Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If I Disappear,,,, I Am Dead


Again I complain about these sick kids! Again and again and again and in case you missed the first installment check it out here. So last week that mom of the boy who I had cared for the week prior called to inform me he had chicken pox. Awesome right? So then Monday I decided to bring my princess and 3 other toddlers to work for a play group, not to mention the other customers we had. Well CPM (chicken pox mom) called to ask if her CPS (chicken pox son) could come to play!#@#!

I said "hmm let me double check on that and call you back." Our company sick policy just states that "a child having chicken pox may return once all the spots had scabbed over". So I frantically searched the internet for some, any reason to not allow the boy to come. It just seemed too soon. Everything I found said about a week to ten days, it had been exactly 10 days. I called my boss for some back up on the matter and she said let him come. So I had to let him come.

Now what I did not tell you is that this is a family with three kids it was the middle one who had the chicken pox. CPM showed up with all three kids!!! Any idiot knows that the siblings usually get the pox between 1-3 weeks after the first so they were in prime contagious season. I called the owner again and told her what was going down, she asked if the kids had any visible signs of CP. They did not but they usually don't. After all I am a medical internet professional.
So we had to keep the 3 infected kids for several hours.

Now today the baby is here and she def has the chicken pox. She has fresh bumps, and cold symptoms.
And her mom is not answering her phone. I too am having all the symptoms of having the pox cept for the rash. My throat and head hurt and I just generally feel ick. But I have had the CP before so supposedly I am safe. So if I disappear from blogger world for a while, I am not on hiatus, or vacation, I am sick as hell with Chicken pox (shingles) or dead.


  1. I can't belive the Mom isn't answering her phone!!

    YOu should be okay but I have heard of people getting the CP more then once so keep your eye on it...NOW that would be catastrophic...cause who would help you when you are down and out...Oh I the CPM so she can come over and watch your kids!

  2. Wow, good luck with all that. Sorry to hear it. Cheers Roc!!

  3. Chandra- Oh believe it, It happens all the time. Anyways I don't want CPM watching over me, I mean after all she dropped her kids off when they were sick. Doesn't show good mothering.

    Matt-Man- Yeah thanks and good luck with your on the job BS as well.

  4. shingles - been there done that. And they run 10+ days too. If you don't do something in the first 3 days, no medicine helps. And it usually takes 5 days to think 'this stuff isn't going away'.

  5. Mike- OMG- What do you take? Hurry I only have 3 days!

  6. I am finding it hard to believe that this mother is so friggin stupid and friggin' inconsiderate. And how can there not be rules in place that this typhoid Mary can't bring her sick kids in when an internet doctor could have told everyone they were carriers and would be sick and spreading it on to the other "healthy" children?

    OMG I would be raging mad.

  7. Isn't getting the CP vaccine mandatory there? It is here. It doesn't mean the kid WON'T get CP, but it's waaaay less likely.

    Regardless, stupid mom should have known better!! Arrrggghh!

  8. Dang kids. And their parents.

    Hope you don't catch anything. And I definitely hope you don't die!

  9. It's a presrciption and I don't know what it was because it was to late to take it. The doctor just went 'eh, your almost over it anyway. Go home'.

  10. I hate it when parents try to get away with that kind of stuff! It's so rude! Hope you got ahold of her!

  11. Peg- I just love your use of the word friggin. Lol It's okay to say fuckin on my blog.

    ETW- Well we are an unregulated childcare place, its more retail, therefore we are exempt from following state regulations. Works in our advantage in a lot of ways. This time it worked against us. So there is no immunizations required.

    Jay- Thanks- I feel a bit better today so I may have dodged the grim reaper for now.

    Mike- Thanks that was helpful.:)

    Mama4Real- Yes, so rude. You'd be surprised to know how many parents are just concerned about their agendas and not the greater good of all the kids. I did finally get up with mom but only after it was too late.

  12. good luck with everything, love the pics you use to illustrate your posts