Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can I Have Some Diamonds With My Pancakes Please?

That's what they act like when I ask for extra syrup with my pancakes when I order from Mcdonalds. Let me explain I generally do a drive thru breakfast once a week in my town. I tend to bounce back and forth between a couple restaurants because we have some really good options close by. My huge pet peeve is the way that the sales people act when I ask for syrup. I generally order 4 orders of pancakes. They generally give me 3 small packs of syrup. About this much to be exact.
Who in the hell eats a teaspoon of syrup on their pancakes? Not me and not my kids. No biggie right? Just ask for extra. I do and I get 1. I ask for more and I get attitude. Like seriously I just spent $20 on pancakes can I have some damn syrup already! I often will get directed to this sign upon my request.

Okay, whatever. If I am paying $20 for pancakes what's a few more cents for syrup? Well , apparently not enough because even when I offer to pay extra. I can get 1 more. What the hell is the problem I am not requesting extra diamonds with my take out.!&$?!

For if I were, then I could understand the issue. It's syrup g**d*mn it! I know this is a silly rant to some but it is seriously an issue for me. The attitude when I ask for extra syrup is ridiculous. This is not just some times it is every time at every Mcdonalds I have visited. One lady at my local drive thru is like the Syrup Nazi. I will roll up to the window count my syrups then ask for "extra please". She will roll her eyes and huff and hand me 1! "Sorry I'll need more than that" I'll say. Then she'll hand me 1 more. "More" I say, "I have 4 orders here I would like two per order". Her face then displays shock as she replies "No Maam there is a limit on syrup distribution". Really a limit? Is there a shortage? Even if I pay thats all I can get. I'm so annoyed that I am considering contacting the head honcho whomever that may be.

Please tell me that there is not some conspiracy to keep me from proper syrup allotment. Has this happened to you?


  1. That's too funny. I can't believe they would act like that! If I ever go to a fast food place I'm usually overwhelmed with the amount of condiments I get. Is there another McDonald's you could try?

  2. Okay I'm sorry but that is funny!

    I do not eat fast food so I was unaware of this phenom. My sister told me this week she asked for another ketchup for her fries and was charged 35 cents!!
    REally? C'mon.

    The syrup they give you isn't even real maple syrup it's fake so how expensive can it be? Vermont hasn't run out of maple trees just yet.

  3. The next time you get pushback from the Syrup Nazi, tell her that you have Mrs Butterworth in the car with you, and she's PISSED...

  4. For real - what is the deal? It's not like the minimum wage worker has the cost coming out of their pocket? Yeesh!

  5. Lots of places act all atingy with the condiments. And, you're lucky to get enough napkins, too!

  6. You need to start asking for 8 syrups when you order. No syrup no order. And take down the complaint phone # that's usually on the wall. Call it and ask for syrup coupons!

  7. Carolyn- No not really but there are other restaurants but really those pancakes at McDonalds are the bomb.

    Peg- Yeah I have heard complaints about being charged for sauce. Guess they gotta make up for that dollar menu somehow.

    Bilbo-How bout I dress up like Ms. Butterworths and go kick her a**.

    Doc- Amen to that! Maybe they get a bonus for conserving condiments.

    ETW- Oh Please they repeat the same procedures for napkins..."Can I have more napkins please"...1. "Can I please get more" ....1 etc etc.

    Mike- Syrup Coupons!!! Golden! Problem with no syrup no order they just say okay, get my money then send me to the syrup nazi.

  8. great post! speaking of, i recently had a big mac after years of not eating one, and i paid for it with terrible stomach pains for two days...

    cool blog!

  9. Here's a refinement of my original idea: pull up to the window, identify yourself as Mrs Butterworth, and demand they return your children or you'll call the police...

  10. That's really retarded. I would talk to the managers.