Wednesday, September 8, 2010

About My Damned Day

Started off with a last minute sports checkup for my oldest son. He wants to play BasketBall. These damned kids and all their dreams.

Anyways one of my coworkers had a horrible tragedy in her family on Labor Day and could not come in to work. Which left me scrambling to find a relief person so that I could go pick my kids up on time. Well that in itself was a Freaking nightmare. I was in a panic because no one would come to work except my grief stricken coworker who really needed to be with her family. But I have kids all over town that I am responsible for picking up so I was down to that being my only option. I felt like shit about that because I am also the coworkers closest friend and it was hugely insensitive for me to ask her to come in but I could not just not go get my kids. Anyways in the last minutes another super special coworker bailed me out. Thank God! As for the rest of them, they suck. That's how I feel right now anyways.

So I got stuck at work late and left rushing (but going the speed limit) to make it to pick up all the kids in time. I did make it by the way but the commute was quite entertaining. I was shot the bird 3 times! It was all I could do to not plow down the jerkoffs that were so blatantly rude to me and ram their damn cars off the road, drag them out and whop some traffic ass.....

but I just smiled sweetly and shot the birdies right on back.

When I arrived at preschool to pick up the princess I was horrified that she had a big yellow sticker attached to her as a reminder for me to send in the family photo they had asked me for 3 times already that I had forgotten.I was so embarraseed. I tried to remove the yellow sticker but my daughter thought it was a "prize" so we had to wear it out for the whole town to see that mommy sucked. I felt like the sticker said.....
I was so embarrassed but it worked, You can damn sure can believe they got that photo today.

I arrived home 2 hours past my usual time and all the kids are starving so I throw some pork and rice in a pot to cook and then I am informed that my football son needs football cleats now. Now or else he cannot play tomorrow. He had cleats. Where are they? I asked. Thats when I learned that different sports have different cleats. We apparently had the wrong ones. Who the hell knew? Well appparently everyone but me. Payday is long gone so I quickly rummaged through my purse and accounts to see if I could pull this off. I managed to come up with $50.So we headed out to the closest shoe store praying they would carry cleats. They did..

Baseball Cleats $19
Soccer Cleats- $25
Football Cleats $48 damn dollars!!!!!

So we gave the clerk my last few dollars and headed home broke, late, tired, hungry but nonetheless perepared for the next day. I managed to get the kids fed and showered and homework done by 9p. Then just as I began to relax an annoying coworker texted me with a schedule request. I explained nicely that "due to the fact that no one could help me out today or any other day for that matter I am way behind, off the clock and had my own personal responsibilities that needed taken care of and I would consider it in the morning upon my return" She sent several other texts with her "requests" and I eventually told her a small piece of my mind before she stopped texting me.

10p- finally all is done the pumpkins are nestled away and the tub is calling my name as I ran my tub water my son informed me that he had melted his mouthguard and would need one by morning.
No way was I going back out. Too bad I replied. But I did manage to get him 5 mouth guards to school in time today. Anyway my day sucked how bout yours?


  1. Doesn't it just figure...your the one who needs the help this time around and you get nothing in return..yet you are expected to be the one helping everyone else...grrrr.

    I am a firm believer in Karma...she's a bitch and it will bite your co-workers in the ass one day.

    Hope tomorrow is a better one!

  2. Ugh - I do hope tomorrow is a MUCH better day!

  3. Mike- Yes a prize- At that age anything bright and sticky is a treasure.

    Chandra- Yeah- I am super flexible with the staff often rearranging my own schedule to make sure they can attend things that they need to do, so yup, I was pretty pissed.

    ETW- Yesterday was much better. I even left early, had some time home ALONE, bout an hour and went to bed by 9. Awesome.

  4. OMG what a horrible day.
    That is so comforting to know I am not alone. I am sorry it sucked but being the bitch I am you see, misery loves company.

  5. Love those kinds of days. They're usually the same days I get my period, realize I didn't pay the phone bill (because they're is no dial tone) and get a reminder that there is a field trip form I didn't fill out last month so my daughter is staying home tomorrow. If I'm really lucky the dog will eat a bar of soap or a sock or something and keep us up all night listening to barf and worrying about whether or not to call the vet.
    Good Times

  6. The Lady's Lounge- Glad to know I'm not alone. What is the "lady's Lounge". I'm gonna have to hop over and check that out.

  7. I hope you had a maragarita the size of your head after this day! You deserve it!