Friday, July 30, 2010

Help My Coworker Get Her Some

During a recent lunch conversation with a coworker she informed me of something that I found completely shocking. She told me that her and her boyfriend and her have not had sexual relations for about three years!

Okay, yes, I know this is not unheard of but she is only 21 and he is 29. Now I have never heard of 20 somethings not wanting to get busy. They have no kids and work reasonable jobs so its not like they're exhausted. She also told me that in a span of 4 years and many sexual sessions he has only completed the job on his end (if you know what i mean) about 4 times. I am completely astonished.

Don't get me wrong I am 35 and have had my share of lack of desire but that is also due to a lot of financial stress, having 4 kids and being none-too-pleased with my guy(outside the bedroom.) I have experienced the sheer lack of sex drive but I have truly never heard of a happy couple living on their own with a pretty low key life not getting it on. So I suggested to my coworker that I put this on my blog and see what the feedback would be and maybe
we can solve this mystery. We mostly need a male point of view since the issue seems to be with him and obviously his lack of being able to complete the job could play a part as well. However females, we welcome your input as well. There will be a few key things you will need to know as I have already done the preliminaries.

*there has been no significant body changes on either side
* they are in good health
*they otherwise are quite happy

I wanna add here that this is a pretty happy couple. They have date nights and kiss a lot and say I love you a lot. I hope we get a lot of comments so that we can help my coworker. After all she is a nice person and I think she is entitled to get her "boots knocked."


  1. they need a doctor not me a blogger!
    I have opinions but only that.
    (they need more than that.)

  2. hmm it's hard to tell what is going on. Does he ignore her advances? Does she ignore his? Do they both know when the other is actually making a move?

    My best advice would to be just ask him. Maybe after a date night. Men can have logical reasons that defy anyone's logic.

  3. He's cheating on her, or he did and he is afraid he may have something that he could pass on. Glad I could help. Cheers Roc!!

  4. People get turned on by many many different things. She needs to find his.

  5. Scrap what I said. I'm with Matt-Man.

  6. Peg- Well, with the healthcare crisis and all...blogger advice is cheaper.

    All Click-I will ask her if she has asked him

    Matt-Man- Thats what I think actually but she is adamant that is not the case.

    Mike- I will pass that info on as well.

  7. He's into PORN. All his energies are directed at that and so he has no interest. She's obviously attractive for him to stick around so that can't be it. It has to be porn - and just because they're reasonably happy doesn't mean he's not into it. She needs to snoop around his computer and find out.

    Believe me - I know from experience.