Thursday, September 2, 2010


Yes...more bitching. I should rename my blog the Bitch Chronicles.

Today's topic for bitching will be rude-ass coworkers who eat up all my shit.

I am the ONLY staff member that works everyday. Everyone else is part-time. Since I am always here I stock the cabinets and fridge with my lunches, drinks, snacks, breakfasts etc. Both to save money and pounds. Awhile ago I noticed that my shit was disappearing at an alarming rate. So In a recent memo I asked staff to please not eat something with someones (mine) name on it because it was just rude and inconsiderate. I asked them to please ask if they just had to have it. I have received phone calls at night from staff asking if they could have a soda or bagel and I ALWAYS say yes.
I bought these lovely nuts.....No not those...these

They were quite costly. I noticed when I went to get some the first time that the seal had been broken, I did not panic just assumed someone opened them....RUDE! I ate about 10 nuts then a few days later noticed that half the damn can was gone! EVEN RUDER!

Today I went for some nuts and heres what I got....

OMG! Boy was I pissed. Seriously if you are gonna eat my shit then at lest leave me as much as you are gonna steal! So I decided to write this little note.

"Soooo..You're the one who ate all my nuts! How does it feel to prepare to eat something only to find someone else has eaten it all? That's how I feel. Now, just imagine if you had paid for it, you'd feel even worse than you do now. SUCKA!"

This is what I wanted to say "yeah bitch, it was your greedy ass that ate all my nuts! You selfish whore could you not have asked me? At the very minimum could you not have saved me at least a 1/3 of what I paid for. You know what you should do? Grow a pair! Of Nuts that is. You are cold Busted Biznitcch!

Well anyways, when they open the can to steal some more they will get a little surprise compliments of yours truly.


  1. I never did the 'stuff in the frig' at work thing just because of that.

  2. At a girl! I can't believe someone would just blatenly eat your shit...and I know those nuts aren't cheap, it's exaclty why I don't buy them!

    Can you keep your food at your desk or is tht too much of a pain? Luckily where I work MOST people respect the rules of OPP(you down with OPP (Yea, you know me) Who's down with OPP (every last homie)! LOL!

  3. Ha ha! That is a great retort. I would seriously start hiding my stuff in a locked drawer or something.

  4. I'd somehow get EXLAX into the food; not rat poison like you'd want to just something that made the thief uncomfortable.

    We had the opposite problem. When we bought our first office building with a very nice little kitchen; sink, stove, refrigerator, microwave, I bought a full set of 8 place settings of plates and stainless. Evereything was clean and put away in the cabinet. A note on the sink, "Please wash the dishes you use."

    My office not where I could see who was using what, but every evening all the plates and utensils were dirty, so I washed everything and put it away. This went on for weeks. One week end I took all the dishes and utensils home.

    There was a lot of bitching and griping; "I don't know why you had to take the dishes away, we bring our lunches!" I just smiled and didn't have to wash any more dishes!

  5. Mike- Well, I kinda have no options. I can't afford to eat out all week but don't worry I'm on the case.

    Chandra- Im just shocked that you know the lyrics to OPP, I would have never guessed. That's great!

    ETW- We will see what happens now that they have been properly warned. And no, I can't hide my stuff at the desk, lots of it needs to be refrigerated we're gonna see where this gets me.

    Charlene- Don't you just hate that people are too damn lazy to wash their dishes, seriously! I'm glad you took the dishes home. I would've bought plastic ware then deducted the cost of it from their pay, except that's probably illegal.

  6. That is really rude!! I'd be pissed to especially with those nuts, they are awesome! I love the comment about putting exlax in the food! lol!

    Thanks for visiting my guest blog over at scary mommy, did you say you were going to try for a 5th...more power to you!! Happy Friday!

  7. Danielle- I did NOT say I was gonna try for a 5th! NO way! I think you misread that but Ima go back and check just to make sure. Anyways, My pleasure reading your blog. It was great!~

  8. that's why i don't leave my lunch in the fridge at work. there are about 80 people there with access and my lunch has been snatched more times than i can count. wait. it's not safe at my desk 'cus money has been stolen out of my purse before lol damn biznitches is right....

  9. I like to hide my food in my desk. If I want communal food, I put it in the communal place.

    However, I love the note.

  10. Caryl- I can't believe someone would steal your entire lunch! And money from your purse!! Where the hell do you work?