Friday, August 27, 2010

I Almost Slapped Another Ho

Please disregard all my previous tweets, status updates on facebook and woohah comments on everyone else's posts about back to school wonderment. It is only day 3...I am exhausted, frustrated, burnt-out, irritated etc. etc.

My bad scheduling left me with a to do list of items that needed to be done (prior to today) a mile long. And with everything else going on I was exhausted. I had homework and housework, and appointments oh my, not to mention I work full time.

When I arrived home last night after stopping for gas, groceries, an eye doc app, dropping off paperwork, renewing a gym membership, running an errand for work, all after working all day it was already 630p. And I was CRABBY.
My son told me that he needed a sports psychical by morning!!%$##$?
You see, he is trying out for football and apparently he cannot try out without that form. I knew he needed one for playing sports but not for trying out. I also did not know tryouts were the freaking first day of school! Okay, technicaly the second but still too soon.

This presented a huge challenge b/c as I have mentioned before my doc is an hour away. The office was closed so I could not make an appointment and I had to be at work at 730am the next day and the doc only opened at 830a. So I was screwed to the max. I tried reasoning with my son offering to email the coach asking for additional time to get the psychical done. But he was adamant that without it he would not get to try out and it would ruin his whole year and his life. Since this was my Marlon and he doesn't ask for much or give me much trouble I wanted to make him happy. The best plan I could come up with was to have my RA (resident asshole) show up there at 830am and beg and plead for them to do it somehow even though we did not have an appointment.

Yes, I know, I know inconsiderate, preposterous, etc. etc. But what was I do to? So that was the plan. Around 10pm (way too late to be knocking on someones damn door) The neighbor came over to ask if my son could walk her son to school. I said sure and the plans were made.
This morning I realized duh that Marlon had promised to walk the boy to school but he was not going to school. We did not want to back out or make the little boy late as he would have waited for my son to arrive so we decided that Marlon would get up and walk the boy to school but then return home. Which he did.

At work an hour later I receive a phone call from the school informing me that my son was skipping. As annoyed as I was, I was also grateful and impressed that they saw him and called. I explained exactly what was going on and where Marlon was. The assistant principal replied "that school attendance was more important than sports and that he should be in school if he isn't sick."

Hmmm that seemed a bit smart-assy. But I tried to explain to her that maybe if the school had provided parents with more than a 12 hour notice that something of that nature would be required he would have been in school. But when I weighed out missing a couple periods compared to missing an entire year of football it seemed like the logical choice.

She then informed me that the school board policy states that when a child is not present at school that day they cannot participate in any school related functions after school. Okay that's a good sound policy but I believe my son is out because of the schools inadequacy to properly inform me of something. And he would be at school... just late. She seemed annoyed at the conversation, and me, quite frankly, so I told her I did not think it was fair to just not allow him to try out since the whole reason he was not there was so that he could try out.

She suggested I email the coach and see if he would make an exception. So I did send the coach the sweetest email but if he had said no. I would went up there and went the hell off. I woulda had to "slap that ho" too. But anyway, coach said yes. So now I just hope now he makes the team.


  1. Hope he makes the team, especially after all that you have had to go through!

  2. OMG what a day. I hope he makes the team and the snippy bitch in office gets a really bad cold from all the snotty kids. so there.

  3. Don't you just love the logic of a beaurocracy?

  4. Ahhh, gotta love the "last minute" school policies!

  5. I always love the little last minute hidden surprises that the school can provide.

    If I was crafty I would make a little ho doll that you could smack into walls and stuff when people frustrate you. However since the only things I know how to make are desserts and children, I will leave that to someone else.

  6. Chandra & Peg- Thanks,,,I hope so too

    ETW & Mike- Yeah the school is also messing with me, but usually I win so alls well that ends well

    Another suburban Mom- I love that idea as a matter of fact if any crafty person on here, has some free time would make me a "ho doll" I would forever be grateful. That was a super idea. Oh and you're also good at HNT photos!

  7. Oh Holy Crap ! I'll go smack the ho for ya - and the coach....nasty nasty. Our school did the same thing for softball ! Sheesh !

  8. Ok, my kid is only in kindergarten and I'm just as exhausted and worn out by it all too! UGH! It's totally screwing up my schedule, not to mention hubs is working-aholicly this week b/c of rennovations he has to supervise etc., and I'm gonna go shove my head in the oven. Bye.

  9. Mama 4Real- The oven! What a grand idea. LOL It is so exhausting trying to keep up with kids in school. Thank god we get 7-8 hours to figure it out each day while they are out of our hair.

    To Everyone Else- Thanks! He made it!

  10. Suburban Mom's "since the only things I know how to make are desserts and children" <- GENIUS. I think we'd get along. I need to make more of both.

    Congrats on making the team!!

  11. The secretary at my Kids’ school must think they have really bad teeth. Anytime I pick them up early or drop them off late I say, “Dentist Appointment”.
    Glad he made the team!

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