Friday, August 13, 2010

Blogger Effected by Friday the 13th?

 What the hell is wrong with Blogger!!@?&^%

First it gave me hell logging in!

Then it kept screwing with my formating!

It won't allow me to add pics!

Then while I was editing a post it told me an error occurred!

Then it deleted my entire post!

It was kinda good so I retyped the whole damn thing and in an attempt to italicize something it did the whole thing then wouldn't undo it!

Then deleted it again!

Not sure whose to blame here..... Blogger or Jason but screw it! I'll go have more coffee and maybe try again.

Anyone else having these issues?


  1. I have all kinds of issues with Blogger. I usually do my posts in either Word or Google Docs and then copy/paste it into Blogger so I don't have to fight with it too much.

  2. I haven't posted today yet, but generally, I don't have issues (knock on wood!) LOL!

  3. Jay- Good advice...thanks for that oh and welcome:)

    ETW- I am waiting to see if you will have Friday secrets today

  4. I normally do it in word and then paste it but then you have to fiddle around because the format isn't the same. But yesterday I thought I'd just write it in blogger - it deleted everything. I was so pissed. Then i began again, and it only deleted the good parts and left the beginning. I gave up and went to word and will finish it Monday.

    And as far as signing in - it did that to me several weeks ago and of course I ranted about it. I find blogger very difficult at times. It must be male. :-)

  5. Peg- hadn't thought about the sex of blogger but yes, it must be male. lol

  6. That's funny, I was thinking female.