Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Incompetent Educational Planners Part 2

Thanks to everyone for the comments on yesterdays post about the IEP team. Due to my frustration and aggravation with this group of yahoos I decided I no longer would be a slave to their ridiculous meeting times and inflexibility in working with me, so I refused to meet until they did what they were supposed to do six months ago. I mean the nerve, You had a responsibility to complete something, had 6 months to do it, you didn't, and now you want me to assist in the covering of your ass?  Umm Nope. They send you home these "invites" which have a date and time to meet. You have 4 options: 

1-yes I will be there
2- no I will not but will reschedule (which I attempted to do)
3- I will be available via phone
4- the team can meet without me

I have done a phone IEP meeting before and I did not like it, Different people were talking and I did not know who was saying what.  I like to see people face on when I am dealing with something as important as my child's education. So number 3 was a negative. Again they are inflexible with meeting times so number 1- negative. And number 2- impossible. And the 4th option, that's just like playing russian roulette. Why would I allow a group of people, some who barely even know my child, decide what is best for him? Especially when you have proven to not  really be interested in him but more so your deadlines.So I emailed the case manager and shared my feelings on the matter and told him again I would be willing to meet when you have done your part. He then sent me a  paper to sign saying that I declined the meeting. (to cover his ass I'm sure)
By signing that paper I would have given them something to use against me to later say "see she didn't even come in to meet with us" eluding to the opinion that I did not care. So instead of checking a box and signing I wrote a lovely little note on the bottom stating that the reason I could not meet was the schools inflexibility not mine. And I shared some other thoughts as well. The case manager emailed me and said he would send a new form home and he would prefer if I just checked the box and signed. No I said because checking no just says I won't come it doesn't say why and I think why is super important because I am quite sure having dealt with several different IEP teams that they should be way more accommodating. He then went on and on and said all the textbook shit people say when they are watching their moves and eventually in the interest compromise I agreed to a phone conference.
I gave him some dates and times and of course none were good for him. One of them being 3pm on a Tuesday. That particular time would not work because "the staff is not on campus 40 minutes after school". That is probably part of the problem. I reluctantly agreed to a 2:15 phone conference. I verified my cell number the date and the time. I stressed the importance of informing me if we would have to cancel b/c in order to do this conference  I would need to bring in a staff member to cover me at work specifically for this phone conference. (we do not get a lunch break)
215- no call
230- no call
240 nothing 
250 nothing! At this point I am pissed. This is exactly why I refused to take the entire day off for this shit!
3pm my business phone rings as I am checking out a customer. Our phone is up front where the customers come in and out. It is the case manager.
"Hi Ms. Reed, he says are you ready for conference?" He offers no apology no explanation. 
"No, are you near a clock?" I ask him
"Sure" he says
"Can you tell me the time?" I ask
"Sure it's just after 3" He replies, obviously not catching on.
"The same 3p that I requested to begin with." I say snarkily "Our meeting time was 2:15, and why are you calling me at work?"
"Uh, well Ms. Reed we got held up with another meeting, so sorry about that, let's get started"
"No I am at work I now and have to work over an additional hour to cover the hour I just took off for the meeting. So I am now working and cannot possible do this."  I am totally peeved.
"It will only take a few moments" he says
"Nope. Sorry" I reply
"Well I understand Ms. Reed and again I apologize but things happen, you do not have 5 minutes to spare?" he asks me as if I am being ridiculous. 
5 Minutes? That's all he had to plan my kids next 6 months of his education!
"No. I had an hour to spare at 215 but now I am working" I snap
"I understand. Can I just ask you a question?" he says
"Sure" I say annoyed as hell
"It appears that _____ is struggling in Language arts and we feel that such and such and such
would you agree Ms. Reed?" The case manager asks
"I would"
"Give me sec to jot that down, and it appears that blah blah blah...." he carries on 
And the it hit me. This slick shit was attempting to hold the conference anyways right now!@?!? Once I figured that out I said to him "listen I am at work do not send me your availability I will send you mine".And with that I hung up. I have not heard form then since. It has been two weeks.


  1. Becareful and document everything. Having something writen down is treated differently than remembering it in a future meeting.

  2. No one respects our time anymore. That sucks!

  3. OH MY! Words escape me, I am so angry for you right now!

  4. Yes, document everything: dates, times, the issues, etc. They are being unreasonable, but will make it look like you are being non-compliant. Stick to your guns!

  5. As a sped teacher, I see so many things wrong with this story. Your really do need to get that parent advocate if for any other reason, it will piss them off...