Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh, No He Didn't!

Last night my teenage son who is always "accidently" hitting one of the younger kids in the house "accidently" hit one of the younger kids in the house. So in general mom fashion I entered the living room where the offense took place and told my son, "Michael" that he would have to spend the rest of the evening in his room.

Well, he is at that stage where he realizes he is now big as me and could probably take me should it come to that so he is testing his boundaries with me. After I told him to go to his room he took his sweet time getting there. I decided maybe he needed an escort so without touching him I entered his personal space and stated "lets go". As we walked together to his room, a journey that generally takes 10 seconds, took about 10 minutes as he slowly walked at a snails pace to show his ass.

Although completly pissed, I stayed calm realizing that he was attempting to push my buttons. About 5 minutes into the slow paced journey to his room I decided enough was enough so I had him relinquish his ITouch (this is usually equilevelant to the death penalty for him) But for some odd reason he started smarting off. So I suggested to him maybe he shut his mouth. He declined so I removed the XBox 360 from his room. As I detached the dreadful machine he attempted to snatch it from me. OH NO HE DIDN'T!!! So I politely(kinda) suggested he remove his hands from the game system less I get a hammer and smash it to pieces. He did. But continued to run his mouth. Wow!

I then removed his TV. He said "You wanna take this into the hall?" I turned around thinking maybe his brother was standing behind me and he was talking to him. Nope just me. WTF did this boy just challenge me to a fight?!2?/@! As I stared at him in shock, he informed me "that he was a man now and if I wanted to do something about it he was up for the challenge" So I kindly obliged.

I left the room and returned with a belt. Now I hope not to stir up too much controversy with the whole belt/spanking thing but F**K it. Let me say I am generally against spanking and always try to use alternatives when disciplining my kids but this boy did just challenge me to a fight and that was WAY OUTTA LINE and I will not be on the Maury show next season crying that my 15 year old beats my ass. So I did what any other level headed mom would do " I beat his ass. But the shocking part was he didn't even cry! He just took it like a man. I dumbfounded went back to my bedroom to absorb all that had happened. I still am at a loss. My son although sometimes can be testy has never really acted this way. I have always made it clear who the boss was and what my expectations were.

So begins my teenage hell. Stay tuned I have a feeling this is just the beginning.


  1. WOW. I sometimes think this is why i was not given children...I couldn't do this shit.

    I am on the fence on the whole spanking thing. Unless I walk in your shoes I can't lecture or say what the hell I would do.
    Being a single mom can't be easy.

    Now having said that my brother in law had the same issue with his son. They went head to head and my sister cried in the background the whole time. But he never ever told his father again to take it outside. And while they had a few more years of that snarky mouth it did get a bit better after that.

    Hang in there.....I'm rooting for ya.

  2. Thanks, I have often heard stories of the day that a boy challenges his dad but have no reference points for when it comes to the moms.

  3. Ouch, I wish I had some words of wisdom to help, but it's not a situtation I'm familiar with, as I've never understood the need to have physical confrontations. I'm a lover, not a fighter. lol My youngest brother had a dust-up with my dad once, then came to my house and I had to try and fix it. Hopefully your son would be willing to reasonably discuss what happened after cooling down some. However if he feels like he got the upper hand, and if gettng that is important to him, then it might be a more difficult situation. Sorry I can't be of much help.

  4. Well, I'll be the last to judge - been there. I remember VIVIDLY the first time (yes, that does indicate there have been more times) I found myself in a similar place with my son. Unfortunately, in my case, it took a call to police to grab my son's attention.

    Hang in there ...

  5. Oh god Dana....More!! I can't imagine. What does the police do when they come, b/c I may have o do that next time.

  6. I had a similar altercation with my oldest. Lets just say that when my youngest reaches for the phone and says, "Should I be calling 911 Daddy?" That my oldest backs down. He knows that if my youngest has to call 911 that they won't get there in time......

  7. Great stuff. I think I'll give that a whirl should he try that again.

  8. Wow, what a situation! I do not envy you at all! When I was a teenager I did get into physical fights with my brothers but it was soon over without much actually fighting and we soon made up. I never would have challenged my mum to a fight though!