Friday, July 30, 2010


What is up with the millipedes? On our job we have four restrooms and they have recently become a place where the millipedes come to die. They seem to come in and crawl around on the floor then roll up in balls behind the doors and die. I researched and apparently it's not an uncommon event to have millipede infestations but I saw nothing on the mass amounts of millipede deaths. Yesterday after the weekend I swept up 12 dead lil millipedes? It's so sad. Don't get me wrong I HATE bugs but the millipedes are a lil cute and they do not bother anyone. I thought I'd share some photos and some goodbyes of them with everyone. Sorry the pics are not very clear but you get the point.

Dear Lord-
Why are you calling all the millipedes up to heaven?
Is there some major calling you need them all for?
Why is it every time I go to take a piss, I am reminded of death as I notice the crowds of dead millipedes in the corner that you can only see once you shut the door?
Why is it that some days I just want to roll up in a ball and join them there in that dark quite corner?
How must the baby millipedes feel when they crawl on over and see their whole family lying there dead?
I guess they feel like dying too, because they soon follow suit.
Why can't other critters like ants all gather in the corner and roll up and die so proudly?
I wonder is there some millipede plague they are all suffering from.
Is there deeper meaning in the mass deaths upon the millipede community, forewarning of the end of humankind maybe.

Now lets all have a moment of peace for the millipedes.
Now Please, won't you leave a few kind words for the millipedes?


  1. Deport all the millipedes now! They're just part of an insidious euro-plot to displace our good old American inchipedes, footipedes, and yardipedes. Ask Glenn Beck...he'll tell you!

  2. I think you have a mystery made for Agatha Christie going on here.

    "The Case of the Murdered Millipedes"

  3. Awww, they are cute. That's too sad. What do you all clean the floor with there??

  4. Maybe this is just the NEW place where millipedes go to die.

  5. Bilbo-Ha ha - If I were to meet Glenn Beck I think I have some other questions I'd like to ask him. Thanks for joining!

    Jay-Maybe I could ghost write that next novel. I do have some serious insight to the issue.

    ETW- I know right? They are the only bugs I find cute. Well, lady bugs...We mop with Lysol. Do you think that attracts the poor babies?

    Mike- Well, then where is the old place?

  6. I think you have a millipede murderer in your midst!