Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Triple D's, He/She's, And Stilettos

I have been a slack blogger, but boy did I bring back gifts for you all! Summer in my home is a time to turn in early, relax, not worry about school-related ish and just take things easy. But this summer I realized I may have to switch it up a bit. Having two teens home all day I needed to fill their days with some sort of structure. So we have been road running like mad most nights and weekends just to keep everyone awake, alert, alive. If we are not at the gym we are swimming or hanging with friends, or having picnics, or going to the water park or Kings Dominion. All great but, good lord I am TIRED. In the midst of all this I am tryna work full time, run a house, deal with relationship issues, etc. Then you throw in the good stuff like this lil episode of poison Ivy that my son gets EVERY damn summer.

He usually has a cute lil skinny face.

Funny thing.... and DO NOT TELL HIM I TOLD YOU.....being the red-blooded teenage boy that he is... he has poison ivy all around his private parts. Now to this I laughed and laughed. Sometimes being a mom is so much fun!

A lil more time at the pool and now Mason has swimmers ear. Oh good times. Fun does have its price. And by the way we have never eaten so much deli meat as we are so busy ripping and running there is no time for silly things like umm cooking a meal. And the housework,,,,good lord. If social services decides to drop by I am screwed. My boys "clean" up each day while I am working but things like laundry, toilets, sink scrubbing, floor waxing etc....well lets just say they could use a lil work. Most importantly let me share some views from the pool and get your thoughts. Ummkay? 

View #1
Notice Anything?? Anything at all?
 How about them triple D's? Woah! This picture does no justice for the real show. Seriously I saw her aureoles! (in case the spelling is not right I am referring to the brown area in which the nipple sits) You can't tell but she has on the skimpiest bathing suit. It basically has a string down the sides attaching the top to the bottoms and you can only imagine the stuff hanging onto or rather wrapping around that string. Yuck! It was just so inappropriate at a kiddie pool. Not to mention that tattoo on her titty says "Queen" I think she forgot to add the word "sized". Get it? Queen sized? Now I am no small chic but come on! She asked for this by showing up half naked to the kiddie pool. Time and place people. Time and place.

Now on to my next shot

This lil hottie was strutting around the pool side with her/his breast and ass poked so far out it was extremely sexual and unnatural. The poolside strut is what caught my attention. But then my friends pointed out that this was no woman yet, rather a man?? I did not get that at first until my friend pointed out the strong back, strong facial features and hands. What??? I still did not believe until she/he talked. The deep man voice that came from this lil hottie was a head turner! And the adams apple kinda gave it away as well. Again. Nothing against gays, transgenders, whatever. Its all good. I would not have even noticed but for the serious poolside strut. This individual used the ladies locker rooms. My friend thought that was uncomfortable. Me I did not care. Obviously if she/he is a man she is not into women so all's good in the locker room. 

Lastly I have no pic for this but had to mention that stilettos are not the perfect accessory for the pool. There was a 60ish year old woman strutting her stuff all around the pool as well with a swimsuit and 3 inch stilettos. As she wobbled around the pool I kept waiting for her to lose balance and fall in but she made it safely to the exit. But seriously what is the point??
All these distractions made it hard for me to supervise my kids. So come on people cut it out!

So help me out will ya?
What do you think about triple D and he/she??? 
Women or Mens locker room?
Is that a man? 
Stilettos at the pool? 


  1. Oh lord girl your pool pictures are making me wish I would have taken pics of some of the crazy freakishness we got to witness on the beach in Florida while on Vacay. Triple D's seriously has a twin or maybe it was her, cause there was one just like her in even less clothing (yep that is possible) she also has a few nieces that feel that type of clothing for their size is totally acceptable. Then of course was the older woman who clearly needed one of those dress type suits but was like aww to hell with it I'm gonna let everyone see it all and I do mean all. If your ok with your body that's all good but come on seriously I shouldn't have to see nips or crack if I'm in public unless I purposely went somewhere and paid for it. Ugh

  2. ...tee hee
    What do you think about triple D and he/she???
    Seriously this one is awful and gross. Has she no mirrors? She should NOT be in a 2 piece at all. It's okay that she is large but then buy a large bathing suit. Have some pride lady!

    Women or Mens locker room? -Women's.

    Appropriate? - Why not? She's not offensive like the big gal. She thinks she’s hot shit and her strut isn’t hurting anyone. (like my eyes on the 1st lady)

    Is that a man? Who cares! I would have said no but you said the adam’s apple and the hands. I don’t think the hands look manly here really.

    Stilettos at the pool? Just silly stupid. She thinks she’s in Vegas.

  3. On the issue of the Triple D's I would have to say that I didn't notice as I was busy trying to discern the color of her eyes.

    On the He/She? This is why at times when I am away from Arkham in an unknown place, I sleep with one eye open!

  4. Yet more reasons why I shy away from the public pool!

    @Joker, LMAO! Her eyes!

  5. Those double D's need to be hoisted up and put away. Pronto.

    We have a similar problem at our pool except all the boobs are fake and float all over the place, in opposite directions. I can't help but stare and they have the nerve to get mad at me!

    And if that weren't enough we had a lady take her clothes off and lay out in Spanks and her bra. No lie.

  6. Just two more reasons to add to my list of why I don't do public pools. As to whatever he/she is and using the girls restroom, as long as he/she doesn't use the sink as a urinal, I'm good with. That's why there are stalls in the women's restroom.

  7. I gotta come hang out around your pool just for the freak show. That place is better than Walmart!