Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Birth Of MalloryJane

I always wanted just one lil girl. One kid. And she should be a girl. 3 boys and 12 years later I got her. You maybe have read all my birthing stories , they were really bad. See for yourself (except Michael's, I'll get him next year) In honor of her upcoming birthday, here is MJ's.

Since the last two births came at lightning speed and were not positive experiences, now that I was a stay at home mom with 3 little kids I was quite concerned about going into labor and delivering in the car on the way to the hospital. I had a great OB/GYN and I discussed my concerns with him,. After reviewing my chart he felt that I should be concerned as it was  a great possibility that would happen. So we scheduled a planned induction. I am a planner so this made me super happy. The morning of the induction we said goodbye to all the boys who went with the ex hubby and headed to the Wake Med Cary Birthing Center. We were greeted by happy, informed positive nurses. They took me to my room which was awesome and went over everything with me. Hooked me up on all the proper machinery and then started the IV drip with the induction drugs. I chilled in my bed watching TV. Super excited that shortly I would meet the lil girl I had dreamed about for years. Here are my other kids..

As you can see they are a bit ethnic looking. So Here is what I envisioned her to look like..
After bit the medication doctor came and hooked me up with an epidural drip. If you haven't had kids in a while they have this new thing where once they insert the needles you get to dose yourself. Whenever you feel like it, you push a button and it sends the meds straight to your bloodstream. Awesome! I was worried because I had always heard that induced births are more painful. I had no pain so I was sure it was gonna come hard and fast. So I stayed pushing the pain med button over and over and over so much so that the nurse told me I could chill a bit b/c the meds would only come every 15 minutes. I was wasting my time pressing the button 100 times per minute. No pain, chilling, happy, relaxed. My doc showed up and said to me "I have a golf game at 1:30 so we need to wrap this up quickly, How bout 20 minutes tops and I'm outta here?" My doc had a great sense of humor like that. They started up the pushing event. I started pushing, still no pain. Then they told me to "look down." Okay let me explain something here sometimes when you are struggling to get your baby out they will have you look down at your vagina through a large mirror. Supposedly when you see a head stuck in your vagina it inspires you to push harder. Ummm me? Not so much. The last thing I wanna see is some hairy head ripping my vagina apart. When they did that with my first child it freaked me out and I no Ionger wanted to push. So I when they yelled "look down! look down!" I said "no I don't wanna!" Ra then said "Roc look down!" I screamed at him "NO you look down! I don't wanna!" My doc said "I think you do. Look Down Roc." I peeked out one eye scared to see that sight and to my surprise I saw not head stuck in my vagina but a beautiful fully out of my vagina lil girl in the docs hands. I burst into tears. It was over and she was out. It was like she just swam out all peacefully into the world. It was truly an amazing experience.
Then they took her to the bassinet to do the testing and I had not really got a good look at her, but boy I could hear her. That girl had a mouth on her. She was pissed! Wailing her lil lungs out. She certainly did not appreciate this whole hoopla. I was getting stitched so I couldn't really see her so I asked RA "what does she look like?" He just smiled and said "beautiful." "Who does she look like?" I asked. He smiled and said you will see. The entire time they worked on her and me she screamed. Then they brought her to me. WTH???? This lil girl was white as the driven snow and had bright red curly hair!!! The last thing I wanted was a red headed child (sorry red heads) I just did not envision her that way. I envisioned this honey colored hazel eyed lil girl. This lil girl did not resemble me at all!! I am so critical of my babies. LOL Anyways, after I got my head on straight I really looked at her. She looked just like the RA's dad. She also looked like my step daughter who is beautiful but has brown hair. She was perfect, once I got over the red hair. She was sweet and cuddly and peaceful and I just fell in love. I had waited for her my whole life. I could not sleep all night thinking about the shopping trips, and teas we would have together. Ahhh. At last. 
Now guess what gets her the most attention and makes her stand out everywhere we go? That red hair. Check it out.
She's nothing I dreamed of but that's because even I could not have dreamt up this perfection. She is everything I could ever want in a daughter. And I love her so much!


  1. Her ringlets are adorable.
    She gorgeous Roc!

  2. Now if you can just keep her from stapling her teeth.

  3. What a cutie! That hair is wild! How do you control those curls? I love them.

  4. I love the curls! Although I am a redhead I will not take offense but let me tell you, I LOVE my red hair and I hope she does too!

  5. Her hair is fabulous. LOVED your birthing story, very funny! :)