Monday, June 6, 2011

You Won't Believe This

You all know of my past adventures with my doctors office, if not you can read about them here, and here .
So I'm driving along Friday afternoon with a few of my kids. I get a call from my doctors office. It is "Sally" a nurse there, she is calling because she needs to follow up on my referral from umm about 9 months ago. Sally says she is trying to see where things are with my medical care/referral. I find it ironic that she works at the docs office but she has to call me to gather this info. I tell Sally her guess is as good as mine. I inform her that I have inquired several times about my referral and can't seem to get clear info. You will not believe how the conversation went from there.

I've heard nothing despite my many calls.
You've got to be kidding me! Let me check the file. Silence as she reads over the info Well it says here that a referral was faxed to UNC on May 3rd, and you have heard nothing?
Nope nothing
Did you follow up with UNC?
No. I had no clue I was supposed to.
Oh yes, you were supposed to call them with your medical record number and follow up.
How would I have know that?
The front desk should have told you that when you checked out
They did not 
Well here write down this medical record number and call them. When you call them tell them you need Dermatology and give them this number.
Dermatology? I ask. You mean Urology?
No Dermatology
I was supposed to be referred to a urologist.I have no skin issues my issue is a urological one.
That's not what your file says 
This does not surprise me. She begins reading the info out loud in the file. You were here in March. (true) The doc observed signs of skin cancer. 
I had no clue.
Yes, Ms Reed. You have skin cancer.
No one told me that!
You are kidding me? It's right here in your file. That's why we are sending you to UNC.
OMG! My heart drops as this is not the way to receive the info that I have cancer while I am driving with my kids in 5 o'clock traffic. Are you sure you have the right person? I ask her in disbelief.
Yes, Raquel Reed right?
Yes but I never even knew I had cancer!
It says here in the file you had a suspicious looking patch on your leg (oddly enough I do)
They should have told you. Don't worry though it may be treatable and by the way there is nothing in here about an urology referral.
I say nothing because, if I have cancer, peeing will be the least of my concerns.
Are you sure you have the right person? I ask. I give her my name again. 
She repeats it and says  791-5**6?
Yes that's me
She begins to read me my visit history over the phone and she is mumbling off a lot of medical terms I don't  understand and then she says and your thyroid disease... and your history of Cancer...
Wait a minute I have thyroid disease too? WTF?? I did not know that! Are you sure you have the right person?
Yes ma am I know you are in shock and I apologize but don't get all worried. It will be okay.
Birth date 6-21-75? I ask her
I repeat "birth date 6-21-75" 
"hold on" she says and puts me on hold
She comes back 4 minutes later and says I apologize I thought you were someone else
Seriously? I wanna punch her in the face. How in the hell can you make that kind of mistake/!@#$#@ I am torn between being relieved that I do not have Cancer and pissed off that they just took me through this shit and concerned that these are the people handling my medical care.
Only in Raquel's World


  1. This is Charlene having to post anonymously!

    OMG I would write a letter to the doctor and advise them to "get the house in order"!!! Please warn anyone you know in your town not to go to this place. Is that possible? I am shocked.

    No wonder people are running into each other on the road if they hear this kind of thing on the phone. I am just shocked.

  2. The inmates are running the asylum!

  3. She is in serious breach of HIPAA regulations and you have a case for a law suit...

  4. Makes me wonder if the doctor wrote things on the wrong form :o/

  5. Joker is right. Make some calls girl!

  6. Sounds about right. ;) Just kidding!

    So much for HIPPA and all the privacy stuff, huh? YOu should give them the number of that woman who keeps coming in your work and bugging you....just a thought.

  7. Are you sure they don't read your blog? I can see them at their office plotting. 'Let's tell her this and see what she posts'.

  8. this is a test, this is only a test. if you get this then blogger has fixed the comments issue.

  9. YIPEE.
    Sue the bastards Roc.
    I agree w/Jokster on this one and I am not a litigious person.
    And the stress of it all.

    Please get a new group of doctors if you can.
    It seems your life will depend on it!

  10. I got it, I got it, I got it!

  11. Everyone- This is a county ran health clinic. I have no insurance and although I pay to go there, It is considerably less than a regular facility I doubt I could beat the government.

  12. Raquel - It may be a county-run clinic, but there must be someone in the county government responsible for overseeing it and monitoring its performance. There is absolutely no excuse for this sort of thing ... somebody needs to be fired. I think you should at the very least send a letter to the director of the clinic, with an info copy to his/her boss, the state health department, and the local Better Business Bureau (or equivalent). You might also call one of your local TV stations ... most of them love to do public services exposes of ass-clownery like this. Good luck.

  13. Holy hell...Seriously...You can't make this shit up. Unbelieveable. Cheers Roc!!

  14. OMG I'm at a loss for words. I probably would have ran into someone had I received a phone call like that while I was driving. I totally agree with Bilbo though. There has to be someone higher up in the chain of command you can report this nonsense to. At the very least call your local news station. Where I am we have a segment call Fox 2 Problem Solvers I'm sure your local stations have something similar, if not maybe they could start it with your story.