Friday, April 30, 2010

Rielle Hunter Interview

So did anyone see Oprah yesterday? Rielle Hunter (John Edward's mistress) was giving her first interview. Riveting! Although it was nice to hear the hard cold facts of the affair I was shocked at her take on it.

Even now in hindsight she seems completely cultivified (not a real word) by her "love" for him. She had no problem admitting pursuing him but she felt justified because she knew instantly that they needed each other. It was crazy! She consistently said although he lied to his wife and the world,,he never lied to her.

She explained their meeting and affair as a cosmic force that could not be denied. The odd thing is she continually described herself as a "truthful, spiritual person." She did not feel bad or regret what had happened. She felt that her and John were meant to be and they share a true love. She also felt that John wasn't his true authentic self and she was gonna help him with that. I guess his true self is a lying, cheating pig! She takes no responsibility for the hurt it caused his ailing wife.

So I ask, although I feel personally that the majority of the blame is the married persons fault; after all, they are the one with the commitment. Doesn't the mistress have a bit of blame as well? What do you think?

Anyway..kudos to Oprah for really getting at Rielle with the hard questions.


  1. What do I think? I think I am going to allow her to believe the bullshit she just spewed on national TV....right up to the point where John, the roving penis, Edwards sticks his said penis into another woman.

    If John was sincere in this...he would have done the following:

    1} Admit to his wife the he does not love her anymore and start divorce proceedings the proper way.

    2} It would have been Ok for John to stay in communication with Rielle while the Divorce proceedings were finalizing. But nothing more than personal phone conversations.

    3} Once the Divorce was over and he was free and clear of marital obligation, then court Rielle and profess his love for her.

    Since these three things did not happen in this sequence, I say he just wanted to get a piece off Rielle and got caught like the lying cheating scumbag he really is. He is still not really sorry for the affair...he is just sorry he got caught.

    I feel bad for Rielle, really. Denial must be a hard thing to deal with....

  2. Joker..I am truly surprised that a man would think through this so well. I totally agree with you and am much pleased at your breakdown.