Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Take on the VMA's

Well first off, I love Chelsea Handler, but I really thought she could have been much funnier. Except for when she came out with a huge house on her head to poke fun at Lady Gaga, now I did think that shit was funny.
Eminem- Loved it, Love him. Anytime a white boy can handle his biz in the rap game I got nothing but respect.
Rihanna- Okay, could we have come up with a different outfit and wig. I really wasn't feeeling it.

Taylor Swift- Looked beautiful, but quite frankly I think she has milked this Kanye West thing a bit too much. Time to move on Taylor. She came off a bit too sad and melancholy. I would have preferred an upbeat F-U song or at least a funny remark about the incident. Here's Miss Teardrop Taylor.
Kanye- PLEASE get over yourself. I am a fan of Kanye's music but really cannot stand him as an individual at all. He is arrogant and pompous and extremely annoying. I thought his song had a decent sound but really couldn't get the ballerinas symbolism in a song about "toasting douchebags, and jerkoffs. However I did find the symbolism of two mics savvy. (one was supposed to be for Taylor) But he in general just gets on my nerves.
My personal Fav for the night was Justin Beiber- Thats right I love Justin Beiber! Not in an incestual( of incest) kinda way but a motherly way. I just wanna make Justin Beiber a big ole bowl of oatmeal and go through his phone and scare off the lil hos that are texting him. That's just the kinda momma I am. But he is such a little sweet pea!

Lyndsay Lohan- Should've spent more time in rehab. Period.

So to be honest I did not watch the show in its entirety, just skimmed through it to see the acts that peaked my interest the most. I cannot spare two plus hours of that not when Bachelor Pad and 90210 was on. But I watched enough to put in my two cents.

So what did you think of the MTV Music Awards?


  1. actually too old to give a shit.
    Don't like rap one iota.
    Think GaGa is an ass, although I admire her songwriting ability.
    Kanye is an ass and Taylor Swift is a sweetheart but I don't think she's all that talented so I guess I'm missing something.
    Justin Bieber? Please he and Tom Brady need to give back their 1960's haircut to the old Beatles. I find him a diva and will never watch him since I heard him be such a brat ever ever again.

    Aren't you glad you asked?
    Old Curmudgeon.

  2. Peg- We finally disagree...Justin Beiber...a brat! No way. I don't believe it. Where can I find some evidence of that?