Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Slaughterhouse Next Door

I have spoken of my Mexican neighbors before. Last time someone got all offended so this time I may say some ish that is offensive. But I'm mad as hell and I do not care. If that was you anonymous offender just x outta here now. I'll wait. Okay coast clear? Let's go dammit.
This weekend my Mexican neighbors had a siesta, fiesta what-the-fuck-ever they had. It started at 9am Saturday and lasted until 10pm Sunday. There were dozens of cars parked all around, that lovely carnival music, and 112 kids. Luckily we missed out in the main party that took place on Saturday because we were at the zoo. However when we returned Saturday night around 930p they did solicit David to come join in the fun. All the men were outside getting TRASHED and the women folk were indoors. David politely declined, probably just because he was exhausted because man that boy loves a party. The Neighbor, lets call him Fernandez told David they were celebrating the baby sons b-day. He is 5. So I'm sure he enjoyed the alcohol, smokes, and stumbling drunks. Anyways, no harm, no foul. I was too exhausted to be bothered by the noise. 
The next morning it started all again. The weather was beautiful so my kids were out hanging with all the visiting kids next door. It was nice for them to have some friends to hang with. David was out doing yard work and I was in the kitchen with the windows open so we had a good grasp on what was going on. I realized I needed an ingredient for the meal I was preparing so I ran out to the Food lion to pick that up. Meanwhile the kids continued playing and David continued working. I did however bring in the 3 year old and had my oldest son watch her indoors while I was away. Just felt more comfortable that way. Turns out that was a super wise choice. 

 Upon my return my son informed me that something terrible had happened while I was away. He told me that the neighbors had arrived home with a pig on the back of their truck. Oh a pig how sweet I thought. If you can recall a while ago they had chickens running wild on the lawn. But the raccoons and cats killed them all so now they got a pig? My thoughts immediately went  to the story Charlotte's Web and my heart warmed. Then My son told me this: 
"so they got the pig off the truck and tied it to a tree. Everyone gathered around the pig and the pig was freaking out and squealing. Then one dude took out a hammer and hit the pig in the head. (gasp, WTH) then the pig started screaming and mom it sounded awful. The pig ran around and around the tree while the guys chased it laughing. (what kinda sick bastards are living next door) Then the dude pulled out a machade and sliced the pigs throat. (Omg I hope this is not true) the pig was crying and blood poured out everywhere. One lady that was holding a baby got blood on her feet. Then they repeated stabbed the pig until it died." I looked up how pigs are generally slaughtered and you can read it here. While it is not pretty, It still seems fucked up to me to do in the front yard! 
I was trembling with rage, and pain for the pig. Yes, I eat pork but something was so wrong about this. He told me he saw all this through the kitchen window. I immediately called my other two boys in and they confirmed the story. I was horrified, pissed and  upset. I immediately thought of the 112 kids running around out there and asked my boys about that and they said the parents had all the kids go inside when they did it. I asked my boys did they go inside? They said no we watched. That really infuriated me! I asked my kids how they felt about seeing that and told them how I felt about it. I was gonna head on over and show my ass but I thought about all the kids outside and the fact that there were 20 or so adults over there and apparently they have weapons that they are not shy about using. Not to mention they had been drinking so maybe this was not the time. 
 Let me say I know that animals are killed everyday for food. And I eat them. I have never been a fan of hunted prey and cannot imagine slaughtering a live pig in the front yard of a city street. Who the hell does that? Why would you do that? Cheaper? Come on there is 20+ adults over there can't everyone just chip in and buy already prepared food? I am angry, hurt, concerned. I mean Spring hasn't even started. Is this what the neighbors cookouts will entail? Hell no I am not putting up with that! How heartless must one be to do that? And we are not in some damned third world country where we must kill our own food! I am so angry about this and the fact that they did not even tell my kids to go home before they did it makes it 100 times worse! I had no clue that this would have gone on. I am planning action to see it doesn't happen again. But I cannot get the thought of that pig outta my mind. Or the impending feud I'm getting ready to have with these people. I am not letting it go. What's next a fucking cow? A turkey shoot? I am not gonna spend my days listening to animals be slaughtered next door for cookouts!


  1. OMG - we are not in Mexico people. I don't believe that is legal. Have you called the authorities to check? You must get them the hell out of there -

    Here's where I am going to be lambasted. I do not get going to another country and not abiding by their rules, customs etc. It would be like me going to Italy and not taking in consideration their country, customs and the damn Vatican. C'mon what kind of hicks are these people? Obviously not even educated. This is so Jeffrey Dohmer like to me.

    They should be thankful they don't live next door to us. They would not be there for long.

  2. Yeah, I have a feeling this may not be legal. But more importantly, like you said, this is SO heartless. With drunks laughing at the tortured animal. Ughh...

  3. Actually, this sounds like a regular weekend at some rednecks around here's houses. I'm being serious.

    "All the men were outside getting TRASHED and the women folk were indoors."

    As it should be. hahahahaha ;-)

  4. That sounds kinda cool. Nothing like a good pig thrashing. Cheers Roc!!

  5. I would be calling the SPCA, explain what happen and find out what you need to do if they do it again.
    I grew up on a farm and I am telling you, we did not kill our food animals in this manner. There is a humane way to do it, your neighbors need to learn this if they are going to stay here.

  6. Sounds like a cruelty to animals report to me.

    Make sure you're in the basement for the turkey shoot.

  7. Peg- I am working on it. Well My "people" are on it. I'll update when it goes down.

    Sundar- That's what bothered me the most. I have seen them bring home whole pigs in barrels before but they were already dead. The squealing in pain is that part that gets me.

    Jay- well except for the barefooted lady walking through the pig blood.

    Matt-Man- I have nothing.

    Mamma- To me the humane way would be to purchase a pack of bacon at the store.

    Mike- Are you calling me a turkey?