Friday, August 6, 2010

A Day Off In Raquel's World

Last Thursday (my day off) started at 6am. Had to get Princess off to daycare and Mason off to school. We had "Freshman Camp" scheduled at 8am at our local high school. This is the day where the kids and parents get to familiarize themselves with the high school, it's policies and procedures.

The info we received said that there would be a session for our teens and then a parent session. The parent session ended at 10am and the teen session ended at 1230p. the parents should return by then and pick their kids up carpool style. I am a jeans, T-shirt, minimal jewelry, flip flops, hair-clip kinda gal. But since this was the schools first viewing of me I decided to make it more official. I arrived in slacks, heels, a fancy shirt and accessories that made me the envy of all ..My hair was down and flowing and I was ready to go. Here I am here all dolled up. Classy huh?

As we entered the building the first thing I noticed was that the bathrooms were out of order. I pee.....A LOT..kinda like a pregnant old lady

and since I had had lots of restroom was a huge issue for me. The next thing I noticed was it was about 99 degrees in there. Apparently the AC was being serviced and needed to be off for a 4 days!!! Great timing huh? The minute we entered the doorway, my son was whisked away to the gym for the teenage session and I was directed to the auditorium where the parents session would be held. I needed to pee however, so I was directed across campus to a building that was unlocked with bathrooms. Remember I had on fancy clothes and heels so the walk was horrible. However I did get to pee. I then limped back to the auditorium to find my seat. It was 102 degrees in there. But life sucks so I found a seat.

The information session was actually quite informative and impressive. But for the fact that it was 102 degrees in there. My clothes were sticking to me, my necklaces seemed to hold in the heat and my hair being down just made it all that much worse. Our sessions ended and we were dismissed with a reminder to pick up our teens at 1230p. Only problem was they didn't tell us where to pick them up. I left to see my other son off. He was going to the GREAT WOLF LODGE. So I went home said my goodbyes to him then left for lunch with a friend. After lunch I headed back to the school to fetch my teen. When I pulled up it was unclear exactly where to go. There was a carpoolish line in front of the school. So I got in line with the others only at 1240p I didn't see my kid so I drove around to the back of the school. Where there was yet another carpoolish line. I got in this line and proceeded froward each time someone got their kid. At 1250 I was the only parent in line and all the kids were gone. You see I had gave my son's cell phone to my other son for the day so we had no way of communicating.

The highschool was large and intimidating and I had no clue where I should even begin to look for him. I went from the front of the school to the back looking for my son. No where. I even left and drove to the gas station and returned. Still no son. I felt so bad,. How could I have lost him on his first unofficial day of HS? How did all the other kids find their parents? (cell phones I'm sure) I didn't know what to do. I even thought what if my baby is stuffed into some locker somewhere and needs help. Just irrational thoughts of an overprotective mom.

I thought okay maybe he walked home so I returned home to find a sweaty angry teenager glaring at me from the front porch. After we exchanged the

"where were you?",

"No ,where were you?"

All was well. Just so ya know he will be walking to HS anyway, its only about a mile.

So after we finished the blame game I was off to get princess for her 3 year old psychical. I was so excited to show off how smart princess was. When we arrived she had to have two shots in which she, the drama queen, didn't even cry. Tough like her momma I guess. But you know the part where they ask your child to jump, hop on one foot etc. to see if she can use her gross motor skills? Well she refused to partake in any of that foolishness. She just simply said "No" and remained seated. That's my girl.

Then we were off to pick up yet another kid and then home we went home. Where I encountered a huge phone argument with my resident asshole (on and off fiancee from the past ten years) we are obviously off. This argument was a good one and it was downright nasty. The end result was he decided to sleep in our daughters room. Oooh, tough guy huh?

The good news was that night was the best sleep I've had in 2 weeks!


  1. 10yr engagement? Wow that has to be a record Raquel.
    Did you not just do e-harmony?
    Aren't I being nosey?

    I'm glad you found your son at home and unharmed. What a day. I don't know how you mom's do all that chauffeur around all day. I give you big creds for that.

  2. Sounds like a day that was good to be over.

  3. We live about a mile from our high school too, but like you, I would have panicked! Glad he got home okay.

  4. When I walk into a place that has either no a/c or the restrooms are closed, I usually turn around and leave. Well, I can always go pee behind a tree, so I might haves stayed with the closed restrooms. But, I don't do no a/c. haha

  5. Peg- Yes ten+ years. On and off. We live together but it is currently off. Neither of us can afford to move so there we are. A couple months ago, I put him out...hence the EHarmony thing. ( it had been bad between us for a while) Then he couldn't make it financially and pay child support and neither could I make it financially receiving sporadic child support so now he's back. Hope that clears it up.

    Mike- Yes it was so good to be over

    ETW-Yes he's old enough that I knew he was fine but I felt really bad being the ONLY parent that couldn't find her kid.

    Jay-Well I had been without AC for 6 weeks of the summer anyway so even though it was miserable I had built up a bit of an immunity to hell like temps.

  6. If you visit DC, you'll be prepared. AC in most places (especially the Metro system) doesn't work, and it's tough to find a rest room that any human would want to enter without a moon suit.

  7. Bilbo- glad I don't live there. I would imagine not only would the metro be hot but I would guess it is stanky.