Monday, June 27, 2011

The Big House Is The Place To Be

So there is a guy here in the good ole NC, Richard James Verone.
He is 59 broke, jobless, and has health ailments in which he is in pain. Apparently he could not get medical care because he has no insurance. So what did he do? 
Something quite interesting to me.
He walked into a RBC bank handed the teller a note that said he was robbing them but only wanted one dollar and then told her he would be waiting for the police in the sitting area. He went over and sat down and waited to be arrested. Crazy you may ask? I say no. Desperate is the word I would use. See he needed medical care and could not seem to get any so he thought well, if I go to jail then I will get great medical care. And that's just what happened. Apparently he has several ailments but a growth on his chest sounds scariest to me. He had no weapons, just a plan. So now he is in jail and receiving medical care.
It is a sad damn day and time when prisoners get better health care than no criminal working good ole Americans. Someone should really take a look at that. I have not the solution but the awareness. You all know the hellacious time I have had with my healthcare provided by the county. I have no insurance and do not qualify for state insurance. I can't get in anywhere but the clinic. I do pay probably as much as most of you pay for your copay or even more, but the quality of care I get is crap. I am basically without medical care as well. Should I rob a bank? Or commit some crime so I can go get the hookup at the big house? Never thought of that option. But it is just sad that people are so desperate for basic health care that they would throw away their freedom just to live. I don't actually condone what he did but I totally get it. You can get the facts by clicking the link below.
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  1. My friends and I have been talking about this all weekend. Smart guy and a sad, sad commentary on our society.

  2. I've read about your situation with your health care issues and it pisses me off and this guy's story does the same. It's not fair that in the supposed land of the free we have people who work hard and try their damndest every day to do the right thing and can't even get proper health care. Like you I don't agree with the way he went about it but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and it sounds like this guy was at the end of his proverbial rope. I don't know if Obama care is what this country needs but we def. need something. Health care shouldn't be a privileged but a right.

  3. I wonder how many more people do this but just not so obviously.

  4. We have no health insurance. We had to let it go when it was $1,800 a month and Blue Cross was threatening a 36% raise over the next year.
    We each had 2,500/deductible. We figured we weren't even getting to use our insurance becuase of the friggin' dedcutible so we just dropped it. We can't afford health care because we are self employed. It's pitiful that in America, supposedly the richest country we don't care for our citizen unless they are incarcerated. I don't understand why so many American's are afraid of getting health care for everyone. They have been brain washed. Let's see if they lose their jobs/health benefits and see if they begin singing a different tune. This is a topic that fries my ass!!

  5. ...meanwhile the US spends $10 billion a month on Afghanistan on a mission that seemingly is going nowhere. Try figuring that one out.

  6. I was without healthcare for over a year while I was unemployed. My kids got care through the state but because I was getting $900 a month in unemployment ($200 less than my rent) I didn't qualify. Massachusetts has mandatory health care requirements for which you're fined out of your tax returns if you didn't have insurance. The healthcare system in this country SUCKS!

  7. i read this very same story over the weekend.

    kudos for this guy to have the balls and convictions to pull this off. i really feel for him.

  8. I am posting this on Tumblr! This has got to be heard....