Wednesday, July 20, 2011

If you lose my kid.....Can I get a phone call?

The new school year has started for Mason last week. Although Mason has moved up a grade, he still attends the same school on the same track and the same before and after school program. Monday was the first day of school so naturally I took him myself. The van picked him up and took him back to the daycare where he attends an after school program and I picked him up as usual. 

So here comes Tuesday morning. I arrive at the center at 7:15a, as I have done for years now to drop off Mason and MJ. Kissed them both goodbye and turned to head out the door. The teacher yells after me..."you forgot Mason!"  "No, Mason started school this week" I inform her. She says back "well we do not run the route to his school here anymore". WTH? "as of when?" I ask clearly irritated. See I ain't got time for no BS first thing in the morn. I have to be on my job to open the facility at 7:50a. I literally have just enough time to get there. Hence no time for BS like this. The teacher explains that they changed the routes, etc and they will still take Mason to school just from a different locale. "Why was I not told about this?" I ask pissed off tryna figure out what I am gonna do now. "I don't know" the teacher responds. 
Ugggh. I grab Mason by the hand and fly out the door because now I have to drive to a second location and drop him off and there is not much time for that. We arrive at the second location I walk Mason inside and am greeted by the teacher there I say to her " you guys are taking him to school right?" She responds "I guess so, I do no really know". Seriously????? "I don't know" is not an appropriate answer how about "let me find out?" 
So I make sure that is the case and I also ask where will he be in the afternoon here or at the other location with MJ. I was told he would be at  the other location. The afternoon routes did not change, only the morning ones did. "Same time?" I ask. "Yes" I am told. So off I race to work.
Let me just add that my kids have been going to this place for 4 years and I have had a positive experience here. I am also on their Parent Advisory Board. This center is a family ran place and I generally love it.
That afternoon I pull up to the daycare center it is 112degrees so I want to get the kids home quickly. I arrive at 4pm, 10 minutes early. I don't see the van so I go into the after school class. I ask if Mason has arrived the teacher looks at me clueless and says no. So I go to the lobby to await the van. 4:25p, no van so I go back to the classroom and ask if the van was coming. I was told the van had came and gone. "Well where is my child?' I ask. "Dunno, he didn't get off the van" she says. I head back to the lobby and encounter the director. I ask her where my son is?  "Oh let me call the other center." She calls them hangs up and tells me he is on the way here. I wait. It is now 4:40p, finally I see the van pull up so I go out to get Mason and notice he is the only one on the van. So I ask the driver "is he the only one?" she says yes. I then ask "is this the normal time now 4:45p?" She looks flustered and mutters off some crap about "working out the kinks"  I go back in to get MJ and pay my bill. When I go to pay the bill it is double. I inquire about it and the lady cannot explain why that is so. I know I do not owe that much I tell her we can pull up my bank statements and I can show her the cleared checks from last month. She says don't worry about it. Just pay what you think you owe, and we will get it sorted out." Okay. I wrote the check  and handed it to her "here is what I know I owe." 
Later I question Mason about the pick up at school and it is discovered that he was left on the first run?  Basically they forgot him and when I showed up they rushed back and got him and then played like they were just behind schedule. The next day I encounter the head director I ask her to clarify for me the changes that I apparently did not know about and to clarify pick up times and  locations. She did. Then I asked what happened on Tuesday. She starts to tell me that its the first week back to school and they are still ironing out all the routes etc etc. I stare at her head on and let her stumble around trying to cover herself. I then tell her I know that you guys forgot my kid  at school yesterday. She starts to deny it, but one look into my face tells her that is not a good idea. So then she admits it, she then winces as if I am gonna go off. I explain to her that I understand people make mistakes and it is the first week of school and even I have a hard time keeping my 4 kids schedules straight so I can only imagine that keeping hundreds of kids scheude straight must be hard but I would appreciate honesty the next time I am searching for my kid. 


  1. Honestly that is so sad that an administrator at a school can't even be friggin' honest.
    Don't we teach kids that honesty is the best policy?

    Glad you found him. Sucks to be in school in summer though. Do all the kids start school this early down there?

  2. WOW your school has already started? It must be one of those year round schools. As I read this all I could think of was he was still back at school but found it interesting that the school didn't call you to say your son was still there. At least that's what would happen if this happen at the school where I work.

  3. School started already? That is crazy! But doesn't the transport do a head count? Come on that is just basic responsibility.

  4. That's crazy! I can't believe she was going to try to lie to you about it. Whatever happened to accountability?

  5. Yeah she was gonna lie. But most importantly yes, STUPID FREAKING school is in session and has been since July 11th. ALthough it is a zillion degrees here, the kids are in school. Year round.

  6. Oh Dear Lord. That's rich, a school administrator trying to lie her way out of the situation...Uggghhh....I would have flipped a switch. I'm pissed on so many levels for you.

    You did a good job. Way better than I would have.

  7. I was going to comment about school starting so early but I've been beaten to the punch by... EVERYONE!

  8. Oh frustrating and kind of scary!!! Can't believe yuor babies are back to school. We are off until September!