Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Boys Are Trendsetters

We recently joined our local YMCA. We have been definitely getting our monies worth but something happened last night that was just damned priceless. Our Y has an outdoor pool and we have been spending most nights there. I go with a coworker most nights. We bring our kids, have dinner at the pool, shower in the locker room when we are done and have dinner there as well. At 730 each night they have a water aerobics class. My coworker has been begging me to do it with her. My impression is that the class is for senior citizens. She asked me to just observe the class one night, in which I did, and I noticed there were about 6 ladies, all older women. I am 30ish and I felt too young for the class.
Well last night we were at the pool celebrating my bday and the class got started. There were about 8 ladies, all older. My kids were fascinated by this. They wanted to join the class. I explained to them that the class was for older people, and thought that was the end of it. I took princess potty and when I returned I did not see two of my boys, I asked my friends where they went and they pointed to the Water Aerobics class. 
Here is what I saw when I returned
To my horror I looked over and saw my two boys and now 9 older ladies doing water aerobics. I said to my friend "why did you let them go over there?" She just laughed and said "look they are doing great!"
Here they are
In order to really get how funny this was I have added this pic and video to demonstrate the normal makeup and activities of the water aerobics class.
Typical Class
Video Of YMCA Water Aerobics
I went by the poolside to tell them to get out but just as I pulled up to the pools edge the instructor started this synchronized circle and my boys ignored my presence and went on. I'm sorry but the sight of my teen boys in the middle of a bunch of older ladies hooping and hollering "come on girls" was priceless. One grey haired lady gave me the nastiest scowl. I tried to smile but she gave me a yucky look so I threw the stank eye back at her. I was prepared to pull my boys out but then I noticed something... two more teen boys came over and got in and joined the class, Then a teen girl. Then another boy! What? My kids were trendsetters. 

See all the other teens joining now
Within ten minutes of my kids joining the class it went from 9 older ladies to about 16 people mixed in age and gender. A man even joined in! And they were taking the class seriously. I took some pics so you could see how funny this is. I hope you laugh as much as I did.

"Come on ladies, lift those arms" 


  1. I'm sorry but I find this absolutely adorable.
    How cool that they didn't blink an eye and feel any type of inhabitation or see anything at all wrong with this. They thought the class looked cool and went for it. I love it!!!

    I would have also chuckled but this says a lot about your boys character Roc. Way cool.

    Boy that Y was money well spent for your family I see. Sounds like great summer fun.

  2. That's AWESOME! I love the innocence of Children. It is Fearless!

  3. Peg- 25! How did you guess? I also loved the fact that they joined in. It was my best gift!

    Joker- I know, I enjoyed it.

  4. I found your boys wonderful and doing what most teenage boys would do.
    Love the pics of them.
    And happy 29 and holding birthday to you!

  5. Happy birthday to you and congratulations on raising kids who who enthusiastically try new things. What a great gift!

  6. That is so cool. And don't let the old ladies fool you, water aerobics can be tough.

  7. Very very cool! I bet those lil old ladies felt very special1

  8. This definitely made me laugh out loud! Ha! I love that they were in there and taking it seriously, too. That is just too funny!

    BTW, I really appreciated your comment over at Things I Can't Say regarding my son's speech and that mean turtle from Disney. :)

  9. That's fabulous!! I bet the ladies loved it :)