Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Big Update

So I decided since I have no new exciting things to blog about I would revisit my past blogs and provide my huge fan base with updates.

I finally got my ac fixed properly Saturday morning. It was out for 6 weeks. When the ac guys pulled up in their white van I ran out to greet them as if they were the publishers clearing house. It took two hours but now my house is cold! Yeah for me!

So I've had some time to get used to my new haircut. Still don't like it but have learned some creative ways to style it so I am okay.

I ignored crazy lady's request but she keeps asking...3 times now. Take a hint already!

-F**K IT-
I inadvertently added my real info to my secret blog a while back and was worried that would not be a good idea. It's been a couple months and no harm has come my way. It's kinda refreshing.

If you recall I had some run ins with some neighborhood thugs a while back in which at my wits end I decided to threaten to "bust a cap in their asses" should they come back on my property with ill intent. I would never bust a cap on a kid, don't own a gun, and am quite honestly scared of guns. I braced myself for retaliation and.....Nothing! It appears my threats have worked for now.I haven't seen those boys or any other questionable characters around my way in quite some time. :)

-No Thanks-
Basically my job of ten years that treated me like trash to the point I quit, played hard ball for a couple weeks then begged me back. I of course didn't go even though the pay increase was quite tempting. It appears I have made a good choice, I recently found out they haven't paid the centers rent in 6 months and went to court to fight eviction recently. Side note however: My new job isn't picking up as it should either so I hope I made the right choice.

I had a female procedure done at a hospital which resulted in the tech and I exchanging info and promising to "hook up". She invited me to a party, I was sick and could not go we exchanged emails a few times and talked yesterday briefly. Although, so far she's not my new BFF I do think she will play some role in my life.

-Follow Me-
This particular blog was a desperate attempt to get followers. Guess what? It worked! I have increased my following from 1 to 6. Yipee for me!

So that's my update, hope you enjoyed!


  1. Kudos to you! Seems you are going in the right direction. Also, a BIG KUDOS on telling the old job to shove it! Make no mistake, that was the right move!

  2. Thanks...I tried to check your stuff out but it says I'm not allowed and do not see where I can follow. Is that intentional or is there a secret way to get in?? Hmmm

  3. there's a secret blog?? :-)

  4. apparently, but I can't get in. If I do I'll share the secret with you.