Wednesday, August 11, 2010

American Idol, American Tragedy, or American Home Wrecker?

Last night I saw a news story that Fantasia of American Idol Season 3 was being sued for "alienation of affection" by the wife of a married man that she had been seeing for about a year. Fantasia, if proven to have carried on an affair with this man could lose everything. In the good ole state of North Carolina where I proudly live, You can sue the bitch that "stole your husband" and lucky for Mrs. Cook the one who stole hers is quite wealthy. This really surprised me. Fantasia is very talented and seems to be an overall decent person. She had a reality show a bit ago and I watched it not because I was a huge fan but because there wasn't much else going on. I had learned that Fantasia has a large family of siblings, parents, extended relatives, and her own daughter that were all depending on her financially. This was a reality show. An attempt to have her rise again from the dust that ensued after a bad album release. You saw many aspects of her home, personal, and professional life. What you didn't see was her beau Antwaun Cook who apparently is married with kids.

So apparently the wife alledges that Fantasia has wined, dined, and flew her husband all over in attempt to destroy her marriage. There are alledged sex tapes, rude phone messages from Fantasia to the wife and many photos of Fantasia with the husband. There are photos of them holding hands, jet skiing etc. You can tell from the photos that they are definitely an item on one level or another.

I at first tended to feel a bit sorry for Fantasia as she has had a rough ride and is not the prettiest of stars so maybe she just got caught up. But then I heard of and saw this.....

She apparently got the mans name tattooed on her shoulder and then paraded it for all to see. So then I thought of the wife with the kids at home. And I felt her pain and rage. Damn. it is one thing to carry on an affair with a married man (which I do not believe in by the way) But to parade it around for the world to see and then tattoo it on your body! WTF! That showed real lack of empathy of Fantasias part.

Then this morning it is reported that Fantasia attempted to commit suicide. Sad, but I wondered if this was an attempt to invoke sympathy on her behalf? Was it sorrow for the millions she stands to lose? Was it general sorrow for what she had done? Who knows? Here is her official statement on the event. Fanatsia had been asked previously on a radio interview if the rumors were true and she said No. So is she now embarrassed that she is shown to be a liar? Where the hell is Antwaun at? His ass was all over the magazine covers a while ago and he is tattooed on her body but where is he now? Shouldn't he have something to say about all this? Was this a planned scandal between him and his wife to set up Fantasia?

I guess the part that intrigues me the most is being able to sue someone for stealing your husband. I'm glad there is a legal way to get revenge on a home wrecker but I would much prefer to kick her ass and vandalize her property. The thing that bothers me the most is as it almost always is these two women are fighting over Anwtuan, who works at a Tmobile store. And Antwaun seems to be scott free. I think I feel like the woman should sue her husband after all isn't he the one who vowed to remain faithful to her? But I guess if he works at Tmobile he doesn't have a whole lot to get.

What do you think about the whole lawsuit thing? Are you in support of this? If you were the wife would you sue the mistress?


  1. Absolutely not. He is his own person and his decisions have very little to do with wife #1. None of us are gaurenteed a long and happy wedded life. If it happens, GREAT. If not, it's heartbreaking, but we have to move on. Sad either way.

  2. Ummm ... you never felt outrage at the husband??

    If the wife sues anyone, it should be the husband. *HE* is the one *SHE* had a "contract" with. Suing the mistress just makes the wife look like a money-grubbing wench (IMHO)

  3. I so don't agree with a lawsuit for this. You are right that the husband is just as much to blame why isn't he being sued?

    I don't believe in revenge. I honestly don't. I have been cheated on by 1st hubby. Karma did it's job. I didn't need to stoop to that level.

    Besides you have to move on as was said above.
    Revenge is like poison that YOU drink hoping for the other person to die.
    Never makes you feel better and it's toxic.

  4. Screw the lawsuit. Kick the husband to the curb, get a divorce and move on. As for Fantasia? Don't waste the time messin' with her. Cheers Roc!!

  5. Well, I am surprised at all the responses. Not one vicious, vengeful woman on the blog site? Well, I personally would make him my primary target but I do feel, against the popular vote, that she should pay a price too. If they had a quiet affair that would be better than showcasing it all over the world, with pics, tapes, and tattoos. And the fact that Fantasia actually called this woman a few times kinda means to me that not only did you run around with my husband and kids dad but you called me to rub it in. Which to me, means that you kinda started it with me. As if having my husband wasn't enough! I know this is kindergarten -like but I am just being frank. This story struck a nerve with me because I am dealing with something similar. I do not have a husband/bf that is cheating on me that I'm aware of but I do have a little situation on my hands as well. maybe thats why I am so angry.