Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just Leave Me Alone

I work in a small shopping center. The surrounding businesses all open at 10am except for me and the Edward Jones office. A couple months ago the lady who works at the Financial place started being friendly in the morning. Since the shopping center is a ghost town most mornings and she and I are the only ones on site she started stopping in to say "good morning." Nice enough. It was a quick pop in to say "hi" and that was the gist of it. Over the course of a  couple weeks instead of the occasional pop in it became a morning ritual. She would stop by to chit chat for 10 minutes or so. Again nice enough.
In the past month this has taken on a whole new meaning. Instead of a quick pop in to say hi for 5 minutes it has been her coming over and bitching for 30 plus minutes. Now you guys no I'm all for a bitch session but she won't let me get a word in. She goes on and on and I agree with nothing she says or thinks. We have NOTHING in common. If I try to pop in with an opinion of my own or a topic I would like to discuss she cuts me off and goes on to her next topic to bitch about. It is ridiculous. As I have gotten to know her, I do not like her personality at all. She is cranky and judgemental. She doesn't really wanna hear anything I have to say she just wants to come over and dump all her crap on me and then roll out. Hence my decrease in blogging activity. I blog in the mornings when it is quiet. But now it's no longer quiet. I have tried disagreeing with everything she has to say hoping she will get annoyed and move on but that didn't work.  I have tried being less than friendly, acting like I was busy working, not making eye contact or even responding much while she goes on and on about her garden or her pot roast or her cabinets or her knitting. Uggh. If this was a give and take I could maybe deal with it but its not. Its just her dumping on me. 
I get up every morning in the 5 o'clock hour. Get 4 kiddos off in four directions, so there is not much peace. When I arrive at work that first 30 minutes is my peace time. There are usually no kids and I can drink coffee and blog. She is totally infringing on my space and I hate it!
And again let me mention she is just not nice. Which generally is not a problem because I do not like people with rainbows shooting out of their ass at all times. But dang!  I have to get rid of her. She starts my day off so sourly. And I'm sour enough without the added sourness. I have thought about purchasing this mug

and see if she gets the hint, but she probably won't.

Have you ever had someone that tried to be your BFF and you were not interested? I know I could say "buzz off bitch!" but that's a bit too rude even for me. She is in her late 50's and as I've said before that age group loves me. So I feel obligated just a bit. But how do you get rid of someone like that? Without being blatantly rude that is. And before you even suggest  telling her that I have work to do, save your advice. I've tried that. It obviously was not effective.
Keep in mind I have one at home and now one at work. These ladies just won't leave me the hell alone!


  1. Can you tell her that your employer has given you some work to do in the early morning and you just don't have time to hang. I know you don't want to be rude, but a little white lie might be the key.

  2. Tell them you're *interested* in them....would that be too much?? Or start wearing/displaying gay pride stuff?? Yeah, probably too much.

    Maybe lock the door for a few mornings???

  3. Roc, I cannot begin to tell how much I despise the category pf people that this woman belongs to. There is only one word for them: PEST. They will never leave you alone. They think the stuff they have to say is always much more important than the stuff you have to say. They are so negative, and it just drains me listening to them. Man, just typing this up is making my blood boil. They are OXYGEN-THIEVES, that's what they are.

  4. I think Karen may have a good idea. When she "pops" in say Oh, good morning,I'm sorry I don't have time to chat this morning I have a lot to do.

    If that doesn't work do as the others say and keep the door locked a little later than usual.

  5. Tell her you're getting ready to spray the place down for Cdif and could she help.

  6. It seems as if she needs an outlet to vent and it's not fair she using you to do so. I can't stand people like that-- it's almost as if they're trying to drag you down into their depressing problem~filled world. @8:28 offers a good suggestion. Hopefully {if not soon} she'll get the message loud and clear. If that doesn't work-- BUY THE MUG.

  7. I hope she stops bugging you just because you aren't blogging much anymore - we miss ya.

  8. I'm sorry to say, I think you're stuck with her...I know, not helpful, I would be stuck with her too...