Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Updates- Because Blogger Sucks Today

Okay, seriously I have a great post for you guys put it simply does not have the same value without the pics. But Blogger won't let me add the pics . WTF? any one else having this issue?? So that post is on hold and I'll give you a lil something else so that you won't feel deserted. I'll provide you updates on all my stuff that I just left you hanging with.

My TMobile Saga:  I received my new G2 phone. I am obsessed with it quite honestly. I haven't a clue how to use it properly but GOD! Who knew phones could do so much these days? Yes, I know you did Mike, but who else? I had no clue. I recommend everyone run out and get a smart phone NOW. I heart TMobile again.

My Doctor Drama-  Remember how they called me and said I had Cancer then after 15 minutes of telling me all about it ....whoops wrong person? You don't know? Well click that link because if you have not read it than you will certainly not believe it. Anyhoos, Haven't heard from them since. Not one word. Even though they were supposed to call me two weeks ago for a follow up on my issue that had just been left hanging. I haven't called them either. But it is on my to do list. I just hate dealing with them period. I still pee lots!

My Morning Annoyance- So I bitched about this lady in the shopping center who was really draining me.....after the post she never came back again. I swear she read it. I swear she did. She no longer waves, smiles, stops by, nothing! At first I felt horrible but then I thought " the peace was kinda nice". Today she stopped by???? Weird huh. It was a short awkward visit though. 

Miss Friendly Panties at The Y- I really thought you guys would be more sympathetic to her but you were not. I took your advice but was  gonna wait for her to be rude again. People that are that rude are usually always rude. Then I would complain. Thing is I never saw her again? Not sure if she even works there?

My Mental State- After splitting with the RA, I was concerned about my mental state. I was just so numb. I'm never numb! You guys were so awesome in providing me with insight about that. That is my fav thing about blogging by the way,  blog followers are such a unbiased source of info and advice. I so felt the love in the comments that day. Where things are now? He is now coming around more often than not. I'm not sure if he has no where to go or what his deal is. But he does not have a key so he cannot get in without me and he does leave a couple nights a week. He now pays child support so far every week without fail which is Epic and certainly helps. I'm just living life and instead of including him in it, he fits in where he can get in. I've just decided that since I am not a priority in his life he should not be one in mine. He still constantly disappoints me but, I count on him as little as possible and that helps.

Dollar Tree Biiiatch- I was gonna go by there and make her life hell. But life got busy. Then when I did go, she was not there. Yesterday I went there and she was there but she polite so we'll see.

So I hope you all have enjoyed the updates. Now Blogger----Get your ish together!


  1. I have had this picture issue in the past.
    however that isn't one of my issues of late.
    lately it's been spacing. Odd shit we deal with on blogger.

    Glad to see you back though - missed ya.

  2. I too am glad you are back and love the update. Funny how you think no one around you reads your blog but then you post about them, they act funny, and now you're second guessing weither they read it or not. Just take it as a blessing and get over the guilt of it. Yes it might have been a chicken's way out but chicken can be good :op

  3. hey Roc - blogger and the picture deal is working now - give it a go.

  4. Thanks for the updates!

    No picture issues here but that spacing issue mentioned above is driving me batty!

  5. I have a totally pathetic excuse for a phone. I had a crackberry for about 4 minutes, then I put it back the box and shipped it back... it was smarter than me.

    People who have insanely cool phones and the brains to use them are impressive. My step son has a Droid and he can do anything but scrub the toilet and wash dishes with that thing.

    Doctors and their offices are the devil's plaything. I find they charge WAY more than they are worth.

    Yes, rude people are rude most of the time. Ask me, I'll tell ya (LOL).

  6. The updates are awesome. I hope that your doctor's office does get its act together.