salon had this sign on the door. I was taken aback by it. I personally do not feel that  you should advertise your political views on your businesses front door. But this is America, the land of the free. I get that it is your place but I don't know something about it makes me uncomfortable. Not uncomfortable enough to stop going there just enough to annoy me.

What do you think?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Top Ten Don'ts When Seeking Employment

As I have mentioned before part of my responsibility as the manager to screen, interview, and hire staff. I have been truly amazed at some of the encounters I have had in this process. With the economy being bad and people in real need of jobs I thought I would help some of you out.
Here is my top ten list of things you should never do when trying to land a job.

disclosure- the events and facts contained in this post are true and factual. No participant will be compensated for the use of their ignorance.

Here goes....Do not.............

1- Apply for a job on Aug 1st when you are headed out of state on Aug 12 to attend college

2-Wear a do-rag or tongue ring to the interview

3-Come with a list of weeks and weekends that you will not be available for the first two months due to your social calendar

4-Apply for a Wednesday night job, then in the interview inform me you are available all days except Wednesday

5-Park in the ten minute drop off zone

6-Have your loser boyfriend sit out in the car and wait for  you

7-Answer your cell phone during the interview

8-Reply to the post before using spell check. here is an actual copy and paste from an email inquiring about the post  "I apresiate your concideration"

9-Consider babysitting your little brother while mom showers "childcare experience"


Here is an actual conversation I had with my applicant just yesterday when she arrived 10 minutes late
Me- "scale of 1-10, rate your promptness"
APP- "10"
Me- "interesting answer, did you realize you were late today?"
App- "yeah"
Me- "Care to explain?"
App- " I was having a bad day and even considered not showing at all. But then I thought better late than never and at least if I showed up you would see my ability to overcome obstacles" (that's exactly what I thought)
Me- "What was so bad about your day?"
App-"Well first I could not log into my school email and that is where the address was"
Me- "do you have GPS?"
App-"Yes, but it won't acting right"
Me- "did it occur to you to call?"
App-"Yes, but I did not want you to think I was dumb" (no we wouldn't want that)
Me- "When you realized you were late did you think to call then?"
AP- "yes, but when I did my phone died"....end scene

Let me say I am generally not such a bitch when interviewing but it just annoys the hell outta me when someone shows up to an interview late and does not even offer a reason or apology.

Oh, and heres a bonus one. Do not have an interview and get hired; then when we are working out your schedule inform me that you are scheduled to have surgery next week and will be out for two months. Are you kidding me?

OMG- Can't believe I forgot this one,,,,don't use your email address if it's  or, or lovetoget!

So if you are seeking employment I hope you will utilize my ten don'ts. If anyone here has hiring abilities share with me yours.

Blogger Effected by Friday the 13th?

 What the hell is wrong with Blogger!!@?&^%

First it gave me hell logging in!

Then it kept screwing with my formating!

It won't allow me to add pics!

Then while I was editing a post it told me an error occurred!

Then it deleted my entire post!

It was kinda good so I retyped the whole damn thing and in an attempt to italicize something it did the whole thing then wouldn't undo it!

Then deleted it again!

Not sure whose to blame here..... Blogger or Jason but screw it! I'll go have more coffee and maybe try again.

Anyone else having these issues?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

American Idol, American Tragedy, or American Home Wrecker?

Last night I saw a news story that Fantasia of American Idol Season 3 was being sued for "alienation of affection" by the wife of a married man that she had been seeing for about a year. Fantasia, if proven to have carried on an affair with this man could lose everything. In the good ole state of North Carolina where I proudly live, You can sue the bitch that "stole your husband" and lucky for Mrs. Cook the one who stole hers is quite wealthy. This really surprised me. Fantasia is very talented and seems to be an overall decent person. She had a reality show a bit ago and I watched it not because I was a huge fan but because there wasn't much else going on. I had learned that Fantasia has a large family of siblings, parents, extended relatives, and her own daughter that were all depending on her financially. This was a reality show. An attempt to have her rise again from the dust that ensued after a bad album release. You saw many aspects of her home, personal, and professional life. What you didn't see was her beau Antwaun Cook who apparently is married with kids.

So apparently the wife alledges that Fantasia has wined, dined, and flew her husband all over in attempt to destroy her marriage. There are alledged sex tapes, rude phone messages from Fantasia to the wife and many photos of Fantasia with the husband. There are photos of them holding hands, jet skiing etc. You can tell from the photos that they are definitely an item on one level or another.

I at first tended to feel a bit sorry for Fantasia as she has had a rough ride and is not the prettiest of stars so maybe she just got caught up. But then I heard of and saw this.....

She apparently got the mans name tattooed on her shoulder and then paraded it for all to see. So then I thought of the wife with the kids at home. And I felt her pain and rage. Damn. it is one thing to carry on an affair with a married man (which I do not believe in by the way) But to parade it around for the world to see and then tattoo it on your body! WTF! That showed real lack of empathy of Fantasias part.

