Thursday, July 29, 2010

First Dental Check Up For Princess

Because this post is about Princess we will type in in pink. Yeah!
Yesterday was Princess's first dental check up/cleaning. Thankfully Linda took the day off.
She was well-prepped for the visit as we read several books about it and talked about it prior. So she was so ready. Here she is

They treated her like a real Princess. They let her watch Dora and everyone was quite smitten with her so much so that other dental office employees came in just to "see how cute she is".
Here she is getting her teeth cleaned while watching to see if Dora and Boots would solve todays dilemma.

Proud to say she was treated so well and her teeth are perfect! They even wrapped her in a nice furry blanket so she would be warm and comfy. And instead of the usual 1 sticker 1 treat from the prize box she got 3 stickers and 6 prizes! Yeah I love it when things go so well.

Don't worry...there will be a little less rainbows and butterflies in my next post. I have something else to bitch about.


  1. OMG she is adorable.
    hopefully Linda won't come back until she's 12 like most girls.

    your knew photo's btw are very nice!!

  2. I'm glad that all went well...She looks happy. That's a big thing considering its the dentist's office. Cheers Roc!!

  3. Any non eventful trip to the dentist office is a good trip to the dentist office.