Thursday, July 8, 2010

Keep Your Sick Kids Home

The environment in which I work is not regular childcare but more like childcare for recreational purposes.

Last week we had a 4 year old girl here for about 3 hours for about 3 days. The little girl did appear more quiet than usual but had no visible signs of illness. On the third day her mother arrived to pick her up and I casually said to her " little Suzy has been very quiet today, she may be coming down with something." Her mother replied "oh, yes I know, she has been sick all week."

What the hell lady!!
Are you serious!!
Granted kids do become ill unexpectedly but you knew she was sick and decided to drop her off anyway because you wanted to play tennis and have brunch. Thank You insensitive bitch!

So Friday, guess who was too sick to come to work? Me! I am a paycheck to paycheck gal and a day off from work leaves a pretty big hole in my check not to mention I have 4 kids of my own to contend with.

Then came the weekend, and guess who else got sick? My 3 year old. She was very ill. And again I had to miss work a couple days, making the hole in the check that much bigger. So yesterday I return to work and am barely up to par but gotta work right.

About 10 minutes ago one of our moms just dropped off her two sons and as she handed them over she said "just FYI they are a bit sick but thats okay I'm off to the mall."

OMG what is wrong with these people!! Do they think just because we are service industry people that we don't count? That our health is not an issue, or if our kids get sick so what? Or what about the other kids that visit?

I am super pissed and as I type and listen to the hacking sounds in the background I have decided to stay here in the office. I told my coworker it is her turn to catch this round of cooties.

Im sure you may be wondering why we just don't turn these kids away or call the parents to pick them up. Well, in the past even when the parents admit to us the kids are sick they will tell us it is noncontagious or allergies and we cannot argue with them. But the next time I catch the flu I am coming into work and seeking revenge.


  1. This is why my mantra has become "i hate people" Sounds harsh but honestly they suck most days? And you drop your kids off to shop at the mall? Great priorities lady.

    sorry, i'm on a rant wave today.

  2. Some people are ___holes! You fill in the blank. I won't even take my son to his grandmothers if he's sick let alone some public place to cootie up everyone else.

    Frankly judging by the tennis and mall guess is you are dealing with those with some cash...PAY A PRIVATE BABYSITTER IF YOU MUST GO THE THE DAMN MALL!!!

    Sorry...also on Peg's "rant wave" today!

  3. Kim you are so correct on your guess. Our services definitely cater to the more wealthy group. The majority of them are stay at home pampered moms but they don't seem to stay at home much.:)

  4. Yes, yes, yes. I used to work in a crisis center for mentally ill folks and could hardly hold them responsible for the way they presented disease-wise... But their families... Holy effing Lord. Vile, vile, vile people.