Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Done Got Myself A Stalker

It all started with a small note tacked to my cork board at my desk at work. A simple note. Someone had jotted down that they had come by for a job, was a single mom yet SUPER flexible, could work anytime any day and was seeking employment with our company. She left her contact info; name, email and phone # and asked that I call her either way.

A little annoyed by the request to "call either way", I emailed the lady letting her know that there were no openings right now. She responded back very nicely and said that she was a single mom, (irrelevant and inappropriate in a job inquiry) and really wanted to work here and people were her passion. Sure. Lame. So if anything opened up could I please keep her in mind. Simple enough.

Later that day an employee told me she would need to take two weeks off for surgery. So I immediately thought of the lovely lady that loved people. I emailed her back and told her there may be an opening position for her. Details were: it would be a two week position and then after that she could work weekends if she wanted to stay until something else opened up. The shift would start at 2pm and she would need to work 2 Saturdays a month. I just had one small question, since she had mentioned being a single mom now 3 times I just wanted to make sure she had childcare worked out for her child in the evenings.

She responded by saying that she was so excited, and she could be here a 4pm...duh, I said 2pm is when it started...and childcare was no problem because she would just bring her daughter to work with her. Uh, No.

So I emailed her back and said that the start time was not flexible and I certainly could not push it back to 4pm. Also the child could not come to work with her so sorry but at this time it didn't seem like it would work. I asked her to let me know if her situation changed and we could maybe revisit her employment with us at that time.

She emailed back thanking me and then adding that she would like to come by and meet me.
She wanted to "share her life story, her past goals and paths before deciding to have her wonderful daughter 7 years ago and give me the opportunity to get to know her family." Weird! But I chalked it up to just being overzealous about landing a job. I told her via email that at this time my focus would be on filling the gaps in my schedule but thanked her for her time.

My staff called me Friday night to tell me that this lady showed up at 930p and wanted a tour. She told them she was a friend of mine. A tour takes five minutes, ten tops. Staff said that it took her 45 minutes and it was impossible to get rid of her. She was asking our staff a lot of personal questions about where they lived, how old they were, if they closed together. Did they walk out to their cars together at night?
They eventually got rid of her, so they thought, She returned 10 minutes later with a pizza box. She explained that she had dinner earlier and couldn't finish the pizza there was one slice. She said the pizza was really good and she thought I'd like it. The staff explained that I did not return to work until Monday. So she suggested that they put it in the fridge for me. Or the girls could eat it themselves. The staff told her that I was a picky eater so there was no need to leave it. So then she strongly encouraged that the staff on duty eat it. They of course must have looked creeped out. Obviously sensing their suspicions she promised there was nothing wrong with it, it was not poisoned she swears. They wanted to get rid of her so they accepted the pizza hoping she would leave. She headed for the door then returned to tell them that she and I had been chatting online (the only correspondence I ever had with this woman was the few employment emails from the work email) She told staff that she and I were both single, divorced moms and she was hoping to call me. One lil problem... she didn't have my number. After staff refused to give out my number, Smart, she asked them to tell me that she would love to meet for coffee and maybe IM each other sometime. Uh no thanks.

She finally left and then retuned 5 minutes later to ask if they knew anyone selling a swing set. Umm, usually 7 year olds are over the whole swing set thing. And then she left.
Monday morning there was email from her to me just simply stating that she had worked something out with childcare and was ready to meet. Too bad you wasted your time. About an hour after reviewing and not responding to her email a car pulled in front of our shop which is all windows. There was a lady inside she stopped in front and stared directly in the window for a weird length of time, When I went up to get a closer look she sped off.

Okay, a few things here...How the hell did she know I was divorced and a single mom?
I am actually not a single mom but I am a single mom. She and I are definitely not friends I have never met the lady although something tells me I will soon.

So tell me, stalker, psycho or just really needing a job?


  1. stalker and psycho. I'd alert authorities. Seriously.
    She needs help. And how did she know this stuff about you? That is where my mind went immediately when you stated she said that.

    I'd be careful. I'd not walk to my car alone.
    She knows too much.
    I also hope you kept your emails. you may need them.

    God this is scary Raquel. Be careful!

  2. Yeah, I would take this chick pretty seriously. As in gather all her info and document her activities just in case.

    People are strange.

  3. Actually Peg I appreciate your concern But I am not scared at all. Turns out she has a "bum leg" So If she did approach me I would just knock the good one out from under her and then it would be on.(this is so inappropriate, I know)

    Honestly, I did wonder exactly that too. How does she know all that info about me and why the hell is he trying to poison me. All I can say to stalker lady is bring it on!

    Jay-See above comments :)

  4. Yikes she sounds scary. I would cut off all communication with her, because she seems to not be getting the point. If she comes by again, I would just tell her sorry but she needs to be leaving now. Good luck!

  5. I would say all three are relevant. She's bat shit crazy for sure!!! You be careful of her..next thing you know she's going to be waiting outside your house and if that ever happens...LORD call 911 immediatly!!!

  6. Carolyn & Chandra- Thanks for the concern. at least I have memorialized her here on this blog so if she gets me the po-po will know where to start looking.

  7. What comes to mind is Restraining Order and quickly. Yikes.

  8. That is really scary. What if she tries to follow you home from work??::shudder:: If you see that car again, send a coworker out for recon and get the plate #.

  9. There is no good reason for a single mom who needs a job to be so involved with a woman who has clearly told her there is no job.

    All your co-workers should be aware of the situation. If you have a beat cop let him know the situation. A woman with a bum leg can still kill you from half a block with a gun.

  10. Ummmm ... CREEPY! And STOP being nice. Seriously.

  11. Yeah, creepy. Especially that she came to your place of business, requested a tour, and then told your staff that she was your friend???

    NO WAY. If she shows up again, alert the authorities.

  12. Well thanks for everyones concern.
    Especially Charlene for reminding me she could still get me with a gun. I thought of that but somehow hearing someone else say it makes it more serious.

    Funny thing is she has introduced herself to everyone here but me. I have yet to meet the lady. I just can't hep being curious how she picked me. I am hoping its because Im the manager here and no other reason than that.

    Anyways, all has been quiet here. Since her last email, that I didn't respond to, I have not heard from her. So we'll see.

  13. Ha. Wow, I love freaky people. But, that's kinda damn creepy. Cheers Roc!!