Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some Random Ish

Have nothing to post about so I thought I would throw some random shit together.
Here goes..

*We have had a hummingbird feeder for about 6 months and never saw one hummingbird, yesterday we saw several using the feeder. I have never really paid attention to hummingbirds.. They are awesome. The entire family gathered around the window to watch the birds, it was a wholesome sweet time.

*There is a kitten in our neighborhood. It appears the people that just moved out just decided to leave their kitty behind. Assholes! My three year old has adopted the cat, feeding it and caring for it. I am not too excited about this since the cat is a stray and may have god knows what, but the cat seems to really have a thing for my princess and the feeling is mutual. We cannot adopt the cat because financially we cannot afford another bill right now. ETW, Maybe you can adopt her, she's a calico. I'll try to post some pics when/if I can.

*Yesterday was the first day of school for my Marlon and Mike, and I got 2 hours of homework! That is now four kids in four schools. And guess what else crazy Ima do? Sign princess up for dance classes. Crazy me.

*There is someone on facebook that is annoying the fucking shit outta me. We are unsung enemies. (we have kids by the same guy) Can you say Baby Mama Drama? She does not approach me directly but attempts to friend my friends (that she doesn't know) and is always posting shit on his wall to annoy me. I wanna really post some bad shit about her but am trying desperately to take the high road.

*My job is picking up and I am grateful for that.

*My house is super gross right now, I mean it looks clean but is you take a closer look you will see that it is so not clean. I'm gonna work on that real soon.

*I kicked that sorry ass eye doctor to the curb and got me a new one. We are going in today and guess what? It is literally 2 minutes from home. Score!

*I am big on writing letters of complaints to incompetent businesses that provide bad service. I am almost certain that a letter will be headed out to the eye doc soon. But today, I wrote thank you letters/emails to both my sons ortho and my daughters dentist for providing me with such great service over the years. Proud of that!

*You have heard me complain about how the parents leave sick kids with us all the time, if not read about that here. Well yesterday a mom calls to tell us that her son has chickenpox. Fucking Super! He was here all last week and I thought he seemed quite sick but couldn't quite put my finger on it. I better not turn out like this.

*Good News...I went to McDonalds this weekend and got 6, yes I said 6 Syrups!! BooYah!

*Bad News....I went to the doc last week and I had to be weighed and lets just say it won't pretty. I gotta get my ass in gear.

That's all for now BIZNITCHES!
BTW that's my new shit...Biznitches (bitches) I stole it from a local DJ but I like it none the less. So it's mine.


  1. "My house is super gross right now"

    You do know that dust and dirt help build your kids immune system. Being to clean is bad.

  2. I love that you wrote letters to your kids docs for their good service. Guess the FDB's boss is going to get a earful and deservedly so.

    My house is the same....maybe it's Mercury in retrograde. I have to have some excuse you know. I am normally anal retentive about my house but lately.....

    or it could just be the funk.

  3. My house is the same way...on the outside looking in, it looks so clean but once you step inside you will see the litle dust bunnies hidding...I loathe dusting. one word. AWESOME!! I might have to steal that one!

  4. If you take that kitten in, you will never be sorry. Calicos make wonderful pets. Also, call your local animal shelter. Many of them offer reduce rates or even free spaying for people who just can't afford it. All she needs is a box, some litter, food and water. And lots of love - not hard to do with a Calico, they are lovey doveys!

  5. Ha. Biznitches. I like that. Have a good weekend Roc. Cheers!!

  6. Mike- Yeah until the next time the police come by and I am on cops with my house all nasty. Just kidding.

    Peg- I try to balance out my ranting/complaining with the occasional niceness.

    ETW- I know, I know, But actually I had "adopted" a calico kitten before with the plan to use a reduced rate spaying place. Then they ran out of funds, So we had a horny kitty in our house humping everything. It was sad. Also, FLEAS! I am sure after being out in the wild it probably has fleas and I do not want those. Funny, our last Calico was mean as hell. Hissed at everyone and gave those who didn't heed warning to the hissing a swipe of the paw. But I thought it was great. She was like an attack kitty and I loved it! We were a perfect match but we got rid of her when the baby came because she didn't like the baby and well, we couldn't get rid of the baby. We will continue to love the little kitty and see how it works out.

    Chandra-Hah, Dust bunnies! Thats nothing, if you open any closet in my house you will die from the avalanche. We can share biznitches if you'd like.

    Matt-Matt- I aim to please!~ Cheers!