Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hi...My name is Raquel and I am an Addict

I have an addiction. A really bad, bad, bad addiction. And I need help.

See I do not consider my self the addictive type. I smoke; but only at night, drink; but only at social events, curse, but only at my kids (just kidding now, call off child protective services) 

Anyways, I'm not a big health nut.If you have read my last post, you will know that I am trying to make small changes in my eating habits. One of them is fat. Counting Fat grams. Not excessively but just becoming a bit more aware in the hopes that I can shed this Rhino-like shape  I've adapted. 

To the point..a coworker and I occasionally bring in things for one another...coffee, muffins biscuits, treats, etc. Well one day she brought me something that changed my life for the better at the time and now for the worse. It was something I'd never had before and it was so damn good you can soon find yourself selling off your goods to have it. Yes, dammit, it is that good . And  I know it' s not just me because when I am in line at the drive thru I see every car ahead of me get one too. Here it is....
OMG! This is the best shit ever...ever! I went a lil outta control at first and was getting one of these bad boys everyday. Not good for the budget or the waistline. Then I cut back to 3 a week. When I started my "diet" I said no more period! Okay then maybe 1 per week. But I simply cannot live without them. The fat grams in one is 24fat grams, and trust me that is waaay up there. So I've really tried to stay away but I dream about them, I see them in the road when driving at night, When my kids call "mama!" I hear "mocha!". I cannot control it. I have even skipped meals to make room for the drink. I need help fast. Someone hurry before this drink does me in. I'm actually drinking one while writing this post. Damn it I hate Mcdonalds!
Heres some pics to drive home my point.
Before Mocha

Before Mocha
                                                                                                                                                   Me After Mocha

So have you had this? Am I alone here. If you haven't had this then please share your addiction with me?


  1. cute pout! the mccafe machine was always broken where i was for the longest...

  2. Yes those are YUMMY! My addiction just happens to be the Vanilla Ice coffee if I have my choice. Oh.Em.Good!!!!

    Damn McDonals. They get us when we are young and they get us when we're...older! :)

  3. The Eternal List- That is one time you shoulda been ahppy trust me.

    Chandra- Just Damn McDonalds

  4. If it makes you feel any better there is much more sugar in those drinks that make your glycemic level spike and keep weight on you or to gain than fat grams to harm you.

    that bitch!

  5. Peg- Nope, doesn't help but thanks anyway.

  6. This one thing I can do without. I do like their coffee, though, and I have to have 4 creams and 4 sugars for the medium size. That is probably just as bad.

  7. First of all, you could be addicted to something much worse. You could be a pack a day smoker, a drug addict and I don't mean OTC drugs, you could be a child abuser, a chronic bank robber.

    I've tasted the object of your obsession. They put a coupon in the paper and I got a free one when they were first offered. They are good.

  8. I can't stand coffee. The bitterness drives a spike into my brain. And nothing can cover it up.

  9. I've tried them and find them to be gross. Then again, I'm weird about liquids. I typically only drink ice water and wine. I can't even force myself to drink soda. But, I AM a weirdo! :-)

  10. I agree with Charlene. There are far less worse addictions. Cheers Roc!!

  11. ETW- Gross? You are a weirdo Lol

    Matt & Charlene- True but remind me of that when I am 800lbs

    Mike- You so struck me as coffee guy. And hey these things are not bitter. No siree. I really want you to try it..plz, for me? I think it was you who suggested some Kettle Cooked chips not too long ago..(although I do get you and The Eternal List confused sometimes).I tried them and changed my photo per your suggestion so you owe me, just try it okay?

    Linda- 4 creams, 4 sugars, Hmmmm Maybe just get the Frappe? It may be less bad.

  12. Raquel,
    I had a similar reaction after trying the cafe vanilla frappuccino from Starbucks. I used to talk so much crap about the Starbucks Yuppies and their $5 coffee. Then, one hot summer day, my mom brings me in what is left of her icy cold beverage and swears it's the best thing since brownies. I took my first sip and I knew it was going to be all down hill from there. My own mother did this to me. I was skipping on cigarettes to afford these goddamn drinks! Cigarettes! That's when I knew I had a problem.
    Since, I have slowly tapered my consumption down to maybe one or 2 a month. I can't say what my secret to success was, as I am not entirely sure. I think it had something to do with Summer fading into Winter and the drinks not being quite as refreshing as they once were (though they still remained to be incredibly tasty).Also, I think the fact that after looking through receipts for the month at the end of that Summer, the total amount spent on Starbucks alone could have paid a utility bill. Talk about an intervention.
    Good luck with your recovery. There are 12 step meetings for everything. You can always hit me up for support.

  13. I hear you, I've had the addiction, in my case it was Starbucks...you name it. toffee nut latte, frappuccinos, Seattle chilled lattes...luckily there are few in Germany !! Although they do have specialty McCafes everywhere...I have yet to try! :-Z