Friday, September 17, 2010

He's Tryna Sabotage Me

I didn't plan on sharing this but now it has become necessary. I am trying to eat better. Not a diet per se, but eat better. I have the worse eating habits. I basically live on cereal,  mac n cheese, sweet tea, coffee, and bagels with tons of cream cheese. I cook 6 out of 7 days and even then I will eat cereal after feeding the kids?  I have noticed that most of my clothes are getting a bit snug and I'll be damned if I will go up another size so I'm doing what I can.

Okay- now heres theTMI part. I am taking a colon cleanse too. Never done this but after hearing one million other people talk about all the stuff that gets stuck in your colon. I thought why the hell not? I'm not doing a super fast, stay by the toilet kinda cleanse. But yet a more slower, calmer  cleansing. 14 days to  be exact. Here's what I'm trying.                                              

So now that you ave all the facts lets bring it full circle. I am doing quite decent for me. Instead of snacking on candy bars and soda, I'm eating fruit. Instead of cheeseburgers, I'm having salad and lean sandwiches. etc, And suspended are the days that I scarf down half a box of cookie crisp before bed. Notice I said suspended not gone. Just keeping it real. I would say my worse habit is bedtime. I LOVE to throw down at midnight. Yes I know its bad for you blah, blah, blah,. But seriously there is nothing like enjoying some yummy stuff while the house is quiet the kids are all in bed (no sharing) and I'm watching my favorite shows. So I'm making small changes everywhere else but am trying to kill the whole bedtime bingeing that I do.

I have done a pretty good job for a week and yesteday just to keep myself from temptation, I allowed the kids to have cereal for dinner. Yes, I said it.. cereal for dinner. Happens around there about once every two months when I am in a "fuck it" mood. I was not in "fuck it" mood yesterday but if I had cooked the steak fajitas that I had taken out earlier that day for dinner I would have eaten 4 of them and regretted it so cereal it was. They had cereal I had a banana. And to make certain I wouldn't get hungry before bed I decided to go to bed early before the hunger set in. 

When RA arrived home he asked what was for dinner and I told him to choose a banana or cereal. He didn't like that too much but too bad too sad. I told him we had left over cabbage and sausage in the fridge he could eat. Then I crashed out. I was snoozing away. At 1045p RA woke me up with a huge plate of Filet Mignon and 4 eggs loaded with cheese. Damn, Damn, Damn. "I am on a diet!" I snapped. 
"Oops I forgot" he said "I can throw it out"
"No the hell you cannot throw that out, I'll just eat half".
Well half turned into all as usual. 
I swear it was the best food ever. The filet was so spicy and tender and juicy and uugghh anyways. I polished it off and feeling like a loser I explained to him that he would need to be a bit more supportive. Guess you don't want these then...he pulled 5 Worlds Finest chocolate bars from his pocket! If you do not know about WF chocolate it is the old school candy bars that schools used to sell back in the day and they are AWESOME and I hadn't had one in about 8 years. 

Damn him. I ate one square and that was all. I am gonna try  to unload the others on the kids this weekend before I make make any more mistakes.


  1. Slacker!! Good luck with your efforts Roc. Cheers!!

  2. What's wrong with eating at midnight? That's still 3 or 4 hours before bedtime!

  3. Mike- Good thing you're not my support person.

  4. You know my Dad always said "loosing the weight is the easy part...maintaining is the hard part" that I say WHATEVER! It's a bitch any way you look at it!

    I have been tryign to eat healthy and exercise myself...such a pain! I found an awesome website, It's Bob Harper from the Biggest's his website and he has some pretty awesome stuff on there! Check it out!

    Now about your husband...mine does the same thing, purposely buys me candy bars and pop when he knows I can't have them, grrrr!!!

    Stay strong!!!

  5. Chandra- I'll check that out. Thanks for the tip. Funny how they set us up and they would be the first to complain when it gets out of hand.

  6. I say it is sabotage and insecurity on the mans part. They are so afraid that if you lose weight and start trimming down and shaping up that you are going to take that hotty body you worked so hard to get and leave his sorry ass! I just joined the gym and we need to get together, come as my guest. Love ya Sis. Don't let him tempt ya LOL :)

  7. I know how the midnight stuff goes. I feel like if I eat after midnight I am gonna turn into one of those Gremlin things and start terrorizing the town. However, if I don't snack on something I get bitchy.
    The colon cleansing is a good idea. I know its an odd thing to admit(oh well its not like anybody knows me) but I go to health spas to get a colonic done. The first time I ever had one done I was 21 and I got on a scale and weighed myself and after the colonic I weighed myself again and they had managed to remove 23lbs of stuff just hanging out in my colon. Like I said I was only 21 at the time. So thats a good idea to do something like that. Colon cancer is very less likely when you have your colon cleaned.

  8. Sounds like you are doing pretty good. More or less in control. Would love the details of the colon cleanse (yeah, I'm nosy like that).
    And honestly, nothing wrong with cereal for supper. It's quick, easy, and very little cleanup, and if you aren't eating Lucky Charms or Fruit Loops, doesn't have to contain alot of sugar.

  9. I hope you are successful with your efforts!

  10. I think I agree completely with Anyomous.
    That is where my mind went first. Insecure men.

    I always went up and down 10-15lbs and it was no issue to get it off. Then I got sick. I got fatter and I went to a nutrionist. But I noticed if I did what she said I felt so damn good and had more energy so figured this is a new way of life. Then they found I couldn't eat gluten. Who knew that was making me so sick. Do you know what gluten is? It's EVERYTHING good.
    Even dorito's have gluten. So I live on veggies, protein,raw almonds and alcohol without gluten. I do feel better but it SUCKS! And if I cheat I feel sick. sucks, sucks, sucks. Although some foods are on my list of worth a cheat. And the clincher is while I eat around 1000-1200 calories or less a day I am not losing the weight. (I do pilates 3-4 days a week and walk 3 miles a day)

    So eat well but enjoy your life is my message. Be where you feel comfortable. You can eat a lot of food just not what you are eating probably. Honestly I never appreciated all my high glycemic food near enough. I'd sell my mother for a piece of cake, a good crunchy bagel or even a pretzel!!

    You look good Raquel.
    I'm cheering you on if you want to lose weight!

  11. I gave up sugar.

    No kidding, it wasn't as hard as you may think. I've lost 24 lbs.

    I'm so much happier.

  12. Anonymous- OKay this is really my sister who I have been trying to get to blog forever now. Well, at least she finally read a blog. Thats the first step.

    Watchman- OOO wow 23 lbs! That is awesome. I'm not expecting those type of results but anything would help. And yeah, I know speaking about "cleansing your colon" in front of the entire world is kinda bold...but thats just the kinda girl I am. Hey at least I'm not doing a herpes commercial. lol

    Peg- Your eating is so disciplined and then all that exercise...good for you!

    Charlene- Thanks!

    Candy- Crazy! I cannot kick sugar. Just this morning I am having "splenda" in my coffee. It is GROSS! Some things I just cannot do with out. Did you swear off all sugar or just "sugary junk"?

  13. no diet is complete without washing it all down with a little sweet tea, mcdonald's, gold peak, or otherwise ;)