Thursday, April 14, 2011

Remembering the day that I met Marlon

It's April 16th 1998 about midday. I'm 39 weeks preggos, chilling at the house with my 2 year old and I start to have some cramping. Cramping, hmmm should I be concerned?  I am 39 weeks pregnant. This is baby number two and these pains do not feel like the pains with baby number one. Is this labor? It feels more like pressure than pain. I am confused. I call my friend she is the one who is planned to take my two year old when this labor thing goes down. But I tell her I am not sure if I'm in labor or not. I just feel odd I say. We hang up and decide I will take a "wait and see" approach. About 10 minutes pass and the worse freaking back pain in the world hits me. Now I get that it this is not good so I call the friend again she is on the way. Until she gets there I am crying on the floor trying to not panic my precious two year old. We are alone. Help is on the way but I am worried because this shit hurts. Help arrives we load everyone up. I kiss my baby boy goodbye. This is extremely hard because at this point he had not spent a second away from me, and never overnight. The anxiety from that is adding to this pain. My sister heads me off to the hospital and my husband is in route as well. On the drive over I am screaming in pain. I put on like a horror movie. Every bump in the road sends excruciating pain through me. When we arrived at the hospital I could not even get out of the car. I swore there was a baby hanging out of my vagina. The hospital staff came and got me with a wheelchair and of course I wailed all through the lobby all in the elevator up into my room, making quite the spectacle of myself. where my husband stood there in shock. See This was baby number two and baby number one's birth was calm and long and just as it should be. This was not cool. What was I birthing? Rosemary's baby?
In the room I begged for something for the pain. "No time" I was told. No time what the hell did that mean? Baby number one took 9 hours! It meant baby is on the way out. I know if you read my birthing post about Mason some of this sounds familiar but this baby was years before Mason so this was my first time in this chaos. Just to put in in perspective here are two photos that compare birthing baby number 1 to baby number 2.
Baby #2-   What the ?!@!!@?

Baby #1-     Ahh this ain't so bad. 


I was scared as hell. They put me in the bed and all natural, no pain meds no time to breathe no nothing. "Just push!" they screamed at me. I could barley breathe with the pain let alone push so the labor went on with them screaming at me to get the baby out and me screaming at them 
"I can't!" Eventually out he came. Cute as button, minus the slime and blood he was covered in.
The birth was fast, furious, painful scary and quite honestly the staff was not very nice. This was opposite of my first experience but we made it. And after going through that I could go through anything because that shit HURT!
Let me say here that the Rex Hospital staff sucked. They wiped the baby barely and tossed him (literally) onto me. No blankie, no stocking cap, no nothing. He was so cute and still is. He did not cry he just looked at me sweetly. I should've know then that this boy would be something else. They left the baby and me. I was shaking in shock because this happened at record speed. My brain was still in the car driving over and my body was here birthing humans. The baby shivered constantly as did I. I shivered because my body had been traumatized, and I was in pain, the baby shook because he was freezing. I asked for a blanket to cover him and they said he did not need one. They busied themselves with cleaning the room. I eventually had my husband get a blankie out of our suitcase and I wrapped him myself. The staff  did not appreciate that. But I did not care. We named him Marlon Kyle. I will tell you all about him in a post tomorrow, for he is a very interesting child.  After all I have to share my readers time with other bloggers so that is the birthing story of baby number two...Marlon. 


  1. I had a similar experience with baby number 2 as well, only they kept telling me NOT to push. Eff that! I've never been in so much pain in my life and I wanted that kid that surely weighed 25 lbs out of me! (Ok, she really only weighed 6 lbs, but still, no pain meds!)

  2. wow, that sounds scary. my son gave me the scare of my life when he was born as well. one day i should blog about it..

  3. If he would have had a caul he wouldn't have needed a blanket.

  4. That is so scary! I had one emergency C and one scheduled C, so I avoided all that labor pain business. I hope you had an easy recovery!

  5. Awesome story!
    Also why I only birthed one of my five children!