Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Meet The Fam

I thought since I had been blogging for a while now I would introduce everyone to the fam. This way you can put faces with the stories. If you wanna read more about these people I have links (click the name) to a past blog about them. All except for Marlon, since he's no trouble there has been no venting, I mean blogging about him.

Michael is 14 starting high school. He is very organized and clean. He is most like me of all my children.. Michael likes the ladies and the ladies like Michael. He tries to act tougher than what he really is. He is my first born so the expectation for him going to college is high on my priority list. However he has made it clear to me that he has no interest in college and it will be all he can do to graduate. He hates school although he seems quite popular. He can cook, is a talented writer, atheletic and artist.

This is Marlon. He is 12, in 7th grade. He is completely the opposite of me. Marlon is messy, moody, but has a great heart. He would be the one to bring me tea if I was sick. He is very thoughtful. He does okay in school but I swear he just barely gets by. Of all my children Marlon struggles the most with school but ironically he is the one that wants to go to college. He has big dreams. He gives me little to no trouble. The ladies love Marlon as well but he is not interested at this time. Marlon is also athletic and when he feels like it one hell of a house cleaner.

Mason...9 years old, in fourth grade. As you can tell by the photo, Mason is his own guy. Mason is very book smart but puts the LAZ in LAZY. He is a sensitive boy that likes to touch and hug much to the rest of our families dismay for we are not big on touchy feely stuff. He is a great singer, actor an awesome dancer and a social butterfly. Ladies love Mason and Mason loves the ladies too much for his age. He is a bit of an outcast in the family because he is so different from us all. I have high hopes for Mason especially since he is so book smart and outgoing.

PRINCESS!!! AKA MalloryJane, yes its one name.
3 years old, the only girl. She goes by bunny rabbit, malley, malley bird, princess, stinky butt, and most recently Linda. She makes up her own names for people around her because thats the kinda girl she is. For example she has renamed my oldest son Buckey?? Marlon has been renamed Paco??? And Mason is May-May. (that one I actually get) She has renamed our close friend Brianna, Brickety??She has curly red hair and is cute as ever. (except when Linda Blair makes an appearance) MalloryJane is spoiled rotten between the boys and I. She is super smart and super talented already. She commands attention everywhere she goes. She is dramatic and stylish. She sings, acts, dances, cooks, knows how to work an ITouch better than me. She is messy and can be whiney but she is the amazing. Again, when Linda Blair is not on site. I have ridiculous high hopes for her and am keeping my fingers crossed.

Then there is me, Raquel known to most as Roc. I am super cool mutli-talented, hot, hot, hot... No, just kidding. I am apparently undatable according to EHarmony (still havent quite made peace with that) I am the mother of all the above little people not to mention part time step mom to two other teenagers that are 14 & 13.(not pictured) I work full time managing a retail childcare company. I am the type of mom that uses sarcasm a lot.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed your introduction to my little people.


  1. Loved meeting your cute kids... (and cute Mommy too ;)

  2. Good lookin family...Looks like you have your hands full!

  3. Thanks to all who commented on my family and thanks Doc for the cute mommy thing!

    And yes my hands are full and overflowing but that's okay, I guess they are worth it!

  4. I love it. More people should introduce themselves and their families like this. Cheers I dig that!!

  5. Matt-Man- Thanks I was a bit unsure. revealing myself was hard enough but placing the innocent babies out here for my own selfish fun seemed scary but turned out fine so far!