Then this morning it is reported that Fantasia attempted to commit suicide. Sad, but I wondered if this was an attempt to invoke sympathy on her behalf? Was it sorrow for the millions she stands to lose? Was it general sorrow for what she had done? Who knows? Here is her official statement on the event. Fanatsia had been asked previously on a radio interview if the rumors were true and she said No. So is she now embarrassed that she is shown to be a liar? Where the hell is Antwaun at? His ass was all over the magazine covers a while ago and he is tattooed on her body but where is he now? Shouldn't he have something to say about all this? Was this a planned scandal between him and his wife to set up Fantasia?

I guess the part that intrigues me the most is being able to sue someone for stealing your husband. I'm glad there is a legal way to get revenge on a home wrecker but I would much prefer to kick her ass and vandalize her property. The thing that bothers me the most is as it almost always is these two women are fighting over Anwtuan, who works at a Tmobile store. And Antwaun seems to be scott free. I think I feel like the woman should sue her husband after all isn't he the one who vowed to remain faithful to her? But I guess if he works at Tmobile he doesn't have a whole lot to get.

What do you think about the whole lawsuit thing? Are you in support of this? If you were the wife would you sue the mistress?

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Day Off In Raquel's World

Last Thursday (my day off) started at 6am. Had to get Princess off to daycare and Mason off to school. We had "Freshman Camp" scheduled at 8am at our local high school. This is the day where the kids and parents get to familiarize themselves with the high school, it's policies and procedures.

The info we received said that there would be a session for our teens and then a parent session. The parent session ended at 10am and the teen session ended at 1230p. the parents should return by then and pick their kids up carpool style. I am a jeans, T-shirt, minimal jewelry, flip flops, hair-clip kinda gal. But since this was the schools first viewing of me I decided to make it more official. I arrived in slacks, heels, a fancy shirt and accessories that made me the envy of all ..My hair was down and flowing and I was ready to go. Here I am here all dolled up. Classy huh?

As we entered the building the first thing I noticed was that the bathrooms were out of order. I pee.....A LOT..kinda like a pregnant old lady

and since I had had lots of restroom was a huge issue for me. The next thing I noticed was it was about 99 degrees in there. Apparently the AC was being serviced and needed to be off for a 4 days!!! Great timing huh? The minute we entered the doorway, my son was whisked away to the gym for the teenage session and I was directed to the auditorium where the parents session would be held. I needed to pee however, so I was directed across campus to a building that was unlocked with bathrooms. Remember I had on fancy clothes and heels so the walk was horrible. However I did get to pee. I then limped back to the auditorium to find my seat. It was 102 degrees in there. But life sucks so I found a seat.

The information session was actually quite informative and impressive. But for the fact that it was 102 degrees in there. My clothes were sticking to me, my necklaces seemed to hold in the heat and my hair being down just made it all that much worse. Our sessions ended and we were dismissed with a reminder to pick up our teens at 1230p. Only problem was they didn't tell us where to pick them up. I left to see my other son off. He was going to the GREAT WOLF LODGE. So I went home said my goodbyes to him then left for lunch with a friend. After lunch I headed back to the school to fetch my teen. When I pulled up it was unclear exactly where to go. There was a carpoolish line in front of the school. So I got in line with the others only at 1240p I didn't see my kid so I drove around to the back of the school. Where there was yet another carpoolish line. I got in this line and proceeded froward each time someone got their kid. At 1250 I was the only parent in line and all the kids were gone. You see I had gave my son's cell phone to my other son for the day so we had no way of communicating.

The highschool was large and intimidating and I had no clue where I should even begin to look for him. I went from the front of the school to the back looking for my son. No where. I even left and drove to the gas station and returned. Still no son. I felt so bad,. How could I have lost him on his first unofficial day of HS? How did all the other kids find their parents? (cell phones I'm sure) I didn't know what to do. I even thought what if my baby is stuffed into some locker somewhere and needs help. Just irrational thoughts of an overprotective mom.

I thought okay maybe he walked home so I returned home to find a sweaty angry teenager glaring at me from the front porch. After we exchanged the

"where were you?",

"No ,where were you?"

All was well. Just so ya know he will be walking to HS anyway, its only about a mile.

So after we finished the blame game I was off to get princess for her 3 year old psychical. I was so excited to show off how smart princess was. When we arrived she had to have two shots in which she, the drama queen, didn't even cry. Tough like her momma I guess. But you know the part where they ask your child to jump, hop on one foot etc. to see if she can use her gross motor skills? Well she refused to partake in any of that foolishness. She just simply said "No" and remained seated. That's my girl.

Then we were off to pick up yet another kid and then home we went home. Where I encountered a huge phone argument with my resident asshole (on and off fiancee from the past ten years) we are obviously off. This argument was a good one and it was downright nasty. The end result was he decided to sleep in our daughters room. Oooh, tough guy huh?

The good news was that night was the best sleep I've had in 2 weeks!